Worker Compensation

To think nearly 100 years have passed since the roaring 20’s and the great depression, the end of child labor laws, the fall of the robber barons, and monopolies, the creation of the 40 hour work week, the weekend, and equal opportunity in the work place, we would still be fighting many of the same battles. Why is it we are still hammering out what is defined as full time, or when an employer should offer medical coverage, paid time off, or other forms of compensation? Why are women still making less than men on average? Why are unskilled positions growing at an ever increasing rate while skilled labor declines and need grows? Why are we the last modern nation to embrace 30 days annual paid leave, maternity leave, and medical coverage for the common man? Why do we still have super companies that are monopolies in all but name and dominate all forms of competition in the free market? These are the questions that are being asked by every working American just like you and me, and we haven’t been given answers to those questions

Most entities will argue that the reason why these things have happened is because the economy couldn’t sustain such lavish benefits for the middle class, but it’s perfectly feasible for the top earners in the country. CEO’s and corporate leaders, leaders in Wall Street and banks , and Congressmen throughout will argue that raising the minimum wage or ensuring adequate compensation would destroy the economy, raise prices, and lower competition among companies. These same people who tout trickle-down economics as the saving grace to the American economy.  These are the same people hoarding billions of dollars, and scraping even more out of the pockets and accounts of regular tax payers. These are the people who are giving themselves billions in tax breaks, and bonuses while simultaneously slashing worker benefits, hours and wages.

This is a spiraling problem that can only have one final outcome, the collapse of our economy. If people can’t spend money, they can’t purchase goods. If they can’t purchase good business’ lose out on demand, if they lose out on demand there’s no need to create a supply, which causes losses in jobs, which prevents people from obtaining an income. This is the reality of economics: people need money to put back into the economy in order for it to grow. A growing economy means a prospering nation, and with a prospering nation comes growth for every American, which is the underlying theory of trickle-down economics. So why isn’t it happening and why are so many economic and business leaders against enforcing their own theories? The answer is simple: control.

What is easier to control, a country of well provided, well educated, and well informed citizenry, or a nation of poor, struggling misinformed citizenry? The sad fact of the matter is we went from a bustling economy, with the highest job creation in manufacturing and infrastructure, to having Walmart being the nation’s top employer. Our news media skews information, and misdirects their audiences, sometimes flat out liking. The biggest  result these things is that we as a nation are blaming the poor, and disenfranchised members of our society for all of our economic and social ills. This is not the case, money pooling at the top tiers of our society and the strangulation of our middle class, through denial of livable wages, reasonable benefits, and a lack of free time (vacation) is causing horrific damage to our nations recovery from the economic crisis in 2008 and 2012.

There’s a reason why other countries, and other more localized economies within our country are doing so much better than the overall growth of the middle class. It is because they take care of the working class family. They take care of the laborer whether that laborer is pushing carts, or repairing cars. When people are compensated for their work they are able to perform their jobs to a higher level of efficiency. They are able to spend their earnings that drive job growth and prices to surge or fall. When people have money they have the power over the market, which precisely why they have been systematically stripped of wealth for the past 30 years. Why do you think protests, and petitions, or civil involvement in the political process has had less and less effect over the past few years? Why do you think political spending has increased to the realm of billions of dollars instead of millions, or thousands?

We need to take certain steps to ensure the survival of the working class American and they are very simple and straightforward. Establish a wage cap, ensure maternity leave for mothers, and a shorter term for fathers, guarantee paid time off for all workers, at all levels of employment of at least 30 days, and ensure all workers receive medical benefits either fully provided by the employer or partially. The reason for the wage cap is the same reason why the minimum wage was established in the first place.  The minimum wage exists to ensure that the employee has at least a minimum income to have a livable lifestyle. Currently $7.50 is not enough to support an adult with rent, insurance, and utilities. However heads of business’ all across the country are making hundreds of thousands of dollar a year or in many cases millions. These very same men and women justify their incomes as fair and necessary for corporate growth and job creation, but claim raising minimum wage, or increasing worker compensation would be traumatic to businesses.

This type of hypocrisy is directly effecting millions of American’s and ultimately the growth of American businesses and income. Setting a wage cap would force corporations to implement trickle-down economics the way it was meant to be. The whole point is to spread the wealth to the bottom most rungs of society so that they can spend more money to improve growth through all of the higher levels. What is happening however is that money is staying at the top and not moving back down like it’s supposed to, wage caps solve that problem.

The second facet of life that needs to be changed is the lack of paid time off either for regular use, or for important and specific reasons like child birth. Too many men and women go to work sick, injured, or worse because if they didn’t they’d either not get paid, or worse lose their incomes. This causes many other issues that are hard to control, or even define but are there nevertheless. Furthermore, working women who are pregnant face a lot of stress that could result in complications for the unborn child or worse, miscarriages. Women who are pregnant should not have to fear reprisal for bringing a life into this world, and shouldn’t be treated like a second class citizen because of it. We as a nation should feel responsible to ensure every opportunity is afforded to these women during their pregnancy. Without new life to fill in the gaps of the old we will ultimately disappear as a nation. Finally fathers should be able to be with their wives, or the mother of their children as well during those important times during the pregnancy. That isn’t to say they need as much time off as the mothers but they should at least be given the opportunity to be home to ensure their child makes it into the world safely and soundly.

These simple solutions to some very large issues in our working society would greatly improve the livelihoods of nearly 300million Americans, improve our slow economic recovery, generate jobs for Americans here at home, and get the full strength out of every American dollar spent here at home. Investing in American’s, in families has never, and will never cause this nation to fall it will do wuite the opposite. The fact that our elected leaders insist it will destroy the world we know is a testament to their desperate attempt to hold on to power, and what’s worse they hold on to it for no other reason than to have it. They haven’t done anything with all their wealth, or all their influence that has influenced or benefitted American’s. They haven’t improved our schools, our roads, our technologies, our spending ability, our political process, they have done nothing but amass wealth and supposed power.

We the people would put that money to use, we would build roads, schools, improve our homes, increase our knowledge, and make a better future for our children because that is our legacy. Our legacy is one of growth, one of compassion, one of unity and prosperity. It is time we make sure our needs are met by denying these career politicians their positions of power and filling those seats with our selves! Who says a cashier, a teacher, an engineer, an architect, an artist, a regular American can’t lead their own country? Why is it only the lawyers, and the bankers, and the wealthy that have the best ideas and interests of America at heart? Last I checked I didn’t receive any of the 90 billion dollars wall street rewarded themselves with, or any of the tax cuts to the super wealthy, or any of the many other luxuries that were not afforded the regular American. This is why we as a nation to take an interest, and involvement in the political process. IF we don’t our voices will continue to have less and less of an influence and when that happens, we will struggle to support ourselves.

What are some of the first things that always get slashed when talks of budget cuts are being had? Education, healthcare, and pensions. What do you think will happen when we no longer can voice our outrage and displeasure? Those things will disappear entirely and we will be right back into the late 1800’s and early 1900’s when corporations ruled cities, and towns with an iron fist and things like the Ludlow massacre were all but commonplace. We need to step up and defend our freedoms and our way of life now while there’s still something left to fight for, and strength to succeed. Now is the time to take back our nations politics and ensure that it cannot be held against us ever again. Let us ensure a future where our children don’t have to live pay check to pay check, or think twice about going to a hospital when sick or injured, or needing to take time off to be with family or to just wind down from the everyday stress of work. We need to hold the top earners in this country just as accountable as they hold us, and the only way to do it is by taking an active role in elections, and politics. We need to be the voice, and embodiment of freedom that we have so long taken for granted. We need to make our forefathers proud, we need to be patriots, and we can start….today!



Wage Inequality

You know what gets to me the most about the current way things are in America? Why is it that we have the highest GDP (Gross Domestic Product) in the world 2nd only to the combined economies of the 30 Nations that comprise the European Union, and yet have some of the largest wage gaps in the world? Why is it that our wealthiest people have more wealth than the rest of us combined? Why is it that we have to fight for the scraps of the labor pool when we should be competing for the top tier of jobs? Here’s another thing…. Why is it that the top echelon of society has comprehensive health care benefits, company cars, education benefits and the whole shebang but we have to protest and strike just to get sick days, and a quarter raise? How much sense does that even make?

What about the justification for these things? If companies offered comprehensive benefits, education, and paid days off let alone higher wages, their profits would plummet, business’ would close and prices would soar….yet CEO’s get all of these things and multi-million dollar raises and bonuses and prices….. stay the same? What about that oh so popular freeloader or fry cook who doesn’t have any marketable skills who doesn’t deserve to make a living wage? Or perhaps that if they wanted a better job they should get a degree and further their education? Or maybe they’re not trying hard enough, you know working 3 jobs to support themselves their wife and two kids. Well perhaps they should’ve thought of that before settling down.

Do these things sound familiar to you? In what universe does that even make sense? In what universe should a person have to work 3 jobs to provide for themselves or their loved ones. How logical is it to give bonuses and benefits to the top tier of employee but not to your lowest rung….the part that actually does the work and gets the job done. It’s deliberate ladies and gentlemen and it’s not going to change unless we do something about it. I’m not talking about taking from the rich and giving to the poor, because at the end of the day the rich will always be richer than the poor.

It’s not even about holding the wealthy against their will, or denying them their wealth and success, because they have earned it in some form or fashion. There’s a reason why there aren’t more than one Bill Gates, or Mark Zuckerburgs. Not everyone can or should be a billionaire as is evinced by many of our tabloids, and pop culture icons. No I’m not talking about burning down and looting their mansions what I’m talking about is giving people, honest to God working Americans who are just trying to make a living, and build up some savings so they can get that new big screen tv, or brand new 2016 chevy Camaro. I’m talking about adding a bit of morality and ethics back into the corporate world something that has been slowly eroding since Ike and his New Deal.

A livable wage is the same thing as saying compensation for the work I do. Working to pay for shelter, food and transportation isn’t living, that’s indentured servitude. There’s a reason why peasants, and slaves have consistently rebelled over the past 12,000 years…because that doesn’t work. People are people, we are human beings regardless of rank or status or wealth. Why do we deserve to have less opportunity or chance to succeed then the wealthiest or most powerful in our nation? Does me being raised by a blue collar family make me an inferior race of human being than the guy who was born into wealth, or whose dad is Bill Gates? Absolutely not.

The fact is people work better when they have more time for themselves and security in their livelihoods. That’s a ridiculous thing to have to state or “prove” but that’s the sole reason and excuse the people in charge make when denying us our basic human rights. We don’t work hard enough, we love to work hard for little, it gives us something to look forward to, et alia, ad naseum. This type of idiocy is what is pervading our governments and our business’ this notion that the haves deserve their success and the have nots deserve their disparity.

