Bipartisan Politics and You

I got a question or all of you: When was the last time bipartisan politics actually worked for you? Let me be specific when was the last time the Republicans or the Democrats came together with their differing ideologies, listened to the wants, and needs of the people and worked together to come to an agreeable solution? Or let me try this approach when has the Republican Party unanimously came together as the majority leader in our government and truly improved the lives of each and every American citizen, about 300 million of us? What about the last time Democrats accomplished that goal? I think I heard someone say the Republicans came together during 9/11 and that the Dems and Obama gave us health care. Anything else maybe?

Let me ask you this have you, as an individual, as a citizen, have you personally had your life markedly improved over the past 10 years? Can you afford more commodities with your income? Can you afford higher education without supplemental income or assistance such as grants, or loans? What about health care? What about Retirement? What about buying healthy foods for yourself or your family to eat? Can you buy an ecofriendly vehicle with decent gas mileage? Can you buy a model that’s less than 2 years old? Any ladies in the house [reading this]? When was the last time you got to take care of your needs, both medical and physical without having to jump through a thousand hoops or having to watch a national debate about your reproductive systems from, old, white, rich, powerful, men?

Alright fine I’ve made a point by now but I’m going to hit it further home. When was the last Doctor elected to Congress? What about as a Governor? A mayor perhaps? Probably a mayor right, or city level government that one is pretty reasonable to assume has happened in recent history. What about a teacher, or a professor, or an engineer, or a mechanic, or a bagger, a grocer, an artist, or an architect, or a shift manager, or a factory worker, or any of the other 1,000 and 1 careers out there? When was the last time a true blue, red blooded, living breathing, hardworking, aspiring American ran for public office, let alone won? Do you know who’s currently running our country? Do you know who’s currently representing all of the aforementioned careers, backgrounds, and demographics that are as a diverse as the people that fit in them?

We are a nation ran by career politicians, lawyers, bankers, stock brokers, CEO’s, and maybe every now and again a retired high ranking service member. Let’s break that down a bit, who here is a lawyer? A banker? A stock broker? A CEO? A retired General or Colonel? How about a career politician? In fact what exactly is a career politician? Isn’t that someone who makes it their life profession to become reelected and represent their people, or their district? Shouldn’t it be individuals with your, mine and our interests at heart? Theoretically yes a career politician should be just that, but I guarantee you that most if not all of them are not.

Why is it that most Congressmen spend the second half of their term campaigning instead of governing? Did we as American voters elect these people to do their job for half of their term? Did we elect them to cater to the needs and the whims of the Lobbyists and billionaire CEO’s, and elite of America? Or did we elect them Republican and Democrat to represent our needs in Capitol Hill, and to create laws, or to enforce laws and regulations that would help lessen or eliminate poverty, limited access to education and healthcare, to ensure work opportunities and wages, increase the strength of our rights and freedoms, not diminish and undermine them. Since when does the word politician fill our hearts and minds with anger and frustration when they should be filling our hearts and minds with hope and elation that we are being heard, and respected at the highest levels of government? Furthermore why are these people getting reelected when they spend half of their term not doing their job?

Let’s look past the campaigning itself for one moment and just look at the act of taking the time out of their day, their job, to plead with you to reelect them to that particular office when they are literally spending half of that term in office asking youth reelect them? Why aren’t they letting their actions and successes reelect them for them? That sounds a bit confusing, so let me retry that. Why are these politicians not giving us reasons to want to reelect them? Why are we not flooding their inboxes of mailboxes with sincere interest at their continued leadership? Isn’t that what should be the driving force in a political system? The successes?

On that subject why are they telling us for half their term what they are going to do for their next term? Why the hell are they not doing it this term? Does anybody else see the missing logic in that claim? It’s because it’s not about us anymore it’s about their power, their influence, and having the majority with their political party so that they can enact their own personal or party agenda, and that is true whether you are a Liberal Democrat or a Conservative Republican. Bipartisan politics has been a bane to the American way since it became even more polarized in the past 2 decades. Let me assure you that this was deliberately done on their part and our collective willingness to be complacent.

Yeah not something I should probably say to the people I want to inspire and guide but the truth has to be spoken and the issue be addressed before it can be resolved. We need to pull together collectively as a nation and set aside our differences because our differences are not our weaknesses. On the contrary what sets us apart makes us stronger, and the more diverse the collective body of ideas is the more will come out of it. As the saying goes you can’t get different results if you keep doing it the same exact way. Diversity breeds progression, and progression breeds prosperity! What we need to stop doing is dividing ourselves up by race, by religion, by gender, or sexuality, or even by generation, because at the end of the day we are all American’s. We all grew up in this country and worked hard to get to where we are today in this country, and it is an absolute shame that we can’t look around ourselves and see Americans just a few black people, some baby boomers, generation X’ers, women, and Hispanics.

