AJI's Employee Handbook

AJI’s Employee Handbook


This section will introduce new employees to whichever branch of the AJI’s they are starting in. Within this handbook will have expectations, rules of conduct, and methods of pay, benefits, how to up channel requests, complaints, or other necessities, how to conduct business as an AJI employee, and how to grow within the company!

This is designed to be easily understood and user friendly while simultaneously answering any and all questions a prospect employee may have about the Initiative or employment within the organization. If you feel there is still something left unsaid or not explained in enough detail talk to a manger or fellow employee who has been in the company for a while, if it becomes a common occurrence we will add that particular item to the handbook!

The biggest take away is that we at the Initiative take people, our organization, the growth of the company, and the individuals very seriously, and anyone with good ideas is welcome to expires them! We believe that everyone has a skill or a specialty that brings something to the table and we would be foolish to ignore you, even as a new hire, simply because…you’re the new guy!

We have many different and varied branches, as well as positions within the areas of the company you’ll be working in. as such promotions, expansion, and so forth are typically merit based, with some regard given to longevity, and case by case scenarios. One thing we will not tolerate is discrimination for any reason whatsoever to include favoritism. Nobody is above the law, nobody is held to a higher standard than anyone else, we are all just a bunch of Joe’s trying to make our mark in the World!

With all of that being said, welcome to the Average Joe’s Initiative, it’s great to have you part of the community!

Entry Level Employee:

All employees within the AJI will receive some of the highest compensation and the best benefits, and growth opportunities within the United States of America. With that fact comes a price, that price is excellence! You are being given a career opportunity, with little experience, or background in management, or participation in your new position. Even if you do have years of experience, you haven’t worked for us and therefor there will be yet another learning curve to overcome. We understand this, and embrace the challenge of training you to be the best that you can be, and unlocking your hidden potential! We ask simply, that you give us that same 100% back in return.



First the negatives:

If any employee fails to show up to work on time 3 consecutive days, they will be immediately terminated.

If an employee has 3 or more unexcused absences within a month, or the manager’s discretion of too excessive, the employee will be immediately terminated.

If any sort of discriminatory practices, actions, or other behaviors occur at any time the employee will be immediately terminated.

Acts of favoritism, can result in termination if excessive or constant. That is not to be confused with charity, or friendliness, but for instance constantly letting your significant other have as many drinks and snacks as they want…is favoritism and excessive at that.

Failure to perform your duties, and additional duties as assigned (within reason of course) will result in termination at the Manager’s discretion.

Theft of any kind will result in immediate termination, prosecution, and the immediate return of stolen goods or money. Leniency on the prosecution is up to the Manager, or the next higher level of management/authority.

Sexual harassment, up to and including rape will not be tolerated, and will be handled on a case by case basis, and will require both parties and a third unbiased party to deal with the accusations. The guilty party will be dealt with accordingly.

Violence within the work place unless it is to prevent harm to yourself or other patrons, is not tolerated. Venting is one thing destruction of property, or harming of others is another. Talk to a manager if you are feeling overwhelmed, there is no reprisal for seeking help, or a means to deescalate a situation!

There shall be no drug usage within, or without the premises of the AJI and any of her DBA’s. It may be legal within the area you are located but that doesn’t mean it’s legal within the premises. You will not be drug tested, however if your duties are consistently poor in quality, or you come to work intoxicated, or otherwise impaired, you will be immediately enrolled in AA, or a detox unit to be paid with your salary, until you are clean. If you relapse you will be terminated immediately, but resent to a rehabilitation center with the costs being prorated from your salary.

In general conduct, or actions unbecoming of a professional will not be tolerated within the AJI and will be removed within our company immediately, and with rancor.

Now The Positives:

Every single employee will enjoy some of the highest wages and best benefits that the USA has to offer!

Minimum starting salary will be $26.50 an hour to keep pace with the level of income had certain economic choices not been made within the country.

Overtime is available at all locations, at all times so long as it is necessary, and at the discretion of the proper tier of management/leadership. Overtime will always be 1.5, never higher, never less unless it changes company wide.