Look at the derision the media, and most people hold towards the “welfare” state and people. How many of you have ever needed to apply for food stamps or had to seriously entertain that notion? I did. I didn’t end up having to apply because I had parents who had enough financial security to help me out of a bad time, and some huge personal financial mistakes and naïve choices I made. But I had the paperwork all but submitted. I have friends and family who either have or who are on some sort of welfare. And many of you looked at the ground, or the sky when I asked that question so I know you or people you know have had to go down that road before.

The fact is though that’s what welfare is there for…. To help. And all of this blustering about abuse in the welfare system, or SSI is just propaganda or fear mongering to turn people against those that need help. Hell even the claims that most welfare people are on drugs are false. Only .2% of all welfare recipients tested positive for drugs. .2% of the millions of Americans who use it. Does that mean that some don’t abuse the system, that some don’t need the help but use it anyway, or survive off of it? Absolutely not, there is always that one person who will refuse to make something of themselves but that doesn’t mean vilify everyone who legitimately needs the help.

What’s more all of this help is paid for through taxes, meaning the meager wages we already get are getting taxed so that we can go to the government, and pay a fee to get processed, so that we can maybe receive some financial aid to pay for groceries that I couldn’t otherwise afford because I wasn’t being paid enough in the first place. Can someone please explain to me the logic in that process? Are you serious? Is that truly the American way of doing things? Forcing the poor to pay for programs that help the poor eat, and afford a place to sleep? Why not just cut out the middle man and actually pay our people enough to survive off of in the first place?!

What we have is a return to indentured servitude, a lack of morality in business which although not surprising is getting unbearable and unendurable, and media that is painting everyday citizens as monsters and corporate bullies as heroes. Who do you think is in charge of these stories? Why do you think there are so many movements and protests happening all around the country and the world? It’s because we the people, the ordinary citizen have had enough of this idiocy. If the top 1% of employees can get benefits, and paid leave so can the bottom 99%. What’s more what will drive a higher profit? 1000’s of people only able to afford shopping and purchasing goods of a meager quality, or minimal cost. Or millions of people being able to afford multiple goods at competitive levels of quality across the board?

If business’ and corporations were as savvy and greedy as they appear and not just stupid and short sighted they’d realize the best way to take advantage of the people, and to improve profits would be by ensuring that the people are well informed, well educated, and have plenty of capital to put forth into the economy, so that business can compete for not only prices but quality of goods. Morality is possibly the greatest asset to wealth accumulation out there but because it takes a worker to see that, it hasn’t happened. We need to take our destiny into our own hands to ensure our prosperity. Without our voices whose are left to defend us? Raising the minimum wage, ensuring comprehensive benefits and paid leave, sick leave, and maternity leave are not only the American thing to do, but the right thing to do. Let us make our stand this election year, let us raise our voices in defiance to the men and women trying to ruin this great nation, and lets us take back the reins of leadership and steer this country back to greatness!

Socialism, Corruption and Politics

How many of you have ever heard this phrase: “we can’t do that it would be socialist/communist!”? Funny thing about socialism and communism it’s already a part of our nation, and has its roots in the early colonial era as well. What do you think police forces are? Firefighters? Physicians? The Military? All of it is socialism. I’m sure there are plenty of people with wide eyes, dropped jaws, and shaking heads and questioning how could I someone who is advocating universal healthcare, education, and military reform call my own ideologies socialist?!

We’ll let us first define socialism shall we?

                “Socialism is a social and economic system characterized by social ownership of the means of production and co-operative management of the economy,[1][2] as well as a political theory and movement that aims at the establishment of such a system.[3][4] "Social ownership" may refer to cooperative enterprises, common ownership, state ownership, citizen ownership of equity, or any combination of these.[5] There are many varieties of socialism and there is no single definition encapsulating all of them.[6] They differ in the type of social ownership they advocate, the degree to which they rely on markets or planning, how management is to be organized within productive institutions, and the role of the state in constructing socialism.[7]

And a further definition:

                “The socialist political movement includes a diverse array of political philosophies. Core dichotomies include reformism versus revolutionary socialism, and state socialism versus libertarian socialism. State socialism calls for the nationalisation of the means of production as a strategy for implementing socialism, while libertarian socialism calls for decentralized means of direct democracy such as libertarian municipalism, citizens' assemblies, trade unions, and workers' councils[11] coming from a general anti-authoritarian stance.[12][13][14][15][16][17][18] Democratic socialism highlights the central role of democratic processes and political systems and is usually contrasted with non-democratic political movements that advocate socialism.[19] Some socialists have adopted the causes of other social movements, such as environmentalism, feminism and liberalism.[20]

Now if that doesn’t sound familiar to everyone here then I’m here to inform you that is precisely the issue with our government and media today. I’m further here to inform and compare the way socialism is actually effected in the country and why it only effects certain persons in the country and not all. Adding to that discussion will be the involvement of money and conversely corruption in our system and how that perverts the American ideals that we Americans actually hold near and dear.

First the issue of socialism, as I already stated, education, healthcare, civil services, and most anything that is a government agency is in fact socialist, and by the previous definition that I have already given socialism is anything that benefits the whole, by the whole or for the purpose of benefitting people equally. It’s just that different flavors of socialism in history have been extremely dramatic failures and have left a bad taste in the mouths of those who bore witness to those failings. The truth is socialistic democracy is what the majority of our government programs function off of and those are the ideal uses and purposes of socialist otherwise known as social programs in this great country.

If we were to truly abolish socialism this is what would happen. If you thought paying a copay or not being able to afford insurance was a problem now wait until all the barriers and limitations in place are removed. None of us including myself, or even noncombatant service members would get healthcare. Why because there either wouldn’t be a need to provide it or the justification to afford it wouldn’t be there. In a laissez faire system of healthcare which we largely have with a few limitations and standards tossed in would deprive all of the elderly, the sick, the disabled, pregnant women, or anyone who isn’t 100% healthy the right or ability to afford or possess health care.

If that’s not a bad enough picture, think about police enforcement of code, and law. I’m not trying to play off of the tragedies of Fergusson and similar instances, or to condemn all officers as corrupt, but let’s put laissez faire police forces into perspective. If it weren’t a public service (socialist) then you as a citizen would have to pay for and apply for the right and privilege to have officers protect and serve you, and that fee could be based off of anything really, age, sex, race, religion, whatever. Add to that less restrictions and guidelines on what governs police forces, because every precinct would be in charge of its own handlings of law and order, you could have some precincts that are overly altruistic and others that are downright gestapo. Imagine calling 911 but every city has a different number, and on top of that you would be charged an exorbitant fee because it’s a privately owned police corporation.

Need I go further, education is already largely unregulated and look at the vast amount of student loan debt, for profit colleges with BS degrees (not to be confused with BA), degrees that are worthless, colleges that aren’t accredited and charging exorbitant fees regardless, and no real practical application for most degrees thanks to a lack of practical knowledge or emphasis from the degree program. We are already suffering the results of laissez faire education, it’s shown every day when the working poor, and underprivileged citizenry can’t afford college even with grants and loans, or that even if they did go despite that the crippling student loan debt would ensure perpetual debt.

Socialism ladies and gentleman is essentially the only reason why we haven’t gone back to the middle ages and become indentured servants. So let’s discuss this fact of life for a moment. Why it is the rich and powerful, the media and the political elite are always spouting this word, Socialism, around as if it were the plague and the end times? Part of it is a culture and history In the United States during the Red Scare, and the Cold War but why now, why does it still pervade our politics and media? What’s more where does this socialism truly exist, and who truly benefits.

The media and politically right leaning would have you believe it’s the working poor and destitute black communities, mooching off of the man while simultaneously buying drugs, alcohol, and having kids every year that turn into heathen’s thugs, and criminals because they have no other knowledge or understanding of life in general. They’d have you believe that grandma and grandpa are bankrupting the nation with their monthly SSI checks that amount to an astonishingly high 1,300 a month in the best of cases. That single mothers with one or two kids working three jobs and need food stamps and WIC to afford formula, food and day care for her children. They’d have you believe that college students are taking advantage of the government and are just plain lazy when they can’t afford 40 thousand dollar tuition fees, on top of the cost of books, materials and application fees, while working minimum wage.

Without going on a fact checking rant that could go on for hours let me assuage everyone here who may have these fears: we are not the problem. See what I did there? We, average working class Americans, the doers in this country are not the problem with the economy or social programs, or the corruption in government. We are the reason anything gets done. Take away the CEOs, the regional managers, the hedge fund managers, the top echelon of “leadership” in business or government and what would effectively change? People would still go to work, people would still do their jobs, people would still get paid because the folks in charge of pay are, wait for it, regular people not the top end of the leadership.

That all is the truth so why is it that we get less for our work when we put in anywhere from 20-80 hours of work in to our jobs each and every week. Why is it we have to fight tooth and nail or be punished for working towards working rights, conditions and the right to assembly? Why do we work so long and so hard and don’t even get health care benefits for our troubles, why do we have to compete with one another to get minimum wages, and struggle to get full time work so that we can maybe be eligible for some amount of health care benefits? What’s more why is it that by speaking out about such things we risk getting fired and laid off and being replaced by the throngs of people who also have employment troubles?

What should infuriate each and every one of you is that this is a purposely concocted vicious circle of poverty. What’s supposedly cheaper higher highly skilled highly qualified and motivated people for fair and equal pay for the standard 40 hour work week with benefits, and possibly other perks, or hiring 3 people part time to the job of one person at a consistent rate of the federal minimum allowed pay? Even better what’s more economical for the company to give the top leaders In the company who don’t do any of the actual heavy lifting but do the top end deals, leadership models, and so and on and so forth 4 million dollar bonuses, health care packages that the president himself doesn’t have, luxuries most folks can only dream of, and everything else, or raising the minimally paid workers hourly wage by a dollar for a year. That raise that would allow tat worker to afford more items, of better quality and be able to pour more money into a stagnant or slowly growing economy. What makes more sense? Who is truly benefitting from collective bargaining and socialistic principles and programs? It sure as hell isn’t me or you.

The wealthiest members of our society are the ones who are benefitting the most from socialistic programs and ideals not us, and it’s clearly working for them because all of the economic recovery since 2012 has so far been in the top earners in this country, this too isn’t an accident. The beauty of it is no matter what era, what financial crisis occurs who are the ones to suffer the most? We are, the people and why is that? Because we have a little say in what happens in our lives, and why is that? Because it has been carefully orchestrated to be this way. With the ever increasing influence of money in politics, lobbying and so on, the greater police crackdowns on protests, and demonstrations not just limited to the Wall Street protests, Fergusson riots, or the keystone XL pipeline movement, people are having less and less opportunities to have their voices heard. To further this problem there really aren’t any other political or legal alternatives out there for regular people like us to turn to.

