Why We Must Fight For Net Neutrality

by Jack Dixon | Our Voice Contributor

The way the internet operates now it is unlawful for a common carrier like Comcast to apply any unjust or discriminatory charges or services to their customers. They are also not allow to offer undue or unreasonable advantages to any particular customers. It makes the playing field equal to everyone.

The essence of Capitalism is fair competition. Those who produce the better products win. Paying for an unfair advantage over everyone else hinders healthy competition.

I’ve heard corporate funded politicians claim that under the current regulations everyone is stuck in the slow lane of internet traffic. Speed is a relative term. If everyone is going the same speed, everyone is operating on an even playing field

It would be quite unfair if the playing field were altered to give a competitive advantage to one group over another, especially if it is based on political affiliation. Content quality, not cronyism, should be the deciding factor in the race to capture an audience.

If the current Net Neutrality regulations are removed, nothing will stop internet providers from allowing websites who can afford to pay more to have access to faster internet speeds. Websites that couldn’t pay the price would not be easily accessed. Users like you and I would have our viewing choices limited. Only those sites that could afford to pay would be easily available to use. This would create online monopolies similar to Walmart.

The internet altered the course of election history because voters were better informed. For the first time many of us didn't get our news from television or cable TV. If we were unfamiliar with the candidate, we could simply Google them online and watch past speeches and research how they voted on issues.

The corporate media couldn't fool many of us and we saw through the propaganda. This is how Bernie Sanders became so popular. If we allow the government to take away Net Neutrality, internet sites that inform us and keep us united will be drowned out by corporate run websites with less than noble agendas.

Those of us who make money from the internet, those seeking jobs on the internet, or those who just want to have their voices heard will be silenced due to less bandwidth being allotted to them. Imagine the end of your freedom of speech. We cannot let that happen! My voice is your voice.  Your voice is Our Voice.

The internet is the new public square where your voice can be heard all over the world. It should be considered a public utility because it has become a necessary part of our lives. This is why it is extremely important that we keep these regulations in place to ensure that the internet remains neutral and accessible to all.

Rules were put in place to keep people from cheating the system. According to the New York Times, President Trump’s new FCC chairman, Ajit Pai, “ took a first swipe at net neutrality rules designed to ensure equal access to content on the internet.” With Republicans mostly in charge of all three branches of government, it is essential that we fight to preserve the last place that our voices can still be heard; a free and neutral internet.