Clean Energy

We as people have always wondered what that giant ball of fire in the sky could be used for. Even from the days of antiquity, we utilized the Suns rays in some form or fashion. All across the world, regardless of civilization or epoch, there was some utilization of the Sun. Now we find ourselves at the edge of an energy revolution that could completely redefine our energy consumption and needs. We can finally harness that big ball of nuclear fission in space here on Earth to power our lives. This page will highlight some of those innovations, and give links to articles that discuss advancements in solar technology.

Our Mission

To bring awareness of solar power to the masses, and to stop politicizing something that should be used by default. We are trying to move forward into the future of mankind, a future that relies on the things around us to succeed, and in ways that don't destroy the only home we have had. It begins with knowledge, and it ends with you, the individual, making the choice to move forward as well.

What We've Achieved