E Plurbis Unum, out of many one, we are 318 Million people in this one great nation, yes there have been horrible moments in our history that has divided us, and I’m not saying to ignore them, I’m saying to acknowledge that they happened, accept that they happened, and respect that that is not the way of the World anymore, or at the least it doesn’t have to be. Ending racism and discrimination starts with you, each of us individually, and the way to do that is by seeing American’s instead of statistics and demographics. The only time a demographic should ever be relevant is in the doctor’s office. The past is in the past, and the current status quo has been failing us for over 3 decades, it’s time to change that reality and build a new one, together, one that will stand the test of time, because the American spirit can, will, and has stood the test of time since our founding!

 Help end Bipartisanship and discrimination by being that candidate, or that person that stands up for what is right. Be the change that you demand, and protest, and fight for. Join the thousands and the millions of Americans who are fed up with the way things are, and be the answer to the problem! We are on the right path, we are fighting the good fight, and now hopefully, we all have a better understanding of exactly what it is we are fighting for, and why. We can rewrite history, and we can ensure that we are remembered for all of the right reasons, let us start our journey into the future, together, and reach higher than we ever have before as people, as a country, and as a civilization!

Our Reason for Being

Ladies and gentlemen let me ask you a simple question. What is the purpose of a nation? Is it her ideals? Her freedoms? What she can do for her people? Is it to organize a mob of angry willful individuals into a frenzied bloodthirsty horde? Is it so the powerful can use the weak and dominate them into fighting their own battles for their own selfish gains? Do nations exist for the whims of the elite? Do we as people, as civilians, exist for the sole purpose of being used as pawns, as tools? Or do nations exist to create peace, and havens for millions of people with similar cultural and social beliefs? Do nations exist to promote faith and goodwill to our neighbors, and fellow human beings? What does America, then stand for ladies and gentlemen? If America doesn't stand for freedom, hope, and compassion then what ARE we fighting for as Americans?

Let me ask you a better question. Do we as Americans fight for wealth, power, and dominance? Is that what we as Americans want for ourselves, and our future generations? Endless strife, endless struggle, and suffering, endless tragedy… is that the American spirit? Is the American spirit creating a profit by walking on the bleeding, broken, and crushed corpses of those who struggled to get by but couldn't? Are we ruthless savages that are so bent on having cheap “affordable” goods, that we are willing to sacrifice, millions of starving, homeless men, women and children to have it? Are you willing to watch the person to your left, to your right, in front of you and directly behind suffer from, hunger, poverty, and death just so you can save 10 cents on some name brand commodity of the day?

I stand here before you hoping the answer to each and every one of those questions is a solid, and resounding no! I stand here before you on this day to let you know that these are not the ideals upon which this country was founded. That these were not the ideals that brave men and women fought, bled, and died for over the course of over 200 years of struggle, turmoil, and war. In fact ladies and gentlemen disparity, unreasonable reach and actions by a corrupt institution, lack of fair representation in our governing body, religious persecution, and the right to live as free men and women, with all the implied rights therein is precisely why our forefathers, fought and died to rid ourselves of the tyranny of England in the late 1700’s. So tell me why, why do we allow those very principles that have been the bane of the American spirit and tradition rule our lives? Why is it that we as a nation elect leaders who are so far separated from our reality to run our lives? Why is it that these men and women continue to win elections, feed us the lies and we just sit here and accept it as fact when we know in our souls that it is false?


Ladies and Gentlemen I regret to inform you, but we have all lost sight of what matters: Hope, freedom, compassion! These three things are worth fighting and dying for, and it was these basic principles that led the 13 colonies to rise against the British Empire at the height of their reign… and win! People this is our revolutionary war, the war of the people versus the corrupt few powerful and wealthy business leaders and politicians who would dare deny us our basic liberties and have us believe, no accept and thank them for that very act! This is our time to shine ladies and gentlemen, a country is as strong as its weakest link and I think it’s high time we temper that weakened steel that calls themselves our betters! Without each and every single one of us this country would cease to function. Period. End of discussion. We are the reason why there is food on the table, electricity in our homes, fuel available to power our cars, and machines, why our children learn to read, write, and why our borders remain safe from invasion.

