Freedom of speech is another 1st amendment right that seems to be impeded at every step!

Why is it that the simplest of human interactions seem to be the ones that are most often targeted and attempted to be suborned?  Why is it that speaking out against inequality, hate, political idiocy, public policy, international crises, poverty, religious intolerance and so much more are always met with brute force retaliation? the last time i checked the only thing that should be illegal in terms of free speech is hate speech, or slander. That's the only form of speech that is direct confrontation with good order and conduct yet hate groups all across America are steadfastly defended, but protesters fighting for your rights to internet neutrality, advocating clean energy, or religious tolerance are being arrested in droves! 

The other side to that coin is what's actually being reported and represented in the media. We are an ignorant nation that is unwittingly helping promote the agenda of those in power: fear, hate, discrimination. Why do you think there are so many new and more imaginative ways to define different segments of the population and to pit them against each other? Why do you think Generation X should be angry with Baby Boomers destroying their SSI? Why do you think young black males are being portrayed as thugs in the media, but whenever a young black male does something outstanding, or righteous they are steadfastly ignored? Why is it that you hear nothing about the success' of diverse groups, but only of the fighting and violence between them? Fear, and hate is what's driving our media, and that's what we are given.

If the above photo doesn't appall you it should, because that is precisely how our media, and government choose to interact with their populous! We are being fed biased, loaded media to sway our opinions on public matters, and foreign involvement, with hardly the whole story ever being told! For months we've been forced to watch our nations leaders bicker and squabble over ACA, Benghazi, and the growing crisis in the Middle East.

One side says ACA is destroying the economy, and people are uninsured, the other defends the fact that more people have insurance than ever before, yet the truth is very simple: more American's are insured than ever before and have more beneficial plans then previously, however there have been rises in insurance rates, but the overall outcome of ACA is beneficial to both citizen and economy. 

Benghazi is another example of bias in the media, however the truth was simply that there hasn't been enough funding for embassies, and that the policies were the best that could be had. Now we have the ISIS problem in the Middle East and Right wing politicians urging for another war in the Middle East.

The President issued an address to the nation and already it has been torn apart on both sides of the spectrum! What we have is a tug of war of ideologies, and not an ounce of unity in our politics. We don't have debate, we have shouting matches and finger pointing, and this is what our nation has devolved to in regular social interactions as well. A person cannot consistently have a discussion about religion or politics without either offending someone, or creating a heated argument with any tangible discussion occurring. This is even more of a disturbing issue than the lack of good reporting in our media. if we as regular people can't even talk to each other without "being offended" or devolving into snarling wolves, then what hope is there for our children being raised in this environment?


The good news is that most young people are just as fed up with the antics of today's leaders as many of you, and other Americans are. The fantastic news is that people young and old are standing up for their rights, and their beliefs all across the nation, and making themselves heard. The greatest result being the vast distaste for our Congress that the majority of Americans feel towards them, and how vocal they are about it! The next step is forcing the issue, making ourselves be heard, and more importantly be respected. It is high time we are heard, and take back our usurped authority from those who dare claim to represent us! We do have a voice, and we need to use it, more importantly we need to understand that not everyone will agree with everything we have to say. This is a good thing, without differences in opinion to include starkly contrasting opinions we would never have progression, we would stagnate and never strive for greater heights.

The biggest issue concerning free speech in America is this sense of entitlement, that simply because you have an opinion it must be respected, and taken seriously, when the reality is all opinions are open to debate, and they should be questioned until there can only be truth left! Science is the only truth, and even then knowledge that we possess today about our known universe may change tomorrow with new discoveries and facts, so to should our opinions of the world, socially, politically, and culturally. Embrace the adversity among your fellow citizens and focus on what matters: being respected by our government, and taking back our freedoms and liberties!

This is all that needs to be said about the American Dream, and the Freedoms we enjoy everyday!

This is all that needs to be said about the American Dream, and the Freedoms we enjoy everyday!