Answer's to the Bernie Sanders Survey

1. Do you agree that church and state should be kept separate?


2. Are you publicly opposed to the TransPacific Partnership (TPP) deal and have never supported it?

I was one of the many who were posting on their pages, personal or otherwise trying to get the message out there that TPP is one of the biggest crimes perpetrated on the American People! I absolutely do not support the TPP

3. Secondly, we need to know if you accept money from Super PACs and what your stand on issues such as Citizen’s United is.

I have been vehemently against Citizen’s United from the very beginning, have written several speeches and policies admonishing it, and think money in politics should never have been allowed! I have also never accepted money from a Super PAC nor do I see that as a possibility in the future!

4. Do you support lowering tuition costs or believe that public colleges should be tuition-free?

I not only believe tuition should be free or at least lowered I have written both policy, and speech on doing so and have a Financial shred out of how it could be done immediately!

5. How much of a hike in minimum wage do you support, i.e., $10, $11. $12, $13, $14, or $15 an hour?

I support a wage hike to $20-$26.50 it should be had wages kept pace with corporate profits. I also think raising the wage alone won’t solve the problem but that we need to check corporate profiteering with a wage cap as well.

6. Have you opposed the Iraq War since 2002?

I was a teenager at the time so I was for getting the bad guys that hurt my countrymen. As an adult and servicemen I think our original entry into the country was justified, however for the reasons of “revenge” not to instigate a prolonged war. I understand this may be a ding against me however I understand that there are times to fight and times not to fight. There is absolutely no excuse for the prolonged war effort, only the initial entry and subsequent elimination of Saddam Hussein. We should have left after that.

7. Do you support same sex marriage equality, and have for at least 5 years?

I have always supported same sex rights regardless, same with interracial relationships, or differing religious beliefs. There is no reason to disparage against our fellow man!

8. Do you have a specific Police Reform Policy? In regards to this question, please be as specific as possible- i.e., supporting the decriminalization of marijuana for medical purposes or providing funding for medical/mental health interventions for substance abuse issues; how would end “for-profit” policing; what types of measures would you enact to limit the use of excessive force; do you think additional training for de-escalation, crisis intervention would be beneficial or should there also be racial bias training and perhaps the creation of a model police training program with input from black activists?

If you want me to be specific and detailed I’ll have to leave links otherwise my plans are pages long by themselves! If I didn’t cover all of the questions please let me know I have extensive writing on this subject matter!

Cannabis Reform Break Down -

Official Press Release -

Drugs Policy -

Criminal Justice Reform -

9. Do you support single-payer healthcare?

Not only do I support it I’m trying to establish an intermediate solution in the interim! - Joe's United Foundation - Indiegogo - Breakdown of Costs of health Care

10. Are you against the Keystone Pipeline and in favor of increased Federal Regulations? (I'm thinking of an increased tax on carbon emissions?

Vehemently against it, furthermore I am an avid supporter of the Solar Roadways project! I’d rather go full monte and tax the oil companies the amount we’re giving them in current subsidies and use that money plus the savings from not paying them to kill our nation and invest that in alternative fuels such as Hydrogen, or electric vehicle power!

11. Do you publicly endorse Bernie Sanders for President? If you have endorsed him, could you provide a link to that endorsement? Since our work concerns supporting those who support him, this is paramount!

Well I voted for him in my State’s Primary does that count? Otherwise I didn’t think my endorsement would matter, carry any weight or even be recognized…

12. Are you in favor of Increased Background checks, additional gun safety training and Mental Health Awareness?

I am, but more so than that I am for improving accountability for actions with firearms. Legal firearms ownership isn’t the problem it’s that the laws aren’t enforced or hold the same weight for offenders. Use of Force should be the law of the land regardless of profession or standing, so that if you should prove negligent or break the Use of Force standard you are held accountable for your actions! No need to reinvent the wheel for firearm safety!

13. Do you support lifting the cap on the highest income tax bracket and increasing the highest nominal tax rate?

I do support it I just don’t happen to think it is the best solution. I think eliminating the tax code as it stands, and instead instituting a blanket tax rate at 15% for earned income (including from stocks and other than salary), and 20% for businesses it would generate vastly more tax revenue than simply taxing the wealthy more. Plus it could also allow room for raising the taxable income level for SSI to being the first 5% of wages as opposed to a dollar amount. However for the purposes of answering this question, I do support raising the tax rate on top earners.

14. Do you support expanding Social Security and support Welfare Programs?

Absolutely and I have solutions to both as well!

Solution to Poverty (Welfare) -

Fiscal Changes (Select the 3rd tab) -

15. Do you agree that women should have the right to choose and make healthcare decisions without interference from the Federal Government?

I absolutely do!