We the people of the United States of America are the American Spirit! We are the light in the dark, during the most terrifying of nights, we are the hope in the bleakest hours of despair, it is our temerity, our tenacity, and spirit that holds the foundations and structure of this nation high above the rest of the world. We aren’t the wealthiest most powerful nation in the world by accident ladies and gentlemen. It’s very simple: we dare! We are a daring and excitable people, quick to action, slow to back down, we are ruthless in our passions to the point of blindness, but nevertheless we have an iron will that no one can hope to match! So tell me why it is we let these few men and women blindside us and usurp our way of life? Why is it that we just stand here and accept our current living conditions as fact, and that it can’t be changed?

I can assure you my countrymen that not only is the current state of affairs unnecessary, and outrageous but that it can be reversed, fixed and vastly improved in very short order. Would you venture to guess how we can accomplish such a seemingly daunting task? By working together! It doesn't matter what your skin color, your gender, your generation gap, your religion, you sexual preference, we are all Americans of these United States of America, and together we have crushed tyrant nations, built a  country of freedom and hope, and have stood against the tide of oppression, cruelty and evil, and emerged victorious. We truly are a country worth fighting for ladies and gentlemen it is high time each and every one of us remembers it! The old adage united we stand divided we fall has never been more true than for us, for the American people! Why do you think we are in the current state of affairs we find ourselves in? For the past 30+ years the political, and economic elite have been slowly, and deliberately pitting us against each other.

Why is it for thousands of years, people of the non-ruling class, have always stuck together? Why is it that no matter how bleak things got, we were always able to ignore each other’s differences to bring the greater good to the masses and bring the oppression to heel? It’s because we stood together. So why is it so hard to believe that we couldn’t do so again? Do you think it’s an accident that there are “generation gaps”, that the different “generations” are so fundamentally different that they could never hope to work together? Why do you think every so many years there’s a new gender, race, generation war, or some other aspect of society to turn against and villainize? Do you think that every decade or so we just stumble into a whirlpool of willful ignorance and hatred, or that it is slowly fed to us until we believe it is our own doing?

Propaganda doesn’t have to be Nazi Germany, Stalinist Russia, Communist China, or Cold War scares, propaganda can be as simple as insinuating women shouldn’t have the right to contraception, or gays shouldn’t marry, or a plant that could revolutionize the medical and textile industries is harmful and a gateway to the fall of society. Propaganda can be as blunt as insinuating the president is out to take our guns, to increase profits in arms dealing and ammo production. Propaganda is convincing half a nation of intelligent, learned citizens that solar power, something that occurs every day, and has existed for millennia is much more harmful to our environment or simply unfeasible to harness, compared to fossil fuels, and oil. Ladies and gentlemen propaganda is telling an entire nation that we need to sacrifice our personal freedoms at airports, for our communications because of the threat of a terrorist attack, being told that these measures would be temporary.

Propaganda is 10 years later, militarizing our schools for fear of gun violence instead of promoting and teaching children the value of life. Propaganda is still having to relinquish your boots, and soft drink at the security checkpoint, submit to a thorough search, or risk invasive search on your person and seizure of your property. Propaganda is trying to villainize a president who has probably done more for the average American citizen then anyone would care to give him credit for, and turning those he has tried to help against him. I could go on and on and on about how twisted our society, leaders, and media have become but hopefully I shouldn’t have to. Hopefully I have gotten the point across.

It is my sincere hope and desire to bring this country out of the roiling chaos and cesspool we find it in and bring her back to the forefront where she belongs, and her people with her. The only reason why the middle class is disappearing, why minimum wage hasn’t gone up in 10 years, why we still don’t have affordable health care, and why secondary education is a for profit organization is precisely because the people are no longer represented in government. There are many culprits, but the ones who are most responsible, are ourselves. We did this to ourselves, we convinced ourselves that we are to small, and too weak, that our voice has no strength, that no matter what strides we take, efforts we make, that it will amount to nothing. Look to your neighbor, look them in the eye, now look to another and look them in the eye. Do you see weakness? Do you see fear? Do you see something other than a living breathing human being that deserves the right to all the freedoms and joys you yourself enjoy? You owe it to each other and to yourselves to rid yourself of that ridiculous notion that we the people have no power in our own lives or government. Look up, look at me do you know what I am? Who I am?

