What we stand for!

We are the brand you can trust. Everyone within the Average Joe's Initiative affiliation has pledged to or shown that they stand for the common man. Everyone that bears our logo is a testament to the American dream and therefore something that you can and should support. Seeing the AJI logo tells you that the employees are treated like real people, are given real opportunities, wages, and benefits befitting a professional, and that all of the affiliates work in concert to improve the entire economic experience! This isn't a different flavor of super corporation trying to buy out everyone else. This isn't corporate America pulling one over on the American people. This is a concerted effort of Americans, for Americans, with the express purpose of improving the livelihoods of all Americans and improving the corporate landscape to be beneficial to all!

What's the catch?

There isn't one! All proceeds earned by partnering with the various organizations, companies, and people are going to be re-purposed to raise money for campaign money for non partisan and independent candidates, helping local communities, and in short doing what needs to be done if the government won't!

What's the game plan?

Once we hit a certain level of revenue we will expand our direct offices to each of the 50 states, then to each county in a geometric pattern to be accessible to as many people as possible. Once we have a firm presence in each state, and preferably each county, we will work directly with the local communities primarily to generate interest among politically hopeful individuals, discuss their campaign options, and set up town hall open forums so that all candidates can freely debate and express their views, goals and aspirations! These forums will always be open to the public, other candidates, and the media.

We will sponsor every candidate hopeful but with the final goal being to narrow it down to just one non partisan, or independent candidate for whichever office is being pursued. However we won't be the ones picking the candidate, the candidates themselves will ultimately be responsible in choosing who would be the best suitable candidate! Once a finalist has been chosen, through a healthy mix of public appearances, open forums, and general political involvement, we will work rigorously with that person to give them all the tools to succeed! We will take care of every aspect of campaigning, help with speech writing, travel expenses, setting locations, generating interest, advertising, and anything else associated with running a successful political campaign!

This will only be available to non-partisan, or independent candidates who would otherwise not be able to manage such an undertaking on their own. Said plainly this is for the baggers, the fry cooks, the 9-5ers, the steel mill workers, the police officer, the RN, the school teacher, the local artist, the hometown musician, and everyone else who is a regular Joe! You deserve a chance to be heard, and to express your ideas, and aspirations for the future of the country that gave you so much! As it stands though a regular Joe doesn't have the raw capital or time to run a campaign that is fraught with millions of dollars in campaign ads, speeches, merchandise and in general an unrealistic venture for someone like you or me!

You can't be serious?

We are very serious. There is a problem in our Republic and that problem is that the Democratic process has been held out of arms reach of the American people. We don't think that's right, and we're not going to sit idly by and let that continue! The Average Joe's Initiative is the answer to "why isn't somebody doing something about this?" We are the level playing field, and all of this is done for you! Together we can and we will make a difference!