Health care, to include dental, mental, and eye care is 100%, and at no expense to you, or your hiring authority! If you need to take an annual checkup, seek counseling or therapy, or heaven forbid need to go to the hospital for cancer treatment or emergency medical care, the AJI will cover 100% of the expenses. Until such time as universal Health care becomes a reality, we do limit this to needed medical visits, not necessarily getting a weekly full work up for the fun of it. This will be handled on a case by case basis, but general medical checkups are covered to include prescriptions! If you need extended or protracted care, we will cover the expenses but we may dictate the type of care based on the most current medical technologies and advancements up to and including sending you to one of our medical facilities!

Vacation will work the same way as it does within the military, each month you earn 2.5 days of vacation time. However unlike the military there is no cap to how many days you can save!

Sick days will be 7 days in a year, and also roll over without a cap!

We will offer 1 year of maternity leave for women who become pregnant during their tenure as an AJI employee. We also offer father’s up to 60 days of maternity leave to be with their new born child!

In certain circumstances you may also be eligible for a company car, per diem, housing allowance, and food assistance as well. However those aren’t guaranteed and truly require extreme situations considering the high level of pay you will be receiving is far above the poverty line!

We offer courses in financial management, personal management, among many other programs to help you become a better professional and experience the American dream!

There are always opportunities to be recognized for outstanding or exemplary work within the company or the community so keep an eye out for those as well!

Remember too that every position within the AJI regardless of what that position is a management in training position, and you can and will exceed your hiring managers if you put forth the work and effort to accomplish the promotion requirements! There is no seniority within the Initiative, only Joe’s trying to make a difference in the World!

Criteria to become Tier 1:

If you haven’t started out as an owner or manager then there will be steps and milestones you can take to achieve the next level of leadership!

Since Tier 1 is the easiest level to reach it also has the highest turnover within the company! There will be performance reports kept on every employee by their management team, and based on their performance compared to their peers they will have the opportunity, or outright promotion to the next tier!

Each branch of the AJI will have different requirements to be met in order to be immediately promoted, but for those that are eligible to promote within their pool of peers the promotion process is as follows:

Knowledge within their area of work

Performance in that line of work compared to others

Ability to perform tasks at the next level of responsibility

A Willingness and ability to train, teach and mentor others

Impact the individual has made on their community or their enterprise

These are all criteria that will be taken into consideration and quantified when promoting individuals from entry level to Tier 1.

These requirements will always take into account the highest 10-15% of eligibles each year and will adjust accordingly. Each year can and will be different but the best and the brightest will rise to the highest echelons of leadership! Bear in mind that promotions are also limited based on the number of positions needing filled. If for example only 1,000 Tier 1 positions need filled then only 1,000 will be promoted regardless of how many eligibles there are.

The results of each promotion cycle will be posted on our website with personnel cutoffs or selection ranks being sent to individuals via email so as not to cause any undue embarrassment or distress from the results. If you wish to share your results with friends and coworkers that is your prerogative.

Becoming Tier 2:

This position will still only take the top 10% of Tier 1 and give them the opportunity to continue their career within the initiative! At this stage in the game Tier 2 managers will be the equivalent of Functional Area of Managers in other job descriptions and are typically in charge of a dozen or more facilities and anywhere from a few score to hundreds of personnel! As such the criterion to achieve this level of leadership is much higher!

Must continue to exemplify the requirements needed to become a Tier 1.

Must have met the various individual quotas for eligibility (branch specific)

Must have the ability, and skill set to manage and oversee a larger sum of people.

Can dedicate the personal, and emotional time to the next level of leadership. (We aren’t trying to ruin lives or families for the sake of a promotion!)

Have at least 75% backing of your current area of responsibility!

The bottom line is we want the best and the brightest to continue on to the highest tiers of leadership, but we also want their subordinates to support their growth as well! Nobody wants to work for an asshole least of all Regular Joe’s, so that is one of the most important job criteria that need to be met! With that being said it is a challenge and a welcome increase in responsibility and will build both you and your organization as you continue on serving with the AJI!

