We can't look to the future if we can't take care of our own!

Universal Health Care is not a pipe dream!

I have done extensive research on this issue, pouring over all the data I could find that discusses our health care costs, the results are staggering! For one the multiplier costs of Health Care in our country vary from health care facility, and region! The general cost of care for the same treatment varies just as greatly if not more! Furthermore every single medical treatment facility in the country receives a Medicare payment. Once you start balancing the equations the shocking reality comes out: we can afford Universal Health Care ... Now!

See my research and sources on the subject! Here is another discussion piece on the true cost of Health Care in our Country!

We need to get on board with the rest of the Modern World and provide our citizens with health care. There are many examples of universal health care out there to choose from, and all of them could be implemented today. The reason why we still have such high medical costs, in spite of the highest per capita expenditure per patient in the world, is because our medical industry is for profit. There is absolutely no other reason or excuse as to why the United States of America, the wealthiest nation in the World by a large margin, can't afford to provide health care to its citizens. We need men and women like you to stand up for your right to live! Healthcare isn't a privilege. Going into debt because of cancer or an injury is not right, and neither should it be a burden to you, or your family if these things happen to you. You are an integral part of this nation, and it owes you a debt of gratitude. By being a member of this country and paying taxes, you deserve to be treated like a human being, and part of that involves being secure in your life should the unthinkable happen to you! There is no debate, there is no middle ground, we are all warm blooded, living breathing human beings and we have the right to stay that without having to sacrifice our livlihoods!

Mental Health is Health Care too!

Another major issue in our nation is the over-diagnosis of mental health disorders. Everyone it seems is, depressed, or ADD, or worse, and must get a magic pill to fix them, when in reality it's simple: people are experiencing life and don't know how to cope. This isn't limited to just mental health diagnosis', there are many different examples of false diagnosis. Conspiracy theorists would argue it's Big Pharma influencing the medical fields, others would argue its the governments fault for oversight, but the reason may very well be much less oppressive. People expect that their issue or ailment isn't a normal facet of life and they expect a result from their providers. That result is, more often than not, a pill or diagnosis to validate the patients often misplaced worries. This has bred a culture of hypochondriacs, and fear that anything that isn't "normal" must be a medical issue and must be fixed. Once this latest epidemic of fear wanes, we will see less and less of these false diagnosis', and a smaller influence of miracle drugs solving all of life's problems and mysteries. That isn't to say many of these cases aren't well founded, simply that increasingly professionals are forced to placate their patients in order to give them piece of mind.

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