There's something fundamentally wrong when the wealthiest nation in the world still has poverty within its own borders.

poverty in america.jpg

The above photos depict both the poverty in this country, and the disregard many hold towards their disenfranchised countryman. On the bottom right, is an image of wealth and plenty that most American cities enjoy, a stark contrast to the impoverished areas of our very own country. Poverty isn't an issue because of the lack of money available, it isn't necessarily due to the labor force, it's large in part due to uncaring on the part of the tax payer, and the lawmaker. We have the funds to eradicate poverty, we waste more food than we eat, and there are plenty of government aid programs out there that many people aren't eligible for due to a severe misunderstanding of what is actually required to survive.

The other part of that coin is the consumerism in this nation. We are a nation of wants, and haves not needs. We want the brand new iPhone, we want a 52" LED TV, we want the brand new mustang, but we also want to eat, feed, and clothe ourselves, support our loved ones, have a safe reliable home, with running water, and electricity. Yet, all of those things are significantly more expensive now than in any other time, to include the spending capability of the average American. Livable conditions and a hint of luxury is unattainable for the majority of Americans, including those with full time jobs.

Furthermore it isn't necessary for this nation to live in poverty, our welfare programs notwithstanding! If we created a tax and Universal Basic Income system that worked for the common citizen we could eradicate poverty in our country! We can revamp our welfare programs, and save billions in tax dollars annually, while easing the tax burden off of the States who bare the brunt of the costs!