Ethical Strategy

Unity through clarity is essential. A primary point of contention is the convoluted nature of our legal system. We must remain above reproach by clearly stating the values and ideals that bind us together. These ethical strategies must remain abundantly clear yet still allow for minor variances to be applicable to the needs of all citizens in a fifty state union.

This ethical strategy of this initiative should be held fast and true.



The unique nature of our initiative is in its inclusiveness for citizens of all philosophies. Therefor, this coalition will not be one to build another party but rather to unite a movement. Our movement welcomes Independents, Democrats, Greens, Libertarians, Republicans, Moderates, Socialists, and the unaffiliated who share in the common vision of the values and standards set forth in this platform. 

Our Voice is strengthened through unity and community.



We believe we have been allowed to be lead by the least among us. We should be wary of those who hunger for power. We will encourage those who would serve well as stewards of our nation. In that regard, Our Voice must be heard by representative candidates who have been thoroughly examined and held to the highest of standards.

Our resources will be devoted toproviding the pertinent information about each candidate running for elected office across our great nation. With this comprehensive, yet easily accessible information, citizens will be able to make the right choice for them when they vote. We will also educate and equip grassroots candidates with the tools and information necessary to run successful campaigns.  This will allow new candidates to break through the barriers between citizenship and governance.

Thus, the unified power of our cross-party voting bloc will be utilized to help elect candidates who have our best interests in mind. With more true citizen representation, our work to curb and reverse the devastating effects of the current oligarchy will finally bear fruit.

With great power comes great responsibility. Let 's give Power to Truth!



In addition to vetting candidates from all member parties, Our Voice intends to provide information on propositions, laws, and regulations being proposed at all levels of government. Whether it be a State proposition in California or national legislation in Congress; whether it hinders or forwards the unified platform, those with a vote need to know of it. Knowledge is true power.

In addition, information about protests, rallies, town hall meetings, marches, inquiries and hearings will be provided. Our app will prove to be the second most powerful tool available to citizens of these United States. What is the most powerful tool we can use? Our Voice! To that end, users of the app will be empowered with the ability to provide their local data, which our teams will verify, to keep everyone else in the network informed about what is going on in our country from coast to coast!