Civil Rights and Liberties

No matter what your beliefs, culture, or morals, there is one truth that we all need to realize and that many of us do: we are all in this World together, and it's up to us to make the most of it together. Our current growing generation of young leaders, entrepreneurs, teachers, and so much more, are among the most diverse individuals yet, because they have grown up in the age of information, of a shrinking of the known world, and an increase of international relationships, understandings, and friendships! Diversity is coming, it is happening, and it isn't going anywhere, nor should it, nor should anyone try and stop it.

Is this the legacy you want to leave behind.....


Or is this the legacy you want to leave behind?


This is what our nation has fought to overcome, and here we are in some cases over a 100 years later still waging the same struggle that should have never existed in the first place.


Slavery is possibly the most heinous atrocity we have committed in human history. The fact that it lasted well into the 19th century in this country, and continues on in other countries to this very day, is saddening and unforgivable. We are better than this, as a nation, as a people, as a species, there is no excuse to take away the humanity of another living, breathing person. Yet, we still have intolerance and racism in this country, fluent use of slurs against "minorities," and disparity of living conditions among "the races." Last time I checked, we all breathe the same air, eat the same food, bleed when injured, and feel sorrow from loss. We are all imperfect beings living on this rock, it is high time we get it together and focus on what matters: we are all human beings. 


Women's Suffrage in 1919 and earlier beginnings of the movement are another one of those moments in history that should never have occurred in the first place. Women are citizens just like men, just like Black, Asian, Hispanic, etc. Everyone, 18 years or older, has the right and the duty to vote because it is written that way in our Constitution. The fact it took almost 150 years to give women the right to vote is an outrage. What's worse is, that in 2014 women still have to fight for their various rights, be it equal pay, equal opportunity, or to have adequate health coverage. Why is it so hard to treat each other with respect and dignity?

Ferguson Riots

We all have heard of the Ferguson riots by now and the tragedies in our legal system, racial tensions, and poor judgement of a few law enforcement officials that lead to the riots. We do not promote anarchy and chaos, we do not condone the actions of the looters or the rioters, what we do, however, promote is reaching out to our fellow man and recognizing that we have a problem with race and social injustice in this country. Instead of national outrage that a citizen was shot and killed by a police officer and wanting to hold that police officer accountable for his actions, and to determine if it was necessary to the situation, there was, instead, outrage that a teen who happened to be black, in a historically racially tense neighborhood was killed by a cop who happened to be white. Then Fox News chose to air these tidbits of information for their viewers:

What on earth are these statistics supposed to convey to the audience? That racial killings are down, but murders from minorities are up? That black people are a menace to society because they proportionately kill more innocent people than white people? Or is this meant to be a simply informative blurb outlining relevant statistics to recent events? What should be reported by Fox News is that police killings in general are at record lows (it's not widely reported or managed so we don't know,) or that in 2013, 16,238 homicides were committed in the US, and that the vast majority of these are committed by American citizens against other American citizens. 

If we keep trying to pin specific behavior to a specific ethnicity, or if we don't acknowledge that we are one people, under one nation, then these tragedies, misleading statistics, and general racism will continue and flourish unchecked until even greater or more devastating tragedies occur. More importantly, why aren't we focusing on the strides that have been made in racial integration, or in successful protests by the American people? Why must we focus on the murder, the rape, and the negative aspects of our society? Why are we glorifying actors, singers, and other entertainers when our scientists, teachers, and engineers have catapulted us into newer and greater technological heights than at any other point in our history! We need to focus on what we accomplish when working together not finding new and more imaginative ways to separate ourselves!