I’ll let you all in on a little secret, I’m just a guy working a job, and doing part time reserves for the USAF. I don’t have a BA, I don’t have a Masters or a PhD, I have not been in charge of a fortune 500 company, own a bank, been a lawyer, or have ever dabbled in politics prior to this campaign. I’m just a guy who was sitting in his apartment with his roommates drinking a beer, and clicking through the news and I saw a headline, the US government had been shut down by our own John Boehner, because he disagreed with the affordable care act, that had been written into law in 2010 and would revolutionize the medical industry from the way we knew it. This shutdown would cause the entirety of the armed forces to have to make cuts to personnel who didn’t raise their right hand and swear to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America, and to protect and defend her citizens from all threats both foreign, and this is the key part, Domestic.

During that government shut down in 2013 I finally had my eyes opened to the reality of the corruption, and stupidity that is running rampant at the highest levels of leadership in our government, and I put in for my separation package right then and there to run for office in 2014. Turns out by the time I would get released from active duty the timeline to submit myself as a candidate would have passed, so I stayed in longer and developed my strategy to take back this country and put it back into the hands of the people for which this nation was built for.

Last time I checked there was this document written in 1776 something called the Declaration of Independence, and it very clearly stated:

                “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.--That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, --That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to affect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shown, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security”

Let me glance over that particular excerpt one more time because I think I missed the part about how the wealthy and political elite of a given nation or organization may have their rights and interests held above those of the less privileged and the collective outcry from those less privileged shall be held in less regard than those of the wealthy lobbyists and fortune 500 company donors to established and entrenched political parties that have in these most recent of times become as disconnected from the American people as the colonies were from the British Empire.

Hmm odd it doesn’t say that anywhere does it?

That brings us to the final point of discussion corruption and money in politics. Let me first state for the record that I personally don’t believe money makes a damn bit of difference in politics. I don’t think having a lot of it or a little of it in a campaign will ultimately affect the outcome of an election. That the main outcome is decided by how widely and how easily a message is received, understood and agreed with by the collective members of the voters. That regardless of political leanings most people will choose the left or the right based on their either long standing beliefs, or loyalty to a political party, money simply makes spreading the word, and the message that much simpler and accessible.

That being said donations to a candidate also make very little difference it just gives them supposedly more resources in which to convey their ideas to the public which many times costs a fair amount of money, and therefore organizations or wealthy candidates, or candidates with wealthy connections have an easier time sending their message to the masses. Donations are simply a means to an end, money is only a catalyst to be used when true ideals, and beliefs aren’t enough to spread like wildfire from word of mouth. Corruption, gerrymandering, and excessive Super PACS and spending on campaigns in politics is just the illusion of power to sway the hearts and minds of the voters that theirs is the better truth.

The reality as we all know is that politicians say whatever it is they need to say to get the most votes that they can, and when that isn’t enough they will rebrand the district to get their votes, or they will resort to slandering and cutting their opponents credibility, much like children on a playground making fun of the new kid. Even the lies, the deception and so forth aren’t the problems, no the problem in fact is the choice to sink so low as too allow private interests to overrule the pleas of the many, that accepting donations becomes mafiaesque bribes that you are compelled to comply with or risk losing both their backing, their finances and influence. The problem is that this type of arrogance from the wealthy corporations succeed in seducing the weak willed and weak minded politicians on either side of the republican or democrat fence into bowing to the will of the powerful and wealthy rather than listen to the hearts and minds of the people they are swearing to represent.

The reason why money should be taken out of politics, the reason why lobbying should be illegal, as well as gerrymandering isn’t because it lessens the power of the people, because it really doesn’t, but because it perverts the democracy we all enjoy, and the Constitution that was designed to fight against oppressive natures, and governments. The only thing that should sway anything in politics is the collective approval or disapproval of the effected populace at whichever stage of government. Since I’m running for congress in this district what should concern you, and concern me is what can be done for our district and how we fit into the bigger picture of governing and leadership for the nation.

I’m living breathing proof that regular people can still make a difference, that they can be heard, and run a successful campaign with zero prior experience or influence in the game of power, corruption, and intrigue that is what our politics has become. I want to show you all and convey to you that we can still make a difference that we don’t have to give up hope that at the end of the day we are responsible and the recipients of our own choices, choices that would don’t have to settle for to make. We don’t have to settle for a republican, a democrat, a Whig, a green party, a tea partier, or any other political party. We can raise ourselves up, we can ourselves step up for the position of representative or legislature, or mayor, or any other political office up for grabs. Who better to makes decisions that will ultimately effect 318 million regular Americans, then regular Americans who will have to live with these decisions for better or for worse?

Corruption exists because we are fallible, because we are human, but we can take steps to mitigate or limit the amount of influence private interests can even have in the political process. The easiest way to do so is by putting people in a position of power that will not balk from their duties as politicians because they have a family at home that depends on them doing their jobs right the first time. Another is by eliminating the amount of input a company, an organization, a religious group, or anyone who isn’t a singular citizen can actually say or do in politics. That doesn’t mean businesses don’t have rights and liberties, but they sure as hell don’t have the same ones as you or me, and there’s certainly don’t outweigh those of the living breathing citizen. Money should never have been in politics in the first place because it creates an opportunity to undercut the main purposes of politics, which is the livelihood of a people, a civilization.

Lobbying should never have been allowed in the first place the only thing that should be allowed is petitioning, or protesting like the 1st amendment protects. Lobbying, unions, corporatism, superpacs, all have good parts to them, they all have their ideologies and ideas, politics is not one of the platforms where they should be able to share them because it detracts from the common goal of governing a nation, and ensuring her citizenry are protected by that government and not victims of it or any of its institutions. Unions shouldn’t be the bullies at school that force you into their clique so you don’t get harassed by the other clique. I shouldn’t have to say this but apparently it needs to be said, and please feel free to quote me: I don’t care who or what your God is, I don’t care how you worship, how many times, or what your prayers consist of, the 1st Amendment establishes the Separation of Church and State and that’s all there is to it.

If you want to believe Jesus Christ is the way, that’s your choice there’s about 1 billion people on this Earth that agree with you, there’s an equal number who worship Jaweh, as in the Almighty God and who’s savior is not Jesus Christ, and there is another billion people that believe in Allah, the Arabic word for God, who believe in Moses but whose prophet was not Jesus Christ but Mohammad. 3 billion people, separated into thirds on their beliefs, which span from the same Bible, are entitled to their beliefs. In fact I will go so far as to encourage belief in a higher power and religion, and that there is a place in our country for godliness and religious affiliations. Thankfully that place has been firmly establishes as anywhere or anything that has nothing to do with Government, thanks to the Constitution. Thankfully a Muslim, a Jew, a Hindu, an Atheist, a Buddhist, or any other believer has no right to force their beliefs lawfully unto another. Thankfully no institution is legally allowed to discriminate, or indoctrinate others based on a beliefs, because to do so would be a violation of the 1st amendment that all American citizens get to benefit from.

We are a country of diverse nationalities, backgrounds, ideologies and beliefs, we are not Left or Right, or Liberal or Conservative, we are not a two dimensional nation, we are a nation with 318 million different sides and that number keeps growing, and will continue to grow. It is our responsibility as Americans, as citizens and patriots to work together, to right the wrongs of our past and to not encourage the repeat of those mistakes in our leaders. For some of us that means raising our children to not judge people based on their skin color, education, or sexual orientation, for others it will be going to work and being as helpful as possible, but one thing is certain it won’t be the same for everybody. I’m definitely not cut out to be a doctor: blood doesn’t bother me so much but cutting someone open, and playing with their skin flaps….not so much. But that doesn’t mean I have a right to ban surgery and medical practice for everyone else now does it?

I don’t like Shakespeare that doesn’t give me a right to ban him from our English curriculum though does it? How many people here don’t like math? Yeah just about all of us right? I mean who has actually used trigonometry or calculus since graduating high school? Let’s get rid of it because who needs computers, cell phones, bridges or cars right? Doesn’t make sense does it to ban things or deny others things simply because we don’t like it or agree with it does it? That’s how racism is, that’s exactly how secularism is, or the denial of the LBGT community to marry, and that is precisely what we need to focus on ending. These new and more imaginative ways to distance ourselves from our fellow countrymen, on how to treat diversity with derision, an adversity with scorn, and we need to stop polarizing our ideals and beliefs, or letting them be influenced by one outlet of information or the other. We need to stand up for ourselves and what’s right. We need to represent all Americans, we need to vote for true leaders, and true representation in Congress.

I don’t need you to do these things, republicans certainly don’t need you to, hell they hope you don’t, same with democrats, and you need to do these things because they affect you, yourselves. Without you, your vote none of this matters, none of this happens, none of this works, so why settle for mediocrity or acceptable, when the result is no returns, no gains, and no prosperity. End this vicious cycle of political abuse, and corruption, exercise your right to vote, to live, to be happy and to believe, but exercise your abilities to communicate, to listen, to understand, and to learn from each other. We need a country doers, a country that acts, not just blindly follows. That is what we have become and look at what that has caused in our nation.

We’ve had 2 economic crises, and a government shutdown with 5 years of each other none of which was your fault or mine, so why are we letting these things continue? It needs to end today, we need to collectively deny these persons their power because at the end of the day the power of an individual or a group is a great or as small as those that allow it to exist. Today we are the mercy of our government tomorrow the government is held accountable to us, the day after that our children will be able to run around on the playground, without fear of getting hurt and not being able to get helped, our elderly will be able to live in retirement knowing they won’t go bankrupt or burdening their relatives when they get ill, or start to pass. Our soldiers will get the treatment and care they deserve for serving their country, and we as a people will have our rights secure, and our livelihoods intact without fear of reprisal from our boss, or our government because we will all know that together we ensured a better place to live, and to grow in.

Together we can prosper, together we break the back of corruption, and remove the influence of these weak willed politicians in our daily lives, and we can put teachers, officers, engineers, scientist, artists, and regular laborers in their place. We can do all these things all we have to do is cast our vote, there’s no hope, or daring involved, in fact it’s quite the snub and the insult to those currently in power. Simply don’t for the candidates that don’t have your best interests in mind, and that won’t deliver, vote for the men and women standing next to you who have risen to carry the burden of leadership on your behalf, and know that you will be represented. That is what I bring to the table, that is what we together can accomplish, and it is what this country desperately needs! Together let us rebuild our nation so that we can proclaim without a shadow of a doubt that we are in fact the greatest nation on earth, and we can prove it to!



Separation of Church and State

So part of the big three things effecting our country today are: Economic inequality, an energy crisis being pushed by the natural gas and oil industries, and discrimination based off of religious beliefs. I saw a few nodding heads until that last one…. Am I wrong? Well let’s look at what discrimination means. Discrimination is the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people or things especially on the ground of race, age, or sex.