I am quite literally nobody, I’m just a guy who threw away his perfectly good Air Force career to waste his life and future on this pointless venture to unite 300 million Americans into standing up, and fighting for their inherent right to live. To love. To exist. Without regard to the repercussions of daring to be human, and exercising your unalienable rights to do just that. To be able to get sick and not dread seeking aid for fear of suffering financially. For seeing an officer drive past you on the road and you aren’t stricken with an unwanted sense of paranoia. When seeing a politician in office fills your heart with hope, and joy, not hatred and loathing. I’m a 25 year old foreign born, naturalized citizen, through a technicality of my birth. I have a loving family that I have shared tears of joy, tears of sadness, and tears of rage with. I have cheated, I have lied, I have lusted, and I have envied. I spent the past 6 years of my life dedicating it and everything I had to this country and the world’s greatest Air Force. There have been times where my successes were ignored, and my failures embellished and I have felt unjustly treated. I have loved, I have lived, I have had many successes and many failures in my life and I hope I have many more in my future, because I am a human being.

I am just a man some might even call me a boy, but none would call me timid. I am not afraid to stand up for my rights, my freedoms, and I am willing to die for them, to bleed for each and every single one of you even though the vast majority of you I have never even met, or not even know your name. More importantly I am proof that one man, can make a difference. I stand here before you today a candidate for one of the nation’s highest offices. We have strength ladies and gentlemen, we have a voice, and all we have to do is play the game. The best part is, we don’t have to play by their rules, and we don’t have to play their games. Would you all like to know why?

Because we are Americans, because we defy the odds when they are stacked against us, because we embody the tenants of the greater good! Who better then us to tell 300 million men, women and children just like ourselves how to improve our lot in life, and create policies and procedures that would benefit this nation? Why do you think we have been told, for years, for decades, for generations that we  can’t hope to make a difference? Because if we dared to try we would reign supreme and we would never allow this idiocy to happen. We would do what is right because it is the right thing to do. We wouldn’t let children starve in our streets while the wealthy elite gorge themselves on caviar, and filet mignon! We would never have created a medical system that cares more about making money than saving the life of a fellow American. WE THE PEOPLE would never have put our children’s safety above their education in the first place. And we sure as hell wouldn’t pay ourselves poverty wages, just so our bosses could drive around in a Porsche!

We would create a society in which the preservation of life is revered much more than acquisition of wealth. We would create a society that would allow such beliefs come to fruition. We would put the power back into the hands of the people, and ensure our children and their children will never have to fight the battles that we find ourselves fighting. We acknowledge that although everyone has their own opinion and beliefs we realize that together we can pool our ideas together to create an even better solution. We know what it means to struggle, we know what it means to need, and we know what it means to despair. So why should we take orders from those so disenfranchised with our own struggles? Why should these false leaders ruin our lives a single day longer? Why should we allow them to?

Tell me who among you are true patriots? Who among you are not afraid to stand and fight for your rights? Who among you will join me? Who among you will repair the damage to our beautiful country? Who among you will be the voice that is finally heard?! Who among you are courageous enough to shatter all the lies?! Who among you are ready for a future filled with hope! Freedom! And Compassion!

Separation of Church and State

So part of the big three things effecting our country today are: Economic inequality, an energy crisis being pushed by the natural gas and oil industries, and discrimination based off of religious beliefs. I saw a few nodding heads until that last one…. Am I wrong? Well let’s look at what discrimination means. Discrimination is the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people or things especially on the ground of race, age, or sex.

The church all across the nation is lobbying the government at almost every level in almost every state to pursue their doctrinal beliefs on: marriage, birth control, and abortion to name a few. I point those ones specifically out because they have the biggest impact on our nation effecting roughly half of the total population of over 300 million Americans. That ladies and gentlemen is discrimination especially when it effects half of a nation’s population. What’s more the 1st amendment clearly states that there will be no favoritism of religion by the state. This also goes further to imply that religious beliefs, organizations and influence have no basis in law, or can be enforced/preferred over another religious belief. Don’t get me wrong believe in what you want to believe, make the choices you want to make, but you as an individual, group, or body do not have the right in this country to dictate legislation, or enforce it based on your religious beliefs, if you want that in your country go to the Middle East.

I want to go a little further into this debate to make it very clear that I’m not anti-religion, or that I’m not a God fearing person. My whole point is that religion has no place in government. If I am a Muslim or if I’m Jewish then I don’t necessarily believe what a Catholic or a Christian believes in. therefore if the Muslim church wanted to press the government to enforce prayer in schools and by that encouraging the Muslim prayers, which would be wrong. It would be just as wrong if the Catholic Church wanted to instill the Our Father in schools at the beginning of the day. However if the government allowed every student and teacher 15 minutes in the beginning of the day to worship their God however they wish that wouldn’t be an issue because it’s giving everyone an equal opportunity. That’s just an example and I’m not for or against prayer in school, I think religion in of itself should not be enforced or taught as a requirement, but be available as an option for that wish to pursue it, or indulge in it.

