Great ideas and great people don't win elections in this day and age, so we need to get it from somewhere!

Great ideas and great people don't win elections in this day and age, so we need to get it from somewhere!


Citizen's united is the reality we must face

Nobody in the Democratic Party likes, or should like, what Citizen's United has done to our country. It has hoodwinked the political process from the common man, and made it the Patrician play thing that lead to the same downfall of Rome! We cannot continue to function as a society of laws, and of people if money continues to control, and arguably, corrupt the very government that was put in place to prevent such atrocities from occurring! However, we cannot overrule Citizen's United, we cannot replace the corruption in government, we cannot overcome these adversities through wishing it alone. We need to win. We need to take action. We need to organize and fight! All of that takes the almighty dollar!

How do we fundraise to meet our goals?

The bottom line is there is a divide among Liberal Democrats and Progressive Democrats when it come to money. Even I have differing thoughts on the subject matter but at the end of the day we have to ask ourselves, what kind of party do we want to be a part of? I asked myself that same question and the answer is without a doubt, a party where we make the difference! So that means our focus must be on the smaller dollar, recurring donations! Our friends in Labor, Nurse's Unions, teacher's, Silicon Valley, and Businesses like COSTCO are still valued members of the DNC, and will be welcomed with open arms to help us get the word out!

With that being said, read my lips: NO CORPORATE DONATIONS!

The biggest hurdle we face moving forward, in terms of fundraising, is to give people a reason to do so without moonlighting popular Democrats. We need to inspire people to want to donate to the Democratic Party throughout the year, during presidential elections, and everything in-between! Furthermore, we need to encourage people to donate at all levels of the party, with an emphasis on local party donations in rural areas. The fact of the matter is, we have pretty strong presences across the country, wherever the word Urban can be used to describe the location. But in all others, we are dismally short of where we need to be!

Fundraising isn't always glamorous, and who wants to give money to the "Establishment" anyway? Fundraising ties in with people, and messaging (notice a pattern here?), and we cannot begin to improve this part of the process without the other aspects in place and working. That will fall largely on the shoulders of local Party Chairs, and their efforts to recruit, and curry fresh Democrats from around their Area of Influence. It can almost be said to leave the big fundraiser, high dollar events to the State and National levels, and focus the small donations at the local levels.

That would be the ideal scenario, but there are plenty of rural counties where the number of Democrats is literally less than 100 in a population of several thousand. So we need to also have fail-safes ready to go so that they are not left out of the loop! We have to make sure we are taking care of all our people and the DNC needs to make sure their efforts are reflected at the lowest levels of the Party first and foremost! This ties into the next part of this discussion: Funding.