The church all across the nation is lobbying the government at almost every level in almost every state to pursue their doctrinal beliefs on: marriage, birth control, and abortion to name a few. I point those ones specifically out because they have the biggest impact on our nation effecting roughly half of the total population of over 300 million Americans. That ladies and gentlemen is discrimination especially when it effects half of a nation’s population. What’s more the 1st amendment clearly states that there will be no favoritism of religion by the state. This also goes further to imply that religious beliefs, organizations and influence have no basis in law, or can be enforced/preferred over another religious belief. Don’t get me wrong believe in what you want to believe, make the choices you want to make, but you as an individual, group, or body do not have the right in this country to dictate legislation, or enforce it based on your religious beliefs, if you want that in your country go to the Middle East.

I want to go a little further into this debate to make it very clear that I’m not anti-religion, or that I’m not a God fearing person. My whole point is that religion has no place in government. If I am a Muslim or if I’m Jewish then I don’t necessarily believe what a Catholic or a Christian believes in. therefore if the Muslim church wanted to press the government to enforce prayer in schools and by that encouraging the Muslim prayers, which would be wrong. It would be just as wrong if the Catholic Church wanted to instill the Our Father in schools at the beginning of the day. However if the government allowed every student and teacher 15 minutes in the beginning of the day to worship their God however they wish that wouldn’t be an issue because it’s giving everyone an equal opportunity. That’s just an example and I’m not for or against prayer in school, I think religion in of itself should not be enforced or taught as a requirement, but be available as an option for that wish to pursue it, or indulge in it.

Now this brings us to the more pertinent problems in our nation currently being addressed namely, birth control, abortion, and gay rights. First of all let me repeat that last one: gay rights. Since when did we have to define the rights of a human being based on their sexual preference? I say again since when did we have to define the rights of a human being based on their sexual preference? Why is this even a debate? Marriage as defined by the government varies based on the state you live in, and in many cases based on religious interpretation. So would that make marriage a legal religious ceremony? If that is in fact the case then by definition religious laws could not infringe upon anyone’s religious beliefs, or limit the type of marriage a person can have. Even if it isn’t considered a religious ceremony and an agreement person’s enter into to benefit from government services, cuts, etc. then it needs to be just as indiscriminate as if it were religious. The point being marriage should be defined by the persons entering into it, and if the government chooses to define it then it needs to have legal justification for doing so and ensuring it is universally applied.

What some of you are correctly assuming is that I’m in fact encouraging same sex marriage, and polygamy. For one there are many other religions out there that do advocate or allow polygamy or same sex marriage or that current religions are adopting a much more accepting policy. Some people argue this will lead to all the other crazy practices such as bestiality…reality check it’s perfectly legal to have sex with a horse in at least 27 states and legal to marry the same gender in only 19, but ban same sex marriage in 31. A sarcastic person would tend to draw some unsavory conclusions about those 31 states that could allude to the allowance of 27 of them to have sex with a horse…. But can’t marry the same gender. I’m just saying legally and morally there is no justification to limit a person marrying someone they love, or even marrying the person of their choice for their own reasons. There is no such thing as sanctity of marriage even if you choose to define it in the Biblical sense. Do we still base our marriages off of dowry’s, trading our virgin daughter’s for livestock and food, stoning committers of adultery or persons who have sex out of wedlock? If the answer to that is no then we currently aren’t obeying the tenants of the Bible and the argument against marriage because it disagrees with the Bible is invalid on that aspect alone.

Now the next part is contraception and abortion. I’m going to say one thing about it and one thing only: it’s her choice to get an abortion or to get contraceptives such as birth control. Not the Church, not the Government, not you, not me, nobody gets to tell 50% of American Citizen’s how to live their life, or how to deal with their body accept for those individuals themselves. That’s it, end of debate, end of discussion, there is nothing else that needs to be said about the matter. The only question of legality concerning those two things is about when is it ok to legally abort. To that end I’d say we already have an answer from the medical community which is the first trimester, if you can’t make up your mind in 3 months about having or not having a baby then the law will. I feel that that’s a fair compromise to lifer’s and everyone else: she still gets the choice, and life is defined by law so that it can be immoral to abort a child after a certain amount of time, thanks to medical studies.

Rising to the Occassion

Hello there everybody, today we’re gonna talk about the state of our nations leadership. Has anyone ever noticed that in the past say 10-20 years of leadership at the federal level the only thing Republicans and Democrats have ever made decisive action on was to send our sons and daughters to war? Or during the economic crisis how the first group of Americans offered any sort of aid, or assistance were the wealthiest American’s and businesses, the very same entities responsible for both crises in the first place? What about that time Congress unilaterally decided to give the middle class a tax break, invest in our schools, take measures to bring people out of poverty, and the homeless off the streets? I see a few confused looks, well what about the time Congress and the President of the United States came together and started a green energy revolution ruthlessly switching all of the nation’s energy to solar energy, or other forms of clean energy, making larger investments, and improving incentives for electric, and hydrogen powered vehicles?

Hmmm oh wait that’s right that never happened, what did happen was over 54 votes by the House to repeal Obamacare or portions of it. What did happen was a vote to incorporate the TTP which would have gutted internet neutrality for all American’s without so much as whisper to us that it was even happening. Congress has been bailing out Big banks, Big oil, and Wall Street, giving tax breaks to the wealthiest Americans, YOUR tax dollars, they have been trying to show the Keystone Pipeline down our throats a measure that wouldn’t benefit America in anyway, would cause potential harm to our environment, and depending to who you talk to worse still, it wouldn’t be at all profitable to American Companies. The keystone pipeline would benefit Canadian oil interests, and generate a paltry 50 jobs across the states the pipeline crosses. Should I continue? Should I outline every single instance in the past 10-20 years our leadership in Washington has not acted in the interests of Americans, but instead acted in the interests of the wealthy, the powerful, and the elite? I could but I think this wouldn’t be a speech anymore, and I don’t care how good of a public speaker I think I am I doubt I could just belt off facts for the next 3 weeks and keep your interest!

The fact of the matter is ladies and gentlemen the system works, it works beautifully and you can see it with your own two eyes how efficient it is…if you’re the one it’s working for. I’m going to however, assume that is not what the founding fathers had in mind when they were watching their countrymen get slaughtered on the battlefield, or being oppressed by the British Monarchy, and abused by the very powers, wealth, power, non-representation, etc., that are plaguing America now. I won’t even get into the theological debates or the social inequalities still rampant in our nation but again, those arguments are also not what the founding fathers had in mind and are most certainly not upheld by the Constitution. My point is our government has made one of the strongest nations, and depending on how you look at it, empires, in human history.

We went from 13 colonies of a different country, to covering a landmass of 3.749 million square miles. We went from barely having a standing military needing the aid of the French on two separate occasions backed by a true militia, a militia of farmers, shopkeepers, and other men just like you and me, to having the undisputed most powerful, and advanced military the world has ever known. We went from barely being able to survive the first few winters as Pilgrims, to having the largest GDP in the World, our only competition is the combined economic might of the European Union. We helped decisively end not one but two world wars, and since then for better or for worse we have become the “world police” trying to ensure humanitarian rights across the globe. We the United States of America, through good leadership, if not misguided according to the eyes of today, and the strong backs of the American public have accomplished these things.

Yet today or even the past few years what do we as American’s have to show for? Do we have the best public education In the World? No we don’t we’re more like the 17th or the 34th overall depending on which statistic you’re looking at. Are we the safest nation in the world, with the lowest homicide, or crime rate? Not even close, most statistics put us at about 4th, with our most dangerous cities in the country being the primary reason. Incarceration rates, health care, infrastructure, all these things that we used to lead the world in by spades, we no longer do. We have fallen from our graces and it’s easy to see why, we have lost touch with what made us strong, what made us great.

We used to be a nation of dreamers, of idealists, of people that would strive to accomplish anything no matter what the cost or the burden. We dared to believe in ourselves, and back up that belief with effort and results. Now, for the most part, all we do is beat our chest and relive the glory days. We have elected officials now who care more about pleasing their donors than actually helping the people the put so much effort into gaining support from. Elections can’t be bought outright, there is no possible way to completely discount the public vote, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be influenced. Look at all the rhetoric we’ve had to deal with in 2013, 2014, and 2015. Obamacare was the sign of the apocalypse, Ebola was the nations, tax hikes on the wealthy would cause the economy to collapse, oil prices dropping would ruin the economy, etc., et alia, ad naseum. What did all of that accomplish?

It created an aura of fear among us and our fellow countrymen, that did exactly what they, and in this case they are the Republicans, wanted: scare Americans into voting for them. What was the first thing that happened after the elections? Was it a Republican revival of conservative ideals that began a new era of growth for the middle class, and business? Was it a combined effort to repair our roads, and modernize our infrastructure? Was it incorporating American ideals in government, and business? Was it anything remotely benefitting the millions of Americans living in poverty despite working full time, or 3 jobs? No the first thing the newly elected Congress did on their first day in Office in 2015 was to vote on the Keystone pipeline, end net neutrality, and give Wall street, and big banks a $340 billion tax break. This isn’t rhetoric, or my own attempt at scare tactics, these are the cold hard truths, that many of us, and our fellow Americans have chosen to ignore, or look past, or not see. Or perhaps every single one of the 310 Million Americans knew this was happening and are as outraged as I am but were powerless to stop it. Which one do you think is worse? *dramatic long held pause*

We need to step up as citizens, as patriots, as sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, we need to be the patriots we all claim to be, we need to step up as Americans, or fall slowly, imminently, and irrevocably into the darkness.  We need to take an active role in politics, in our lives, and our future or there won’t be anything left for us to fight for. I’m asking you, no I’m begging you: vote, spread the word, encourage everyone you know to vote, or better yet to run for office, there’s still time, there’s still a chance, there is still hope for America, and that hope, that future, is you.

Police Reform/Brutality

Sadly this is a topic and reoccurring problem in our country: Police lethal use of force. Let’s just stop and think about that for a minute. Police are using deadly force in our country, consistently and among the top 5 in the world for doing so. Our police forces are also becoming more and more outfitted with “toys” from the military. Let’s take another moment to let that sink in. Our Police forces are being outfitted with military equipment, equipment that Soldiers are given to accomplish tasks like demolishing buildings with armored/lightly armored vehicles, sustaining incoming RPG, and mortar fire, and various other small arms combat situations.

