Why Millennials Need to Get Involved in Politics

by Chris Garrou & Dev Goswami | Our Voice Contributors

Millennials have been unjustly characterized as apathetic and disconnected from politics. This assessment is based on false assumptions.  Pundit analysis suggested fewer Millennials turned out to vote after Bernie Sanders lost to Hillary Clinton. These claims were not based on concrete numbers as shown by the Brookings Institute’s data.  Millennials did choose to vote in the general election and did so in greater numbers for third parties with more liberal social views. Voting your conscience is quite a beautiful form of activism.

2016 was the first year Millennials were voting in the same numbers as the Baby Boomers.  In a few more years Millennials will be the largest voting block. Moving forward we need more Millennials participating in the political process and taking back our democracy on voting day.

Pundits claimed Bernie Sanders had no shot before any votes were cast. Millennials who voted in the DNC primary  got Bernie so close to victory that those pundits had to eat their words. Can you imagine what we will accomplish if this trend continues?

We are the only ones who can bring about the  end to money’s influence on politics!  Corporations and billionaires create Super PACs that funnel huge sums of money to candidates that don’t have the public’s best interests in mind. Millennials can beat this corruption by forming a grassroots political organization that receives small donations from, and in turn does the bidding of, the 99%. A multi-party that represents everyone equally.

Millennials embrace cultural diversity with open minds and hearts.  The members of Our Voice are a prime example of people from many different backgrounds coming together to mend our society.  This great nation’s issues must be addressed without party affiliation keeping us from working together.

Though many Millennials are now college graduates, their student loan debt, lack of career security, and the rising cost of living make us feel as though the American dream is impossible.  Occupy Wall Street shined a bright light on wealth inequity.  Black Lives Matter single handedly kept the media’s focus on racism and police brutality. Bernie Sanders’ group, Our Revolution works to keep social injustices present in our minds.

People from all walks of life are coming together to break the prejudices of our country’s history.  Young Muslims are helping Jews repair their vandalized Temples.  Youth volunteerism is on the rise in nursing homes and hospices. Millennial pacifists are working tirelessly to fight for veterans rights and decent healthcare.

Millennials are already doing a great deal for which they do not receive credit.  We are getting involved in politics to create positive change in their communities and the country at large.  Positive solutions will come from Millennials whose passions for equity and equality ignite the progressive flame in all Americans!

E pluribus unum!