We can't look to the future if we can't take care of our own!

Health Care Reform

Our National Health Care program is an affront to our nation, Western Civilization, our progress as a society, and the medical breakthroughs our nation has had over the past century. Our scientists and doctors discovered or developed: Insulin, Penicillin, Epi-pens, Polio Vaccine, Measles Vaccine, and many other breakthrough medical treatments or cures. It is appalling that the wealthiest nation on earth with access to the most cutting edge medical services, treatments, and pharmaceuticals ensures, without fail that access to those lifesaving options are cost prohibitive. It is immoral and should be illegal. The first thing we can do to combat this atrocity is repeal the Nixon Era HMO Act of 1973. This will codify into law, once again, that profiting off health care is illegal.

Once the ground work has been lain the next reforms can take place, which reveal an even more insidious behavior of medical providers: Cost multipliers! The worst thing about cost prohibitive health care is the fact that the connection between Insurance providers and hospitals have hand shake agreements that the insurance providers pay less for care than if the patient paid for it all out of pocket. Consider that the cost of care itself has a cost multiplier added to all forms of care, it becomes plainly evident that the for-profit health care model in our nation is predatory to the highest degrees. There for the second reform would be a nationally mandated cost of medical care that can only be adjusted with the cost of inflation, or for new medical breakthroughs making the cost of care cheaper. Any attempts to violate these rates will be met with stiff penalties and fines, loss of licenses, and criminal charges.

The final point of care that needs to be addressed is the criminal price gouging that takes place for medications, allowing highly addictive medications to be publicly available, and allowing publicly developed medicines, practices, or equipment to be privatized in the first place. There will be a price cap on all medications at 50% of the cost of manufacture, whether in house R&D or from manufacture of publicly funded research. An absolute ban on drugs that have a higher than 30% likelihood of addiction from entering the market. Publicly developed medications must be produced at cost and with funding from the Federal Government. The government will also be required to have stock of epidemic preventing medications in all major populated areas. Simply put: Anthrax, Small Pox, and other highly contagious disease cures must be readily available for the entire population always, considering expiry of the medicines.

How are we going to pay for it?

Whenever it comes to talk about medical care, education, or infrastructure the number one retort is cost. However, when it comes to slaughtering children in Yemen with US made bombs, drones, or weapons of war there are deafening silence on any mention of cost. The question then becomes how much does it cost in preventable loss of life to not fund these programs and reforms? Taking a moral and ethical route is usually not enough to satisfy those who would argue against the sanctity of protecting human life so let us talk numbers!

A Universal Health Care program, Medicare 4 All program, or similar buzzword description of Public Medical Care would cost the US Taxpayer $0 in additional tax dollars. The reason for this is the current health care system, and federal budget accounts for all costs of medical care in the United States if Multiplier costs were taken out of the equation. Continue to balance the scales by standardizing the cost of care in the first place and the Federal Budget would be in Surplus. For example, if it costs $500 to fix a broken leg in rural Ohio, $1,000 in Boise Idaho, and $2,000 in LA County with x2, x3, x4 multipliers respectively, it can easily be surmised as to how ludicrously inflated the costs of care are in our country. Accordingly, over $1 trillion a year is spent in health Insurance premiums, deductibles, and costs by Americans. That entire industry would cease to exist, that economic pit would be eliminated, which would bolster spending in literally any other economic sector.

That is the point of the Health Care Reform: more money in American’s pockets, no risk of bankruptcy for medical care, no out of pocket expenses for businesses, especially small businesses, and a boost to local economies due to appropriation of available wages. It also eliminates some of the most predatory practices within our Medical Programs which will improve the access to health care and allow citizens to maintain their general health rather than wait for emergencies to occur. Furthermore, of all medical expenses incurred in the US, 95% of it is from long term care patients. Only 5% of the entire Health Care budget is to citizens routine health care needs! Finally, it would integrate medical, Dental, Vision and for the first time in American History Psychiatric Health Care services into one fully covered program!

In short Universal health care would: save money, increase access, boost the economy, add Psychiatric services, save business owners money, and open the door for treatment facilities as a norm to handle drug use, and addiction.


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