The Cost of Economic Waste

This link is an unadulterated account of the money we lose/waste each year in simple excess cost, or loss of tax money:

Economic Waste

As you can see, at the federal level we are wasting Trillions of dollars on tax evasion and corporate subsidies. This isn’t even taking into account the overhead costs from our For Profit Health Care Industry, the Military Industrial Complex, or $6,000,000,000,000 of accounted funds from the Global War on Terror! When politicians, and pundits ask “How can we pay for: Universal Health Care, Education, Social Security, and Medicare?” you can respond with: ending the Corporate Welfare policies and out of control military spending!

If that wasn’t bad enough here is a small example of the amount of taxes some of the highest grossing companies in the US avoid paying every single year:

Tax Evasion

If we can curb the rampant abuse of the Wealthy and Powerful we can finance a nation that truly is For, Of, and By the People!