Rising to Tier 3:

Those 1% of the company who make it to this level, even for the sake of being eligible have truly put forth the time energy and commitment to their people, their area of responsibility and to their communities to warrant the next level of leadership within the AJI! These are truly the best leaders we have to offer, and are among the finest Joe’s in America!

To reach this level of leadership the bar has been raised significantly! It isn’t enough that you can do the job, but that people want you to do the job, and you are willing to do the job! It’s not easy being in charge of an area of the organization that can span multiple cities and possibly states, but somebody has to do it, and we only want the best to do it!

Must meet all the requirements from Tier 1 and Tier 2 promotions

Have made significant contributions to their communities, medicine, science, or the arts

Have improved the quality of life, or the processes within your branch

         Have the support of at least 80% of fellow Tier 2 employees

Can travel between AOR’s or other branches if selected without severely negatively impacting yourself or your family

Again we only want the best and the brightest in the organization to be at the highest levels of leadership because with that increased responsibility comes an increase in impact on the people within their AOR and those communities. We aren’t a charity but we are trying to make a legitimate and meaningful difference in the World and especially here in the US. We want people to exemplify that ideology leading us in the future, when our founder, and founding leaders are long gone and it is up to this generation’s children to lead the company and the World!

We are grooming leaders, not just within the company but for the future of this country as well. We want and fully expect to lose our Tier 2 and Tier 3, and perhaps even our Tier 4 employees for civil service and political office! In fact we encourage it, there is nothing more selfless or impactful than leading a city, a state, or a country and positively impacting the lives of Millions of Americans not just the hundreds and thousands of employees!

Making it to the Top, Tier 4:

Those of you who will rise to this auspicious level of leadership, not management, leadership will be those who truly embody the core purpose of this company: change the World and bring true equality into the lives of regular people everywhere! If you are even eligible for this position know that you are among the best this company and this country has to offer! You are truly among the great leaders of this nation’s history and embody nothing but the highest levels of excellence and integrity!

To be considered one of the best, you have to be one of the best and therefore quotas alone will not be enough to make it to the top, you have to truly embody what it means to be on the top! The first few selections will be entirely merit based by the Founding leader, and the Founding staff, however we aren’t immortal and therefore criteria will be set in place to ensure only the best Joe’s make it to this Tier of leadership!

Must meet all previous Tier criteria for promotion

Must have made significant contributions to their branch, as well as their communities. If the eligible candidate has made a State or National positive impact they are automatically considered for this position. Any Joe that makes this kind of impact is automatically considered for Tier 4.

Must have the support of 90% of Tier 3 employees, and if there are multiple Tier 4’s at the time of promotion consideration, at least 1 endorsement or 90% whichever is greater.

Must have met the quotas for their respective branch but this can be waived if the other criteria are met and merit is warranted.

At this point there should be no emotional, or personal limitations, but if there are make sure they will not negatively impact your duties as a Tier 4!

All in all Tier 4 is the top of the Ice Burg, the only position higher is Tier 5 and that’s the Founder/Owner of the AJI. Tier 5 is the only position that can be freely given away, so long as it is the founder, or the bylaws are changed according to the limitations within. Still Tier 4 has the highest level of leadership and responsibility, is in charge of just about everything within their branch, and truly it’s semantics to say which Tier 4 has the harder or more impactful job! These are the brains, and the visionaries of the company, they are the future for the direction it will take, and they are the embodiment of what it takes to lead people, and affect communities!

If you are fortunate enough to be considered for this position congratulate yourself on your accomplishments for they are significant! Don’t get discouraged either, the selection process is meant to been singular. Not everyone who makes it to Tier 3 will make it to Tier 4 in their career, it just isn’t possible or realistic! Suffice to say Tier 4 is a unicorn to be sought, and only the few capture. Be that legendary figure in history who captures the unicorn! At the end of the day we are all one team, and no one is held to a higher standard than anyone else, but even among equals there are those who continue to stand out, and that is who you should aspire to be!