What are we?

The Joe's United Foundation is the solution to the problem that the Affordable Care Act presented to the American People and that Insurance Companies across the country took complete advantage of. Currently it is against the law to not have Health Insurance which is great in context but now Insurance Companies have no real incentive to be competitive on the market because we have to either accept the way things are or pay the fines during tax season! To be quite honest we think that is unacceptable!

How does it work?

It is quite simple we are offering Health Insurance, Dental Insurance, Mental Health Insurance, and Car Insurance at the lowest costs on the market for the value offered. We are also the only entity in existence where you can literally add your coverage to the cart and check out! This may sound sketchy, or too good to be true but we can assure you that it is not! We are listed under The Average Joe's Initiative LLC in Ohio and are working towards a nation wide copyright for our logo and brand! 

Essentially we are offering full coverage on either or all of our products, offering discounts for bundling, and the only costs that you the consumer will have to pay are the monthly premiums! there are absolutely no additional costs, fees, or premiums hidden or otherwise! We are the answer to the Health Insurance crisis in the United States where despite having coverage a person can still end up in debilitating debt! Receiving the care you need and deserve should not result in your financial ruin!

What's the catch?

Well ... there aren't any! There is no background health check, no previous medical history look up, the stipulations for abuse are spelled out in plain English within the plan and there are no limitations for pre-existing conditions! Your health is one of those things that is largely out of your control. Sure a healthy diet and exercise can go a long way but cancer, broken bones, and disease don't give a hoot how healthy you eat or how strong you are. Neither should the doctors and Insurance Providers! That is our belief and so long as we can deliver our promise to you we will stand by that belief and ensure that every single American Citizen has the health coverage they need at a price they deserve!

So don't hesitate, call your insurance company today and tell them the great news, that you have found a provider that will take care of you without throwing you into financial ruin! Be apart of the future, put more more money in your pocket, and go throughout your day knowing that no matter what happens you will be covered by men and women who you can trust! We care about you as much as you care about your family and at the end of the day that is what is most important! Together we can and we will make a difference!