Now this brings us to the more pertinent problems in our nation currently being addressed namely, birth control, abortion, and gay rights. First of all let me repeat that last one: gay rights. Since when did we have to define the rights of a human being based on their sexual preference? I say again since when did we have to define the rights of a human being based on their sexual preference? Why is this even a debate? Marriage as defined by the government varies based on the state you live in, and in many cases based on religious interpretation. So would that make marriage a legal religious ceremony? If that is in fact the case then by definition religious laws could not infringe upon anyone’s religious beliefs, or limit the type of marriage a person can have. Even if it isn’t considered a religious ceremony and an agreement person’s enter into to benefit from government services, cuts, etc. then it needs to be just as indiscriminate as if it were religious. The point being marriage should be defined by the persons entering into it, and if the government chooses to define it then it needs to have legal justification for doing so and ensuring it is universally applied.

What some of you are correctly assuming is that I’m in fact encouraging same sex marriage, and polygamy. For one there are many other religions out there that do advocate or allow polygamy or same sex marriage or that current religions are adopting a much more accepting policy. Some people argue this will lead to all the other crazy practices such as bestiality…reality check it’s perfectly legal to have sex with a horse in at least 27 states and legal to marry the same gender in only 19, but ban same sex marriage in 31. A sarcastic person would tend to draw some unsavory conclusions about those 31 states that could allude to the allowance of 27 of them to have sex with a horse…. But can’t marry the same gender. I’m just saying legally and morally there is no justification to limit a person marrying someone they love, or even marrying the person of their choice for their own reasons. There is no such thing as sanctity of marriage even if you choose to define it in the Biblical sense. Do we still base our marriages off of dowry’s, trading our virgin daughter’s for livestock and food, stoning committers of adultery or persons who have sex out of wedlock? If the answer to that is no then we currently aren’t obeying the tenants of the Bible and the argument against marriage because it disagrees with the Bible is invalid on that aspect alone.

Now the next part is contraception and abortion. I’m going to say one thing about it and one thing only: it’s her choice to get an abortion or to get contraceptives such as birth control. Not the Church, not the Government, not you, not me, nobody gets to tell 50% of American Citizen’s how to live their life, or how to deal with their body accept for those individuals themselves. That’s it, end of debate, end of discussion, there is nothing else that needs to be said about the matter. The only question of legality concerning those two things is about when is it ok to legally abort. To that end I’d say we already have an answer from the medical community which is the first trimester, if you can’t make up your mind in 3 months about having or not having a baby then the law will. I feel that that’s a fair compromise to lifer’s and everyone else: she still gets the choice, and life is defined by law so that it can be immoral to abort a child after a certain amount of time, thanks to medical studies.

The Right to Protest

The public right to protest to government, or business shall not be infringed, inhibited or reprimanded in any way other than in such cases where nonviolent acts have occurred. The fact that a protest may inhibit good order and discipline is not an excuse to deny American’s the right to protest. Generally speaking the protestor is trying to disrupt some aspect of society that they as a whole disagree with and are getting the attention of the body responsible for causing the disagreed upon scenario. So long as protestors are orderly, and conduct themselves in a manner of non-violence they shall not be imprisoned, arrested, threatened, etc. by any law enforcement or peace keeping body.


All persons or organizations in violation of this will be fined or punished in equal to the level of transgression committed. EG. An officer attempting to arrest a protester will be fined, a unit of officers attempting to break up a protest will be forced to take time off without pay, etc. likewise American Citizens who turn to violence or aggression will be summarily fined or sentenced.


Protesting has its variance of viability just like many other things in the world. Protesting for the sake of a humanitarian, civil, cultural, social, dissuade military presence/action, are mete and should be taken seriously by both protestors and organizations, persons, or body’s affected. However protesting must have an end result and therefore if protesting does not yield desirous or acceptable results to both parties after 2 months a general hearing at the lowest affected level (local protests at the city/county level, state wide protests at the state, and protests of national interest or involvement by the Federal Courts). These cases can go above and tried at the next level of court all the way to the Supreme Court. This is to encourage democracy, the freedom of the people, and the cooperation of the government in SERVICE to the people to come to compromises, and to the understanding that there are times when the will of the people may need to be overlooked for the greater good of the country, or that the people in fact have a better understanding of a situation than the government. No one group is infallible and thus cooperation and compromise, the backbone of our society, must be invoked. Furthermore this ensures that protesting actually gives palpable and expedient results and that government, and big business cannot simply ignore the populace at a whim and ensures that the people for all time, regardless of grievance, so long as lawful, shall be heard, feared, and taken into consideration by those body’s effected.