The Right to Protest

The public right to protest to government, or business shall not be infringed, inhibited or reprimanded in any way other than in such cases where nonviolent acts have occurred. The fact that a protest may inhibit good order and discipline is not an excuse to deny American’s the right to protest. Generally speaking the protestor is trying to disrupt some aspect of society that they as a whole disagree with and are getting the attention of the body responsible for causing the disagreed upon scenario. So long as protestors are orderly, and conduct themselves in a manner of non-violence they shall not be imprisoned, arrested, threatened, etc. by any law enforcement or peace keeping body.


All persons or organizations in violation of this will be fined or punished in equal to the level of transgression committed. EG. An officer attempting to arrest a protester will be fined, a unit of officers attempting to break up a protest will be forced to take time off without pay, etc. likewise American Citizens who turn to violence or aggression will be summarily fined or sentenced.


Protesting has its variance of viability just like many other things in the world. Protesting for the sake of a humanitarian, civil, cultural, social, dissuade military presence/action, are mete and should be taken seriously by both protestors and organizations, persons, or body’s affected. However protesting must have an end result and therefore if protesting does not yield desirous or acceptable results to both parties after 2 months a general hearing at the lowest affected level (local protests at the city/county level, state wide protests at the state, and protests of national interest or involvement by the Federal Courts). These cases can go above and tried at the next level of court all the way to the Supreme Court. This is to encourage democracy, the freedom of the people, and the cooperation of the government in SERVICE to the people to come to compromises, and to the understanding that there are times when the will of the people may need to be overlooked for the greater good of the country, or that the people in fact have a better understanding of a situation than the government. No one group is infallible and thus cooperation and compromise, the backbone of our society, must be invoked. Furthermore this ensures that protesting actually gives palpable and expedient results and that government, and big business cannot simply ignore the populace at a whim and ensures that the people for all time, regardless of grievance, so long as lawful, shall be heard, feared, and taken into consideration by those body’s effected.