Education is the foundation of our Nation

Without education, we could not have the leader, the doctors, or the educators of tomorrow. Therefore, we need to take a stand in creating opportunity and desire at all levels of education for all of our countrymen!

Common core is among the worst educational "improvements"our country has ever perpetrated! This cannot be allowed to continue, and needs to be revoked immediately. Once we are heard in Capitol Hill, or at the Governor's Mansion, we will be making strides to right the wrongs of knee-jerk politics! That we need to improve our education is understood, but Common Core is, in no way, the answer. One viable solution to the education problem in America is the utilization of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). Below are a few articles talking about both of these issues.

This isn't just about our children, it's about our pursuit of Higher education as well. With the for profit education industry in America, most students can barely afford their education, let alone begin to pay off their crushing student debt. The poor economy aside, the outrageous expectations of many employers are also making it more difficult for college graduates to obtain employment! Part of the reason is because colleges don't offer practical skills, just knowledge in that particular field. Part of the underlying issue is that colleges and universities gut their students for money, but don't actually provide them with the tools their particular industry requires/desires of them.

What we need is to, firstly, lower the cost of education, or at the least the amount of aid or debt a student should be expected to deal with. Secondly, our educational facilities should be focusing on churning out degree programs that their students can actually use in the real world. Universal education could solve the former of those problems, and would be extremely cost effective, as can be seen in European nations that have done that very thing. However, the issue of creating a practical knowledge experience for the student is what's lacking. Perhaps instead of focusing on a "well rounded student," universities and colleges can instead create/encourage more apprenticeships, and internships with businesses and organizations.

Further reforms would include:

  • Eliminating the Student Loan Debt

  • Standardizing Public Degree programs to be equally weighted across the several states

  • Eliminating the cost of obtaining transcripts, application fees, and other frivolous administrative costs

    • Eliminating the excessive cost of being a transfer student, ie. once cost of tuition for the school regardless of student origin

  • Integrating the cost of food, housing, and education as well as any other amenities the school has on campus, in the cost of tuition

  • Ensuring athletic program profits go to the school, campus, and that at least 30% of funds are used to lower the cost of tuition, 20% used to cover the cost of faculty, staff, and grounds.

    • Sponsors, and other private institutions involved in the College Sports program will contribute to a student’s salary, by paying Collegiate athletes a salary of at least 10% of their Professional counterparts average salary.

    • The same shall be held true for the arts, music, and Research programs of all fields.

Here's more about some of the very real problems the current generation of student is facing from receiving the secondary education that was supposed to help them build a new future and life!

Salon Article

In case you haven't heard about Common Core, or if you weren't sure what it was here are some articles about that as well. Also found below are other articles pertaining to child education.

The argument for Universal education isn't just a European idea, Tennessee has even begun dabbling in it! Universal Education isn't unattainable, it's just being denied by for profit education, such as Corinthian College. Even these colleges are getting their just desserts, and the efforts of men and women like you are what is bringing about this change in our nation! Don't stop now, keep pushing, keep fighting for your rights because it's working!