Last I checked America wasn’t a warzone, our city streets weren’t being invaded by foreign military powers, and the average US citizen doesn’t own, carry, or have a means of procuring an RPG, Mortar, or .50 caliber rifle. Unless I’m mistaken we already have the armed services, a state Guard, and a national reserves, so why do we need to have a fourth militarized entity in our country? Don’t officers swear to protect and defend the citizens, and uphold the law? I’m pretty sure only the military raises their right hands and swear to uphold the Constitution of the United States, and to protect her citizens from threats both foreign and domestic. Not Police officers.

So since there is a distinction from military and civil police forces then why on Earth are the local police departments being outfitted for a war? Furthermore if they are acting like military why aren’t they being held to the same standards as the military? Whenever shots are fired by a security forces (military police) member, that member must file a report detailing precisely why that shot was fired, and account for each bullet fired. There’s also an extensive tracking procedure and policy governed by the DoD to verify the location, and possession of all firearms and ammunition at all times. There is also annual firearms training, safety briefings, and use of force classes that are mandatory for service members who carry firearms, that is a prerequisite to carry firearms of any caliber at any time. Why then is this such a hard concept for civil police forces to accept, and implement or to be held to? Wouldn’t all of these high profile killings of Michael Brown, and Eric Garner be much less of a “controversy” if there were more safe guards in place to track, and monitor use of force and arms?

The second part of this argument that needs to be addressed is what exactly is the defined scope of concern for police officers? I mean if there’s justifiable cause for precincts to have military grade arms, and vehicles then why aren’t these things more heavily regulated and tracked? If police are being trained in firearm safety, and use of force then why is there not a system in place to justify the use of force at whatever level it was used? IN fact there are a myriad of solutions to these problems available and being used at this moment: police cameras. Along with handcuffs, a radio, a gun, a flashlight, and their badge all Police officers should be issued a police camera to document their goings on while on duty. Police cruisers are already equipped with cameras for this purpose and have been invaluable in many cases of hit and run, police officers being assaulted, and many other situation besides. This would establish an undeniable snapshot of the events as they transpired that would be admissible in court and assuage any concerns of wrong doing or wanton use of force by having that footage readily available.

So once we establish what purpose a police officer serves, and how to hold officers accountable (not necessarily meant derogatorily) we then need to enforce these laws, and ensure justice is served. When there is footage of wrongdoing, whether it be on the part of the officer or the perpetrator, which should be held as fact not as questionable testimony (Eric Garner case). The other aspect that needs to be addressed is that the law applies to everyone equally and at all times, and courts do not have the right to abuse their positions to create a favorable or desirable outcome that suits their individual agendas. Furthermore if courts are found guilty of such acts they should be removed from the legal process, fined, and imprisoned for wrongful use of power, and abuse of the system. What we need is an actual enforcement of laws, not more laws to cover up mistakes of other laws. We need laws that are only open for interpretation in the most extreme of circumstances, and that even then all parties are held equally accountable to them. I have no idea why this simple truth is so hard to actually make a reality? Why is it so hard to do the right thing and hold people accountable for their actions (good or bad). Race, discrimination, abuse of power, media bias, all of these things are all parts of the problem but neither is the solution. We are all American’s we all have to abide by the same laws, and those laws should apply to all of us equally.

We can sit here for days and talk about statistics, and demographics or we can acknowledge that we as American’s have some social problems that need to be addressed as an American problem, not as black problem, or a white problem, or a police problem, or legal, or political. We are all in this together and we only have ourselves and our neighbors to depend on, why should we focus on alienating ourselves from one another? Why are we encouraging organizations that are supposed to serve the people abuse their authority? Why does a legal system that cares more about appearances than justice continue to exist? It’s because we as a nation have let these things come to pass, it is high time we make a change. The Ferguson protests, and the “my hands are up” movements aren’t necessarily what I’m talking about.

Protesting done peacefully is a hugely successful method of changing policies and effecting change in a community, but there’s a fine line between protesting, and rioting, and they are no interchangeable. Once a group of protestors becomes violent they are in the wrong and hurt their own cause. However look at all of the successful protests in the past couple of years alone! We have ended the XL pipeline, stopped the taxation of internet, brought racial discrimination to the national stage, and created a political awareness on many issues that would otherwise have been ignored: education costs, healthcare costs, and bipartisan disruption in politics! We have been making a difference for years, our voices have caused waves in politics for decades, we have the power to influence our world what we need now is to stand together as Americans! We need to be united as countrymen not as whites working together with blacks, but one American working together with another American to make the social changes our country desperately needs! Let us be on the right side of history, and leave a better tomorrow for our future generations.

Our Reason for Being

Ladies and gentlemen let me ask you a simple question. What is the purpose of a nation? Is it her ideals? Her freedoms? What she can do for her people? Is it to organize a mob of angry willful individuals into a frenzied bloodthirsty horde? Is it so the powerful can use the weak and dominate them into fighting their own battles for their own selfish gains? Do nations exist for the whims of the elite? Do we as people, as civilians, exist for the sole purpose of being used as pawns, as tools? Or do nations exist to create peace, and havens for millions of people with similar cultural and social beliefs? Do nations exist to promote faith and goodwill to our neighbors, and fellow human beings? What does America, then stand for ladies and gentlemen? If America doesn’t stand for freedom, hope, and compassion then what do we stand for as Americans?

Let me ask you a better question. Do we as Americans fight for wealth, power, and dominance? Is that what we as Americans want for ourselves, and our future generations? Endless strife, endless struggle, and suffering, endless tragedy… is that the American spirit? Is the American spirit creating a profit by walking on the bleeding, broken, and crushed corpses of those who struggled to get by but couldn’t? Are we ruthless savages that are so bent on having cheap “affordable” goods, that we are willing to sacrifice, millions of starving, homeless men, women and children to have it? Are you willing to watch the person to your left, to your right, in front of you and directly behind suffer from, hunger, poverty, and death just so you can save 10 cents on some name brand commodity of the day?

I stand here before you hoping the answer to each and every one of those questions is a solid, and resounding no! I stand here before you on this day to let you know that these are not the ideals upon which this country was founded. That these were not the ideals that brave men and women fought, bled, and died for over the course of over 200 years of struggle, turmoil, and war. In fact ladies and gentlemen disparity, unreasonable reach and actions by a corrupt institution, lack of fair representation in our governing body, religious persecution, and the right to live as free men and women, with all the implied rights therein is precisely why our forefathers, fought and died to rid ourselves of the tyranny of England in the late 1700’s. So tell me why, why do we allow those very principles that have been the bane of the American spirit and tradition rule our lives? Why is it that we as a nation elect leaders who are so far separated from our reality to run our lives? Why is it that these men and women continue to win elections, feed us the lies and we just sit here and accept it as fact when we know in our souls that it is false?


Ladies and Gentlemen I regret to inform you, but we have all lost sight of what matters: Hope, freedom, compassion! These three things are worth fighting and dying for, and it was these basic principles that led the 13 colonies to rise against the British Empire at the height of their reign… and win! People this is our revolutionary war, the war of the people versus the corrupt few powerful and wealthy business leaders and politicians who would dare deny us our basic liberties and have us believe, no accept and thank them for that very act! This is our time to shine ladies and gentlemen, a country is as strong as its weakest link and I think it’s high time we temper that weakened steel that calls themselves our betters! Without each and every single one of us this country would cease to function. Period. End of discussion. We are the reason why there is food on the table, electricity in our homes, fuel available to power our cars, and machines, why our children learn to read, write, and why our borders remain safe from invasion.

WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ARE THE AMERICAN SPIRIT!!!! We are the light in the darkness, during the most terrifying of nights, we are the hope in the bleakest hours of despair, it is our temerity, our tenacity, and spirit that holds the foundations and structure of this nation high above the rest of the world. We aren’t the wealthiest most powerful nation in the world by accident ladies and gentlemen. It’s very simple: we dare! We are a daring and excitable people, quick to action, slow to back down, we are ruthless in our passions to the point of blindness, but nevertheless we have an iron will that no one can hope to match! So tell me why it is we let these few men and women blindside us and usurp our way of life? Why is it that we just stand here and accept our current living conditions as fact, and that it can’t be changed?

I can assure you my countrymen that not only is the current state of affairs unnecessary, and outrageous but that it can be reversed, fixed and vastly improved in very short order. Would you venture to guess how we can accomplish such a seemingly daunting task? By working together! It doesn’t matter what your skin color, your gender, your generation gap, your religion, you sexual preference, we are all Americans of these United States, and together we have crushed tyrant nations, built a  country of freedom and hope, and have stood against the tide of oppression, cruelty and evil, and emerged victorious. We truly are a country worth fighting for ladies and gentlemen it is high time each and every one of us remembers it! The old adage: united we stand divided we fall has never been more true than for us, for the American people! Why do you think we are in the current state of affairs we find ourselves in? For the past 30+ years the political, and economic elite have been slowly, and deliberately pitting us against one another.

Why is it for thousands of years, people of the non-ruling class, have always stuck together? Why is it that no matter how bleak things got, we were always able to ignore each other’s differences to bring the greater good to the masses and bring the oppression to heel? It’s because we stood together. So why is it so hard to believe that we couldn’t do so again? Do you think it’s an accident that there are “generation gaps”, that the different “generations” are so fundamentally different that they could never hope to work together? Why do you think every so many years there’s a new gender, race, generation war, or some other aspect of society to turn against and villainize? Do you think that every decade or so we just stumble into a whirlpool of willful ignorance and hatred, or that it is slowly fed to us until we believe it is our own doing?

Propaganda doesn’t have to be Nazi Germany, Stalinist Russia, Communist China, or Cold War scares, propaganda can be as simple as insinuating women shouldn’t have the right to contraception, or gays shouldn’t marry, or a plant that could revolutionize the medical and textile industries is harmful and a gateway to the fall of society. Propaganda can be as blunt as insinuating the president is out to take our guns, to increase profits in arms dealing and ammo production. Propaganda is convincing half a nation of intelligent, educated citizens that solar power, something that occurs every day, and has existed for millennia is much more harmful to our environment or simply unfeasible to harness, compared to fossil fuels, and oil. Ladies and gentlemen propaganda is telling an entire nation that we need to sacrifice our personal freedoms at airports, for our communications because of the threat of a terrorist attack. Propaganda is being told that these measures would be temporary.

Propaganda is 10 years later, militarizing our schools for fear of gun violence instead of promoting and teaching children the value of life. Propaganda is still having to relinquish your boots, and soft drink at the security checkpoint, submit to a thorough search, or risk invasive search on your person and seizure of your property. Propaganda is trying to villainize a president who has probably done more for the average American citizen then anyone would care to give him credit for, and turning those he has tried to help against him. I could go on and on and on about how twisted our society, leaders, and media have become but hopefully I shouldn’t have to. Hopefully I have gotten the point across.

