We need to take back our narrative. We need to be in control of our policies. We need to be Democrats!

We need to take back our narrative. We need to be in control of our policies. We need to be Democrats!


Taking back our message

Many of you may be thinking what that even means, and some of you may be slamming your fists on the table, pointing at the screen shouting, "You're damn right!" The rest of you are reading this with apprehension, wondering if what I'm going to say even has a chance in succeeding. The good news is we are resilient as a party, and as far as platforms go, there are none that can compete. The problem we have been facing as a party, and as an ideology is that sometimes our passions or beliefs are really hard to summarize in a soundbite! That is where things need to change.

Before I get to far into that, I want to discuss what that means for us in the past and moving forward into the future. We are the party of ideals that will bring our country forward into the 21st century, that will revitalize the Middle Class, and bring prosperity to all Americans, not just the few. The issue is that a lot of these policies require the use of words such as, "Universal, Blanket, Single Payer, or even Federally Funded," and these words have been contorted over time to be associated with: un-American, Communist, anti-Capitalist, Socialism, etc. This didn't happen over night, of course, this was purposely and methodically accomplished over decades of propaganda, messaging and manipulation of facts, meanings, and political expediency.

I won't go into a dissertation of how we went from the heroes of WWII, to living the scenarios painted in the book 1984, but suffice to say we have a rather large series of hurdles to overcome!

So how do we even begin to change peoples perceptions of words, let alone ideas? Is that even possible? The short answer is yes, the longer answer is: it's not gonna be easy! The first thing we need to do as a party is completely re-brand ourselves, because the current model lacks trust and faith, from without and from within. That goes without saying, but to actually embody it is the hard part. We cannot simply say, "we are a new party hear us roar," and literally do the same things, the same way as before. 

We need to truly open our doors to all Americans, and show even the most staunch Conservative that we have their best interests in mind, even if the "single issue" they have fault with would normally deter their support. That is the single most difficult task that we as a rebuilding party will face because it isn't a single tier issue, but multiple. First, we have to overcome the barriers in place due to trust, then we have to overcome the barriers of perceived elitism or exceptionalism, then we have to convince voters that even if some of our values are in contrast to your own, the greater message we believe in does not!

and how exactly do you intend to do any of that?

Convincing people in the United States of America that their preconceived, strongly held belief is wrong, or in error is akin to walking up to a mountain and demanding that it should move. Therefore, moving forward, the goal of the DNC isn't to convince anyone of anything through words, and pretty speeches, but through actions. This ties in neatly with the People, Country, Party concept that we would instill across various party levels. We don't have to convince anybody of anything if our actions, and candidates embody taking care of the voter, and the citizen before taking care of "party agendas". This again takes time, and requires candidates of integrity and promise to step forward, but, therein again comes the recruitment effort and nurturing of the next generation of leaders.

Actions speak louder than words as the saying goes, and by and large, Republican voters believe that their party acts on their promises more often, are more in line with voter beliefs than Democrats, and that stems in large part due to the messaging of the Republican Party. They have an outstanding media campaign that sends a very clear and concise picture to their constituency in a way their constituency can absorb it! We simply do not. When all is said and done, Democrats have a lot of ideas, great people to fulfill them, and an abysmal execution of presentation. Read through any of my other pages on this website and tell me how easy to understand they are, or if my writing is geared to a lower level. I am a shining example of, "having great ideas, but lengthy, complicated explanations." So what makes me of all people qualified to build the message? Absolutely nothing. I am the exact wrong person to develop the message! Luckily though, all of this is for the DNC Chair, not the PR specialist!

That brings me to this final point about message: the smartest, most qualified people in a room or organization, are sometimes the worst presenters of information or ideas. Even if they are not the worst, they still don't have to be the best. The thing is, E Plurbis Unum isn't just the motto of our nation, it is indicative of all successful groups, teams, and organizations. It is the premise for trade, for industry, Capitalism, and society. If everybody was perfect at everything, why collaborate at all? What we lack is the willingness to admit our weaknesses to others or ourselves. What we need is to embrace our shortcomings, and seek out those who compliment, or offset them. That is what we as a party, and arguably as a nation have gotten far afield from.

How do we take back our message? How do we show that we care about people and we are a new party? Proving it by putting the best people forward, regardless of "credentials," or their party loyalty. Talent isn't something that can be gleaned from a piece of paper. As we have just surmised, being the best at something doesn't mean you have done it the longest. It means that is your strength, and you can prove it through action. We need to start changing the way we look at people in positions of authority or leadership. We need to change how we perceive capability and success. We need to start giving people the chance to shine, and if it turns out they don't, we help them. If they cannot be helped, then we guide them in the direction they excel at. In other words, we take over the message by being the example we wish to set for others!