Russia Turns Headlines Into Political Footnotes

By Devon Jones  |  Our Voice Contributor


For the first time since Richard Nixon, a sitting president has fired an official currently investigating his campaign. The perplexing absurdity of this dubious incident was enough to make Comey himself, "chuckle", as the New York Times reports, commenting that he thought it was a "fairly funny prank"... and a prank it is indeed. Not so much on Comey, but, unbeknownst to Donald Trump, on himself.

The information held/pursued by Comey will not vanish, but will mostly, as Julian Assange speculated on Twitter, "leak like Niagara Falls" from the organization, prompting an immediate call for a special investigative commission. Any other action would require the ongoing investigation to be passed along to the person of Trump's choosing. The downside to this, however, is that this action will likely extend investigations into the indefinite future, permitting “The Donald” to continue in power throughout it's duration.

Now that the seriousness of this has been acknowledged, I must also emphasize that Donald Trump's impeachment would do little to halt or slow the progression of the "deconstruction of the administrative state". It won’t reverse climate change or eradicate the Prison Industrial Complex. His removal from office will not establish universal health care, end Steve Bannon’s influence, or make it rain lollipops. That is, with one possible exception; doing our job as engaged citizens. I am not suggesting we close our eyes from Trump or turn our ears from Russia, but that we recognize it as a distraction, and not the core problem. 

Due to this incessant Russian cloud looming over the Trump administration, our attention seems to have shifted from the Justice Department to the FBI. While Rachel Maddow sings her nightly odes to Russia, MSNBC couldn't find the time to inform you that prosecutors are being instructed to pursue the highest provable offense and mandatory minimum sentencing. They make no mention of Scott Garrett’s appointment, by Steve Bannon's pet, to head the Export-Import Bank. Which mainstream media outlets are covering the current class-action lawsuit alleging the DNC committed fraud against the 2016 primary voters? It is via the medium of independent journalism that we might be empowered to speak to those issues that the ruling class would much rather conceal: When they tell you to look away, look harder!