Sam Ronan & Our Voice Joint Statement On DNC Transition Advisory Committee Announcement

Sam Ronan & Our Voice Joint Statement
On DNC Transition Advisory Committee Announcement

NEW YORK: Today, The Democratic National Committee, under new DNC Chair Tom Perez, announced the members of the DNC’s Transition Advisory Committee via press release. We at Our Voice are rooting for the DNC to succeed 100% at their goal of winning back Democratic congressional seats in 2017 and beyond, as well as fighting for policies that help all Americans succeed.

While the organizers at Our Voice were happy to see that the DNC is moving forward with the transition process, we were slightly dismayed to note that of the 30 members of the committee announced, not a single member voted for Congressman Ellison in the DNC Chair vote in February.

We at Our Voice are happy to see that several candidates for DNC Chair are included in the transition team, including Mayor Pete Buttigieg, Executive Director Sally Boynton Brown, and Jehmu Greene. We were dismayed however to see that the DNC chose to exclude other DNC Chair candidates like New Hampshire Democratic Chair Raymond Buckley, as well as Our Voice founder and progressive activist Sam Ronan, whose campaign garnered grassroots excitement among millennials and progressives throughout the country

Our Voice founder Sam Ronan said of the press release: “I think the announcement of the transition team is an attempt to show good faith and we should wait until it has time to work before we judge its success or failure. That being said, I hope that Chairman Perez follows through on his promise to unify the party and allow more supporters of Congressman Ellison to take part in the transition process.

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