Sam Ronan & Our Voice Joint Statement On DNC Transition Advisory Committee Announcement

NEW YORK: Today, The Democratic National Committee, under new DNC Chair Tom Perez, announced the members of the DNC’s Transition Advisory Committee via press release. We at Our Voice are rooting for the DNC to succeed 100% at their goal of winning back Democratic congressional seats in 2017 and beyond, as well as fighting for policies that help all Americans succeed.

RONAN RESPONSE: American Health Care Act

The American Health Care Act is insulting and infuriating. What has been perpetrated behind closed doors by the GOP as their "Health Care Strategy" is nothing short of abysmal, ludicrous, and indefensible.

This proposed legislation does nothing to benefit the citizens of this country outside of the wealthiest members of the society and somehow finds a way to funnel more tax incentives to insurance companies. This is REPREHENSIBLE!

The GOP have long decried the Affordable Care Act as holding "death panels" yet their plan looks like a thinly veiled attempt at population control. People will die. People will suffer. Families will be irreparably damaged. I would go so far as to say this is the single most inhumane piece of legislative garbage since slavery was still legal.

These measures adversely affects the eldest Americans who rely on Medicaid and Medicare expansions most. Insurance companies will be free to ramp up costs for our elders, who have spent lifetimes of service as cooperating citizens of the American workforce and economy. In what could be the sickest notion of all, this generation have been strong supporters of the GOP and make up a large piece of their voter base.

While I am on the topic of preying on the vulnerable, poor rural communities will learn very quickly "ObamaCare" did more to provide them with meaningful health care than any rhetoric the GOP chooses to regurgitate. They will suffer horrendously simply because they won't be able to afford the coverage they have ACCESS to.

After 8 years of crying about the mandate, the extortion aspect of the ACA is replaced with an exponentially exacerbated 30% finance fee payable directly to the insurance companies themselves. Yet again, the GOP helps the rich get richer on the broken backs of the working class! If you cannot afford your price gouged barebones insurance plan, you will suffer the consequences. Get, and keep, insurance -- OR ELSE!

The ACA may be imperfect. Paul Ryan's AHCA is immoral.

There is only one acceptable solution for the present and future: We need a Single-Payer Universal Healthcare-for-All system to ensure everyone has fair and equal medical coverage and care.

SAMUEL RONAN is a progressive millennial organizer and founder of Our Voice.