People love to dis GMO's and corporate farming methods, yet, without it, there would be a lot less food for everyone. The problem with the term GMO is that what it actually stands for and how it's perceived are entirely different.

"A genetically modified organism (GMO) is an organism whose genetic material has been altered using genetic engineering techniques. Organisms that have been genetically modified include micro-organisms such as bacteria and yeast, insects, plants, fish, and mammals. GMOs are the source of genetically modified foods and are also widely used in scientific research and to produce goods other than food."

The above is the true definition, below is the perceived definition

The rallies come four days ahead of World Food Day on Oct. 16 and are a direct attack on what the organizers term Monsanto’s “predatory business,” genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and other harmful pesticides, which threaten “health, fertility and longevity.”

The difference is night and day. One is a scientific definition, the other is a politically charged definition or debate point. The fact of the matter is, without GMO's, we literally would not have enough food for everyone, and innovations like improved photosynthesis would never have occurred! Furthermore, genetic modification of food could easily end world hunger, and not just make it a corporate scheme to make billions off of fast food. Vegetables, fruits, and grains could be grown in ridiculous quantities, multiple times per year, and much larger yields. Yet, with the out cry of anti GMO research, use, or production, we are actually hurting our own progression and survival as a species.

What else can Agriculture do?

There is the interesting notion that agriculture can do more than just feed us, considering most of the corn yield of the US is meant to feed livestock. It helps clean up the air by absorbing CO2 and emitting life giving oxygen! Agriculture is truly the bread and butter (pun intended) of American industry. Without it, our Economic supremacy wouldn't be nearly as high yielding (another intended pun) as it is. What's more, agriculture isn't limited to just food related things, it's also part of the Cannabis and Hemp industry which is gaining support every day! 

This link highlights the math behind how and why Cannabis would be the nations greatest cash crop and could single-handedly annihilate the deficit: Cannabis Break Down

The thing is, Agriculture can truly become the staple of our economy and GMOs can significantly help with that reality. If successful, we would be far less dependent on for profit education, medicine, and defense spending (wars). We could be a nation that literally grows its money, and trades the goods it can create be it food or product. We, as a nation, need to focus less on the politics of science and focus on what the science is actually doing. In this case, GMOs are going to be an even more important facet of our lives and we need to educate ourselves as a nation on what they can actually do, not what the political flavor of the day wants to sell.