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Planned Parenthood Deep Canvas

This Saturday 10/14, the American Votes coalition (which is the coalition Planned Parenthood is a part of when we do election work) is holding a deep canvass in Norwood, OH on Saturday. Deep canvassing is a bit different than election canvassing, and it means that we'llbe knocking doors to talk to people about whatever they're interested in talking about in their community; there's no candidate or issue we'll be pushing. Deep canvassing involves a lot of genuine, deep conversations with community members and is the heart of grassroots organizing! This is a great opportunity to get some good canvassing training or to brush up on your canvassing skills to prep for 2018! 


It's this Saturday 10am-2:30pm and snacks and training will be provided! :) The sign up is here:  

Earlier Event: October 7