It is my sincere hope and desire to bring this country out of the roiling chaos and cesspool we find it in and bring her back to the forefront where she belongs, and her people with her. The only reason why the middle class is disappearing, why minimum wage hasn’t gone up in 10 years, why we still don’t have affordable health care, and why secondary education is a for profit organization is precisely because the people are no longer represented in government. There are many culprits, but the ones who are most responsible, are ourselves. We did this to ourselves, we convinced ourselves that we are to small, and too weak, that our voice has no strength, that no matter what strides we take, efforts we make, that it will amount to nothing. Look to your neighbor, look them in the eye, now look to another and look them in the eye. Do you see weakness? Do you see fear? Do you see something other than a living breathing human being that deserves the right to all the freedoms and joys you yourself enjoy? You owe it to each other and to yourselves to rid yourself of that ludicrous notion that we the people have no power in our own lives or government. Look up, look at me do you know what I am? Who I am?

I am quite literally nobody. I’m just a guy who threw away his perfectly good Air Force career to waste his life and future on this pointless venture to unite 316 million Americans into standing up, and fighting for their inherent right to live. To love. To exist without regard to the repercussions of daring to be human, and exercising your unalienable rights to do just that. To be able to get sick and not dread seeking aid for fear of suffering financially. For seeing an officer drive past you on the road and you aren’t stricken with an unwanted sense of paranoia. When seeing a politician in office fills your heart with hope, and joy, not hatred and loathing. I’m a 25 year old foreign born, naturalized citizen, through a technicality of my birth. I have a loving family that I have shared tears of joy, tears of sadness, and tears of rage with. I have cheated, I have lied, I have lusted, and I have envied. I spent the past 6 years of my life dedicating it and everything I had to this country and the world’s greatest Air Force. There have been times where my successes were ignored, and my failures embellished and I have felt unjustly treated. I have loved, I have lived, I have had many successes and many failures in my life and I hope I have many more in my future, because I am a human being.

I am just a man some might even call me a boy, but none would call me timid. I am not afraid to stand up for my rights, my freedoms, and I am willing to die for them, to bleed for each and every single one of you even though the vast majority of you I have never even met, or not even know your name. More importantly I am proof that one man, can make a difference. I stand here before you today a candidate for one of the nation’s highest offices. We have strength ladies and gentlemen, we have a voice, and all we have to do is play the game. The best part is, we don’t have to play by their rules, and we don’t have to play their games. Would you all like to know why?

BECAUSE WE ARE AMERICANS, BECAUSE WE MAKE OUR OWN RULES WHEN THE ODDS ARE STACKED AGAINST US, BECAUSE WE HAVE THE GREATER CAUSE, THE BETTER CLAIM TO LEADERSHIP. Who better then us to tell 316 million men, women and children just like us how to improve our lot in life, and create policies and procedures that would benefit us? Why do you think we have been told, for years, for decades, for generations that WE THE PEOPLE can’t hope to make a difference? Because if we dared to try we would reign supreme and we would never allow this idiocy to happen. We would do what is right because it is the right thing to do. We wouldn’t let children starve in our streets while the wealthy elite gorge themselves on caviar, and filet mignon! We would never have created a medical system that cares more about making money than saving the life of a fellow American. WE THE PEOPLE would never have put our children’s safety above their education in the first place. And we sure as hell wouldn’t pay ourselves poverty wages, just so our bosses could drive around in a Porsche!

We would create a society in which the preservation of life is revered much more than acquisition of wealth. We would create a society that would allow such beliefs come to fruition. We would put the power back into the hands of the people, and ensure our children and their children will never have to fight the battles that we find ourselves fighting today. We acknowledge that although everyone has their own opinion and beliefs we realize that together we can pool our ideas together to create an even better solution. We know what it means to struggle, we know what it means to need, and we know what it means to despair. So why should we take orders from those so disenfranchised with our own struggles? Why should these false leaders ruin our lives a single day longer? Why should we allow them to?

Tell me who among you are true patriots? Who among you are not afraid to stand and fight for your rights? Who among you will join me? Who among you will repair the damage to our beautiful country? Who among you will be the voice that is finally heard?! Who among you are courageous enough to shatter all the lies?! Who among you are ready for a future filled with hope! Freedom! And Compassion!


Immigration Reform

Who here was born and raised in America? Who here can trace their family back at least 2 or 3 generations? 4? 5? What about all the way back to the Mayflower? How many people here claim Native American heritage? According to your people’s history how many White or African people lived on the North American continent prior to the European incursions? Yeah that’s kind of the point. It’s not a pretty truth but that doesn’t diminish it in the least folks. All of us, myself included, or possibly myself especially are immigrants to this great nation, whether directly or because our forefather’s came here from Europe. That means that in all actuality all of the Hispanic, Latin American, and South American people’s and especially the Native American population are the only legitimate heirs to this land, or this nation, and we are the trespassers, who just happened to win the battle for supremacy over these lands. Does that make us immigrants, conquerors, or Americans?

The thing is American History should never have been able to be written, the Native American Nations, and yes I say nations, not tribes, outnumbered European populations 1.2:1 or more depending on which study you look at. That’s North America not including the Mayan, Incan, or Aztec empires or the civilizations after their fall, that’s just the good old USA, and Canada. When the Bubonic Plague struck Europe the Native American nations were thriving, settling the “wild west” and creating cities that dwarfed London, Paris, Moscow, or Berlin. They were building gardens, and wonders, and sights that we’ve since turned into parking lots, and memories. They were fighting off Viking incursions all along the East Coast for 500 years, and not just holding them off but slaughtering them like a scythe to wheat. Armed with weapons we in our arrogance deemed barbaric, and uncivilized or woefully outdated, they defended these lands, and their shores for over 500 years.

At around that time is when Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean Blue and “discovered” America and the “Indians”. The thing is over the next 200-300 years, 1500-1700 the Native populace was struck with their own version of the plague that massacred 80% of their populations. With those drastically reduced numbers they still numbered in the millions, which was significantly higher than the colonists, and pilgrims on the coast barely making it through the winter, and needing their aid in order to survive. Not only that there was already a Democracy, and a confederation of nations in effect for hundreds of years, complete with strife, intrigue, and community just like in Europe. The difference is they took pity on us at first and helped us to stand on our own rather than slaughter us like animals like we would within the next 100-200 years.

Thanks to the diminishing population of their once mighty civilizations the Native’s chose to allow the settlers their chance at life and prosperity, and chose to live peacefully with their new neighbors. They began to trade knowledge, supplies, and goods with us and began a partnership. Even more they accepted those who left our hovels, and our failing towns into their own communities. They welcomed the white man into their lives without question or thought because that was the way they were. They held life sacred and insured the survival of their fellow man. However an already diminished society struck to the core by death and disease would continue to suffer losses, to both as we became stronger, and more established in their lands.

This is where the American history where we were taught in school takes over. We became the 13 colonies, fought the war of Revolution, fought side by side with our German and French brother’s against the most powerful Empire to have ever existed in that time in history, and we won. Instead of enjoying our victories and solidifying our place on the coast we looked west. We looked west and we forgot that our Native brothers were the ones that kept us alive, took us in, and taught us everything we knew in order to make it to where we were at that time, and we didn’t care. WE were victorious, we were conquerors, and it was our Manifest Destiny. Sure it wasn’t just the colonists, now American’s who fought the Indians, the French, and British were there too and the declining nation of Native Americans were caught in the middle, but it happened nevertheless.

Could the Sioux, or the Blackfoot have rallied and fought back and slaughtered every single last one of us back then? Absolutely, but sadly unity had fallen apart among the Nations as well and it never came to be. So began our steady march to the West coast and the building blocks of our nation began. There were wars with Mexico that lasted even into the early 1900’s. There was conflict on American soil between brothers over the right of all mankind. We saw the rise and fall of great leaders and we called ourselves superior. We called ourselves the destined, that it was our God given righto conquer and control, and we executed that right with precision, methodology, and no remorse. We became mighty. We became the king of the mountain, and our right to lead, and to rule is and was finally put in place as it should be. WE deign to allow others to live in OUR country, OUR nation that WE built with our bare hands, and tamed with our grit, and determination to settle the wild and untamed world that no man had ever seen before.

It was all a lie that we as the victors told ourselves to justify the genocide, the control, and the continued relentless Westward march to the Pacific for our birthright. That is the truth of our heritage, and it is the history that we have never been taught, but had to learn for ourselves, or perhaps never knew. But it is hypocrisy to say that we deserve basic human rights, privileges and opportunities over others who live in neighboring countries whose ideologies leave their under privileged, or poor to rot in the dust, and crumble to bones and ash. Citizenship is a birthright, but so is the right to live, to prosper, to love, to feel joy, to be accepted, and have the chance to grow as a person. Who are we to deny our fellow man those basic unalienable rights, and still call ourselves American Patriots, the defenders of freedom, and human rights?

There are laws, and laws create order, and safety for a nation, and they are there for a reason. Some laws are meant to be broken or can be looked past, but others cannot. Others still need to evolve with the times or change, or be dismissed altogether. America is a diverse, multicultural, multi ethnic, many religion nation and thrives because of it. The vast majority of illegal immigrants fled to our country, FLED because of the extreme disparity in their own country. Who are we to throw them back to desperation, corruption and death? Why not give them a second chance at life. Why are we making it harder to be a part of the greatest nation on Earth? Why do we deny people the right to pay taxes, go to school, and create new opportunities for every American by helping to fill, or generate jobs in our country?

Furthermore what makes the most sense, deporting a family, or an individual tax would otherwise be taxpaying citizen? Incarcerating someone who wasn’t part of our country to begin with and wasting tax payer dollars to hold them? Denying those same people the chance TO become citizens just because they fled here in the first place? Are we condoning illegals in this country simply because it’s cheap and untaxable labor, since they were here illegally to begin with? IS that the nation we’ve become? We can allow underhanded employment of illegal immigrants but can’t grant them citizenship to be productive, tax paying members of society? Is that what we’ve become?

Illegals should go back to where they came from, they’re taking our good jobs, they don’t deserve to live off of the system, they don’t deserve to go to school, they are a burden on the economy, why don’t they apply for a visa like they’re supposed to, we don’t want more empty mouths to feed, there’s no room for them, these are the common arguments against solving this very real humanitarian problem at our doorstep. And every solution that anyone wants to explore ranges from brutal removal from our country, to free passes and no accountability. What I’m suggesting is we do both. Give them a chance to become citizens, give them a chance to be a part of the system, and not a drain. Give them the opportunity to become Americans, pay back into the system that helped them, and improve their own lives, and the lives of their communities from the tax dollars they’re paying.

