Official Press Release: Samuel Ronan for DNC Chair


For Immediate Release 12/19/16

Candidacy for DNC Chair

Official Press Release

By Samuel Ronan

It is with great pride, and burden, that I step into the pool of venerated candidates for the selection of DNC Chairman. There are many vaunted candidates this year, and I am sure as time progresses to the final selection in February, there will be many more on the ticket! However, I do not walk into this endeavor with the expectation of failure, quite the opposite. I approach this venture with open eyes and ears. There is a storm that has been brewing in the hearts and minds of the American People for many years, and now, it has finally broke in the form of this year’s presidential election. In, perhaps, the biggest upset in American politics, Hillary Clinton lost the election, and Donald J. Trump took the victors stand instead. In the aftermath of this revelation however, the Democratic Party began to disintegrate, as the poorly held together camaraderie that was the result of a bitter and hard fought Primary dissolved that very same night.

I am stating, unequivocally, that the Democratic Party made a grievous mistake in shunning the ideals, and passions of the “bernicrats” and “millennial” base which they took for granted. The Democratic Party, instead of embracing the exuberance of youth, reprimanded their excitement for not having it directed in a manner that “they” saw fit. The problems within the Democratic Party, were perhaps, always present, but never so starkly shown to the public, and indeed the Democratic eye. Just like with any organization as large and vast as the DNC, there are differing opinions and beliefs that are very strong, and can fundamentally change the way the organization thinks and behaves. The DNC failed that test.

None of the candidates, thus far, not even the heavy favorite, Keith Ellison, has given a plan that would attack that problem head on, in any meaningful way. None of the candidates have a plan for enticing, or seeking forgiveness from the “berniecrats” or Millennials that were so wronged. None of the candidates can truly say they can step back from the World of Politics, and take a look at where the party is, where the party was, the path that caused these things to happen, nor how to move forward, without repeating the mistakes of the past! Not a single candidate can bring a fresh look to the DNC, a fresh set of ideas and ideologies that will catapult us into the modern world and embrace the next generation of leaders with open arms.

No candidate, until now!

It is my goal to re-brand, and refurbish the Democratic Party as truly the party of the American People, high and low. That we are inclusive, and that our goals are, in fact, in the best interests of the citizenry and the nation, not just our own progression and power as a platform. It is my full intention to bring the focus of the Democratic Party away from a rewards based system of loyalty, and rather emphasize the involvement of People and growth so that when our present cadre of leaders inevitably pass or leave, their replacements, their next line of defense, can be fully prepared and ready to take the onerous reins of leadership!

It is time to take back the narrative of our nations politics. It is time to wave our Labels proudly, and together. It is time for unity, and cooperation for a common cause. Now we must work together to soothe the hurts incurred during this years election cycle, put aside our differences, and work tirelessly towards our common goals. We need to take advice and criticism, both to heart and apply them at all levels of leadership if we are to remain relevant in the National stage of politics, and avoid further alienating our natural allies!

To that end, there are 5 main areas in organization and leadership that need to be redressed, and to do so we must keep the fundamental goal in mind: People, Nation, Party. If we focus all of our efforts on taking care of our voters, or would be voters, then the platforms we hold near and dear to better our nation, will come naturally to fruition, and then we can focus on growing and building the Party further, and becoming more diverse with people, ideas, and leaders! It takes all of us working in concert to effect the changes in our government, and we can never lose sight of that again, like we did this time around.

In short: together we can and we will make a difference! 


Samuel Ronan for DNC Chair 2017

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