clean energy initiatives

We as people have always wondered what that giant ball of fire in the sky could be used for. Even from the days of antiquity, we utilized the Suns rays in some form or fashion. All across the world, regardless of civilization or epoch, there was some utilization of the Sun. Now we find ourselves at the edge of an energy revolution that could completely redefine our energy consumption and needs. Here are some examples:

Wind Power could generate over 20% of the US energy requirements!

Corn is already primarily produced for feed and energy.

A handful of Thorium could power a vehicle for 100 years!

What We've Achieved

The fact of the matter is that there are many different ways to power our world and our machines, the question is why aren't we? it's because those individuals with the money and the power are too intent on maintaining their hold over the energy industry, in spite of all the benefits and advancements that could be achieved by green technologies.

Here are some sources to help you understand more about the various clean energy initiatives that could begin tomorrow in this country, as well as information about current energy useage! 

Solar Roadways -,

50% total energy production from an entire country -

Super critical steam for energy -

Improved costs and manufacturing of Solar Panels -

And so much more!

(Although not expressly mentioned, hydrogen as a fuel source is also a very viable solution and alternative to fossil fuels.)