There’s a theme in my political agenda: compassion, morality, doing what’s right and what’s needed to be done, this is no different. Even If you want to be cold and calculating about the whole situation, what makes more sense: wasting taxpayer dollars disposing of a potential asset to the economy, or using those tax dollars to ensure that asset becomes a productive member of society? Let me put it this way, do you just junk your car because the transmission went out, do you just stop driving because your tags expire, or do you go to the mechanic to fix your transmission and the DMV to get your tags renewed? Illegal immigration is a concept that needs to be addressed in a reasonable, and human fashion, not like taking out the trash, this is just common morality speaking.

The potential benefits to our nation by increasing our productive, and taxpaying population, increasing our diversity and culture, and potentially adding 1,000’s of teachers and doctors, or mechanics and engineers to our work force, to our labor pool, and our future generation of leaders far outweigh the devastating losses we could face without them. Albert Einstein was ran out of Germany during WWII for the crime of being Jewish, and because of him our understanding of the world and the universe have taken leaps and bounds. Because of him, one man, one ostracized Jewish man we were able to end a war, and catapult ourselves into the modern age of electronics, space exploration, physics, and so much more. Why would we repeat the same mistakes of a tyrant, when we embody the ideals and morals of equality, freedom, and justice for all mankind? We would be fools to do so, and the advantages of not doing so are plain to see. Let us do the American thing, let us show our patriotism, and human compassion, let us do what is right and help these people join our ranks and become part of the greatest nation the World has ever known!

Economic Inequality

This is probably the most pressing question that all of us are asking: why is there such a large wealth disparity in this country? That is the fundamental reason why governments exist: to care for and support her citizenry, and ensure their well-being. Not only that the United States of America is by and large the most powerful and wealthy singular nation in the world. How is it then that the middle class is disappearing and the wage gap is so vast? Why is it that there are more and more homes that are empty and people unable to fill them? How is it that the “minimum” wage is not enough to live off of while corporations are making record profits? Even worse why are food costs, and energy costs so high when there is a greater amount of obesity than starvation in our country, and an abundance of technologies that would vastly reduce the cost of both fuel and power? The answer to all of those questions should chill each and every single one of you to the bones. Greed.

We live in a country that can no longer accurately be defined as a representative Democracy, which utilizes a free market economy, we are in fact an Oligarchy. The definition of Oligarchy is this: a small governing group; a small group of people who together govern a nation or control an organization, often for their own purposes. Ladies and gentlemen let there be no doubt in anyone’s mind, the United States of America is very much so an Oligarchy, a lot of it has to do with the limitless amount of money that can be legally poured into political campaigns, the Citizen’s United ruling, and the sheer amount of lobbying that occurs in our country. So the question is how did this happen, and more importantly how can we stop it if at all?

Let’s first discuss the how. There needs to be a brief history lesson to accurately convey the results of 12,000 years of civilization. First and foremost money isn’t something that occurs in nature, it isn’t something any other species in the world utilizes, and it isn’t something that’s even easily quantifiable. The fact of the matter is even the “science” of economics isn’t even a set in stone principle, one that can be examined and explained and shown to work precisely the same way in every one of its occurrences. Economics is heavily influenced by the human element, greed of the individual, machinations of the economic leaders and whims of the consumer, the presumption that a currency has a “specific” value, and that as a result of its existence it will cause the value to inflate causing value to decrease. All of this stems from the earliest days of our evolution as hunters and gatherers. From the onset man has been tenacious and protective over their property, something that does in fact occur in many other species in the wild. However even throughout our primal history there have been examples of working together for the sake of community, conquest and hoarding of goods/commodities, as well as trading for goods. It is these last two that have defined our economic principles and foundations for civilization.

Baring in mind that conquest, and bartering were the two fundamental means in which early humans chose to build their societies around, it comes as no surprise that the evolution of bartering, currency, society, and civilization would revolve around a system that would show, and enforce supremacy over others. For millennia we have fought wars, slaughtered millions of our own kind for scraps of land, trinkets, and titles. We have hunted, tortured, and killed our fellow man for scraps of rotten meat during times of plenty, and worse during times of scarcity. Our economic policy has been predominantly to concentrate wealth into the hands of the wealthiest most powerful elite in a civilization, and whatever else is left goes to the citizenry….for the past 12 thousand years. In 12 thousand years ladies and gentlemen we haven’t moved one inch past that cold hard, disturbing fact.

We haven’t changed an ounce from our ancient predecessors, not a single step. We might have technological wonders that would be considered magical in their eyes, we might have landed on the Moon, and sent expeditions to Mars. We have discovered electricity, invented the computer, invented the internet, have improved our knowledge and understanding of our planet, solar system, galaxy and the universe, and yet fundamentally we haven’t significantly changed the way we exist as a society from the days of our earliest attempts at civilization. I’m here to tell you that if that doesn’t change soon, given the level of destructive technologies at our disposal, and the general unrest of the masses around the world, we might not get a better chance to right the wrongs of our past, regardless of how recent. We need to be better than the men and women of the ancient world, the Feudal Ages, and leaders of today. We need to be the change that is needed, the change that will improve the livelihood of everyone regardless of belief or wealth, the change that will ensure our continued existence!

A stunning and shocking fact about humanity, is this: if we disappear from Earth today in 50 years every species of animal and plant life will flourish and all but obliterate our footprint from the face of this Earth. Likewise if we continue on the way we have been or get even worse, we will destroy all life on this planet, and wither and die with them. We can’t sustain ourselves the way we are currently behaving, and this planet cannot take our abuses to it, so we need to act like the sentient evolved species we all claim to be and start acting a whole lot less selfishly. The technologies to live our lives and maintain our current lifestyles do not have to be detrimental to ourselves, our environment, or anything else, that is why they are called clean energies and technologies. The saddest part of that is that the people in charge, the men and women we have voted into office for decades, and the corporate leaders that we esteem with so much praise and hope, are  indeed aware that this could be a reality, and that it is feasible.

We have been led astray and been told it’s for our own good, we have been fed misinformation and propaganda for all of our lives, and we have let it succeed. That needs to end today, in fact it needs to end yesterday, we are not peasants toiling on a farm for 16 hours a day in medieval France, we are modern day Americans with all of the world’s knowledge at our finger tips, we are much better equipped, educated, and observant than to fall for this type of blatant and willful slander. We can bring solar power, and environmentally friendly fuels into our lives, and make them permanent today. We can start the process of being better American’s today. Economics isn’t limited to the effects we impose on our environment but also in the way we treat each other. Remember when I said there were examples of early civilizations, or societies working together for the greater good? Some of those societies still exist today one shining example of which are the Native American’s. What’s more there are examples all across our nation where citizens have come together to help their most ailing, and troubled neighbors. Idaho has implemented a program that should tear at the hearts of any sensible human being, they have in place a program to put homeless people back into the work force, inside of a home that would otherwise lay vacant, and have the opportunity to better themselves and their loved ones in the process.

There are countless other examples of our changing society that are taking root, but are being pushed to their limits to succeed. The owner of Tesla, an electric car company and the foremost producer of electric cars, has made their patents to energy stations, electric car batteries, and more available to all companies to be used so long as they adhere to their standards, which is to make recharge stations free for all. This same pioneering CEO is also trying his damndest to bring Solar Power to the forefront of our energy industry, by developing better and more cost effective means to produce solar panels at both lower cost and higher quality than the current generation being developed by China. This change and revolution of our lifetime is ongoing and current, but it is far from complete and far from over. There is plenty of work to be done, but the first steps have been taken, and that’s what counts. We need to be the catalysts that push these trends over the edge and snowballing out of control, because for once in our long and tumultuous history we can do something right and good! If we run blindly forward into the future doing something let it be throwing up solar panels everywhere, using refined seawater, or the solar energy we just created to power our vehicles and equipment, let it be by improving the living conditions of every American citizen not just the wealthy, let it be by trying to cure every disease, and ailment that plagues us, let it be by building goodwill among each other and our neighbors, let it be for all the good things in our society, not greed, not the lust for power, not for new and more imaginative reasons to go to war, not to undue thousands of years of struggle, development, and hope. Let us be that catalyst for change and prosperity, and together we can right the wrongs of our past and forge a new future that we can be proud of and be remembered for!

Bipartisanship - Obstructionism

I got a question or all of you: When was the last time bipartisan politics actually worked for you? Let me be specific when was the last time the Republicans or the Democrats came together with their differing ideologies, listened to the wants, and needs of the people and worked together to come to an agreeable solution? Or let me try this approach when has the Republican Party unanimously came together as the majority leader in our government and truly improved the lives of each and every American citizen, about 316 million of us? What about the last time Democrats accomplished that goal? I think I heard someone say the Republicans came together during 9/11 and that the Dems and Obama gave us health care. Anything else maybe?

Let me ask you this: have you, as an individual, as a citizen, have you personally had your life markedly improved over the past 10 years? Can you afford more commodities with your income? Can you afford higher education without supplemental income or assistance such as grants, or loans? What about health care? What about Retirement? What about buying healthy foods for yourself or your family to eat? Can you buy an ecofriendly vehicle with decent gas mileage? Can you buy a model that’s less than 2 years old? Any ladies in the house [reading this]? When was the last time you got to take care of your needs, both medical and physical without having to jump through a thousand hoops or having to watch a national debate about your reproductive systems from, old, white, rich, powerful, men?

I think I’ve made a point by now but I’m going to hit it further home. When was the last Doctor elected to Congress? What about as a Governor? A mayor perhaps? Probably a mayor right, or city level government that one is pretty reasonable to assume has happened in recent history. What about a teacher, or a professor, or an engineer, or a mechanic, or a bagger, a grocer, an artist, or an architect, or a shift manager, or a factory worker, or any of the other 1,000 and 1 careers out there? When was the last time a true blue, red blooded, living breathing, hardworking, aspiring American ran for public office, let alone won? Do you know who’s currently running our country? Do you know who’s currently representing all of the aforementioned careers, backgrounds, and demographics that are as a diverse as the people that fit them?

We are a nation ran by career politicians, lawyers, bankers, stock brokers, CEO’s, and maybe every now and again a retired high ranking service member. Let’s break that down a bit, who here is a lawyer? A banker? A stock broker? A CEO? A retired General or Colonel? How about a career politician? In fact what exactly is a career politician? Isn’t that someone who makes it their life profession to become reelected and represent their people, or their district? Shouldn’t it be individuals with your, mine and our interests at heart? Theoretically yes a career politician should be just that, but I guarantee you that most if not all of them are not.

Why is it then that most Congressmen spend the second half of their term campaigning instead of governing? Did we as American voters elect these people to do their job for half of their term? Did we elect them to cater to the needs and the whims of the Lobbyists and billionaire CEO’s, and elite of America? Or did we elect them, Republican and Democrat alike, to represent our needs in Capitol Hill, and to create laws, or to enforce laws and regulations that would help lessen or eliminate poverty, improve access to education and healthcare, to ensure work opportunities and wages, increase the strength of our rights and freedoms, not to diminish and undermine them? Since when does the word politician fill our hearts and minds with anger and frustration when they should be filling our hearts and minds with hope and elation that we are being heard, and respected at the highest levels of government? Furthermore why are these people getting reelected when they spend half of their term not doing their job?

Let’s look past the campaigning itself for one moment and just look at the act of taking the time out of their day, their job, to plead with you to reelect them to that particular office when they are literally spending half of that term in office asking you to reelect them? Why aren’t they letting their actions and successes reelect themselves instead? That sounds a bit confusing, so let me retry that. Why are these politicians not giving us reasons to want to reelect them? Why are we not flooding their inboxes or mailboxes with sincere interest at their continued leadership? Isn’t that what should be the driving force in a political system? The successes?

On that subject why are they telling us for half their term what they are going to do for their next term? Why the hell are they not doing it this term? Does anybody else see the logic in that claim? It’s because it’s not about us anymore it’s about their power, their influence, and having the majority with their political party so that they can enact their own personal or party agenda, and that is true whether you are a Liberal Democrat or a Conservative Republican. Bipartisan politics has been a bane to the American way since it became even more polarized in the past 2 decades. Let me assure you that this was deliberately done on their part and our collective willingness to be complacent.

Yeah not something I should probably say to the people I want to inspire and guide but the truth has to be spoken and the issue be addressed before it can be resolved. We need to pull together collectively as a nation and set aside our differences because our differences are not our weaknesses. On the contrary what sets us apart makes us stronger, and the more diverse the collective body of ideas is, the more will come out of it. As the saying goes you can’t get different results if you keep doing it the same exact way over and over again. Diversity breeds progression, and progression breeds prosperity! What we need to stop doing is dividing ourselves up by race, by religion, by gender, or sexuality, or even by generation, because at the end of the day we are all American’s. We all grew up in this country and worked hard to get to where we are today, and it is an absolute shame that we can’t look around ourselves and see Americans just a few black people, some baby boomers, generation X’ers, women, and Hispanics.

E Plurbis Unum. Out of many one. We are 316 Million people in this one great nation, yes there have been horrible moments in our history that has divided us, and I’m not saying to ignore them, I’m saying to acknowledge that they happened, accept that they happened, and respect that that is not the way of the World anymore, or at the least it doesn’t have to be. Ending racism and discrimination starts with you, each of us individually, and the way to do that is by seeing American’s instead of statistics and demographics. The only time a demographic should ever be relevant is in the doctor’s office. The past is in the past, and the current status quo has been failing us for over 3 decades, it’s time to change that reality and build a new one, together, one that will stand the test of time, because the American spirit can, will, and has stood the test of time since our founding!

Help end Bipartisanship and discrimination by being that candidate, or that person that stands up for what is right. Be the change that you demand, protest, and fight for. Join the thousands and the millions of Americans who are fed up with the way things are, and be the answer to the problem! We are on the right path, we are fighting the good fight, and now, hopefully, we all have a better understanding of exactly what it is we are fighting for, and why. We can rewrite history, and we can ensure that we are remembered for all of the right reasons, let us start our journey into the future, together, and reach higher than we ever have before as a people, as a community, and as a country!

Dakota Access Pipeline Dispute

Greetings Ladies and Gentleman, thank you for allowing me to speak on Meet the Candidates day here at the Islamic Center of Greater Cincinnati. I would like to take this time not to speak about my candidacy but to instead address a major catastrophe unfolding in our nation. I would also like to ask that all persons with an electronic recording device, and any media present turn on your devices and record the words I am about to speak, and stream them live on any social media you have, or to upload the video later. What I have to discuss concerns much of what is at stake in our Democracy, but also our humanity.

Some of you may have heard of the ongoing crisis at the Standing Rock site in North Dakota concerning the Dakota Access Pipeline, which is being built through Treaty protected lands, held by Native American tribes. I would like to reiterate firstly, that these lands are treaty protected, which means the actions occurring in North Dakota violate Article II, Section 2, Clause 2 of the Constitution of the United States of America eg. He shall have Power, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, to make Treaties, provided two thirds of the Senators present concur. Furthermore it violates Article I of the Treaty of Fort Laramie specifically:

“If bad men among the whites, or among other people subject to the authority of the United States, shall commit any wrong upon the person or property of the Indians, the United States will, upon proof made to the agent, and forwarded to the Commissioner of Indian Affairs at Washington city, proceed at once to cause the offender to be arrested and punished according to the laws of the United States, and also reimburse the injured person for the loss sustained.”

Article II of the same treaty, specifically:

“…and in addition thereto, all existing reservations of the east back of said river, shall be and the same is, set apart for the absolute and undisturbed use and occupation of the Indians herein named, and for such other friendly tribes or individual Indians as from time to time they may be willing, with the consent of the United States, to admit amongst them; and the United States now solemnly agrees that no persons, except those herein designated and authorized so to do, and except such officers, agents, and employees of the government as may be authorized to enter upon Indian reservations in discharge of duties enjoined by law, shall ever be permitted to pass over, settle upon, or reside in the territory described in this article, or in such territory as may be added to this reservation for the use of said Indians..”

Article XII of the same treaty:

“No treaty for the cession of any portion or part of the reservation herein described which may be held in common, shall be of any validity or force as against the said Indians unless executed and signed by at least three-fourths of all the adult male Indians occupying or interested in the same, and no cession by the tribe shall be understood or construed in such manner as to deprive, without his consent, any individual member of the tribe of his rights to any tract of land selected by him as provided in Article VI of this treaty.”

And lastly but certainly not least Article XVI:

“The United States hereby agrees and stipulates that the country north of the North Platte River and east of the summits of the Big Horn mountains shall be held and considered to be unceded. Indian territory, and also stipulates and agrees that no white person or persons shall be permitted to settle upon or occupy any portion of the same; or without the consent of the Indians, first had and obtained, to pass through the same…”

And that the Indian protesters themselves have not violated Article XI, Sections 3 and 5:

“3d. That they will not attack any persons at home, or travelling, nor molest or disturb any wagon trains, coaches, mules, or cattle belonging to the people of the United States, or to persons friendly therewith.”

“5th. …white men, nor attempt to do them harm.”

I would also like to point out that such notables that were present for the signing of this treaty was Ohio’s own William Tecumseh Sherman, and Sitting Bull, perhaps one of the most famous and well known Native American leaders in our history.

I bring up the actual verbiage of both the Constitution and the Treaty of Fort Laramie specifically because the United States is implicitly violating both the Treaty and the Constitution by allowing armed Law enforcement and even the National Guard to enforce this unprecedented infringement of Native rights by a company let alone any entity. Furthermore as a SSgt in the United States Air Force I know explicitly swearing an oath that stipulated in no uncertain terms to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America from all enemies both foreign and domestic. I say that the actions of the Oil company, the police presence defending the incursion and the activation of the National Guard to support the efforts of Law Enforcement and Construction crews is a gross violation of the Constitution which, again implicitly defends treaties entered into.

I would also like to add that such gross vandalism and incursion through the use of force, against a sovereign nation, and protected lands is grounds for immediate impeachment, removal from office, and in the case of the Armed forces present, grounds for decommissioning, and discharge. In essence through the acts of violence, and aggression against a peaceful populace, who are defending their homeland and drinking water, something that isn’t new in the United States as is evinced by Flint Michigan residents to this very day, is very close to being considered a breach of the treaty and consequentially an act of war against the Native American tribes present at the protest, and build site.

Ladies and gentlemen we are in an historic time of our lives and perhaps our nation’s history. We are facing unprecedented levels of: Obstructionism by a concerted effort of a major political party, a major party candidate beset with scandal, vulgarity, and unethical behavior, police brutality going unchecked, governors getting away with cutting State funds to local cities, governors not being held accountable for the dismal state of their cities poisoning their own citizens, gerrymandering all across the nation which deprives voters of their voices in exchange for “safe havens” of political party candidates, big money and private interests gouging consumers, avoiding their taxes, and denying employees’ rights and benefits out of hand for “profit, the greatest racial tension and intolerance since the 60’s, and a general dissatisfaction with all things politics.

We are on the brink folks. We are angry, we are being manipulated and controlled, we are being pushed and pulled in every other direction the exact moment we come close to unity and solidarity. We are desperate to reclaim what has been lost through 2 devastating recessions in an 8 year period and a damning Government Shut Down that implemented the most draconian cuts to government spending of all time. And now we are recommitting the atrocities of our not so distant past by attacking, and coercing Native Americans on their own land to step aside for the White Man’s pursuit of wealth and power. We are repeatedly meeting protestation, and civil outrage with brute force and anti-patriotic propaganda. We are condemning those who no longer toe the line and comply with outrageous demands as obstructionists, and anarchists while the crimes committed by those with power go unchecked.

We are on the brink. Not of destruction, not of despair, but of change. This is an election year, but this is no ordinary election year. This is a presidential election year, a year where We The People of These United States of America can stand United in a way that cannot be quelled! There are 435 Congressional seats up for grabs across the nation. Every single Congressman or woman can be voted out of office. Every Single Congressmen that has voted against Veterans benefits, Equal Pay for women, LGBTQ Rights, Religious Tolerance and Freedom, and have presented no jobs bills can and should be voted out of Congress this election year.

One third of all US Senators are also on the chopping block. All 49 Sitting US Senators who signed the Letter to the Ayatollah condemning and undermining the authority of the President and the Sovereignty of the United States during a crucial Nuclear Deal, can and should be voted out of office or brought up for impeachment. One such Senator is our own Rob Portman who is being upheld by the very corrupt powers that have plagued our nation’s politics for decades: avarice! Across the country there are hundreds of State Representatives running for election for the first time, many of who with military backgrounds, or Blue Collar backgrounds who can and will fight with every last breath for the American People they serve.

All across the nations there are thousands of elected offices up for grabs and every single one of those races can change the course of our nation, because every one of those elected positions are chosen and granted by us. I myself am a candidate in one of the aforementioned races, State Representative for Ohio’s 62nd district, and I can assure you that I am not alone in my outrage or convictions to set to right the injustices committed by those in power. Their promises of restoring our rights and freedoms, our privileges, our prosperity, our safety and security, and our civil well-being have had ample opportunity to deliver. They have not. That should be the greatest indication there is that those with the power to make the changes they promise are not inclined to do so, and would rather serve their own selfish ends.

I implore you, stand with Standing Rock, fight for our liberties, remove from power the corrupt defunct would be leaders of our Cities, our States, and our Nation and let us usher in a new era of hope and prosperity, dictated by the common man! Let us embrace our diversity, let us remember what our nation was founded upon: E Plurbis Unum, out of Many One. Do that and I promise you one thing: together we can and we will make a difference!