Bipartisanship - Obstructionism

I got a question or all of you: When was the last time bipartisan politics actually worked for you? Let me be specific when was the last time the Republicans or the Democrats came together with their differing ideologies, listened to the wants, and needs of the people and worked together to come to an agreeable solution? Or let me try this approach when has the Republican Party unanimously came together as the majority leader in our government and truly improved the lives of each and every American citizen, about 316 million of us? What about the last time Democrats accomplished that goal? I think I heard someone say the Republicans came together during 9/11 and that the Dems and Obama gave us health care. Anything else maybe?

Let me ask you this: have you, as an individual, as a citizen, have you personally had your life markedly improved over the past 10 years? Can you afford more commodities with your income? Can you afford higher education without supplemental income or assistance such as grants, or loans? What about health care? What about Retirement? What about buying healthy foods for yourself or your family to eat? Can you buy an ecofriendly vehicle with decent gas mileage? Can you buy a model that’s less than 2 years old? Any ladies in the house [reading this]? When was the last time you got to take care of your needs, both medical and physical without having to jump through a thousand hoops or having to watch a national debate about your reproductive systems from, old, white, rich, powerful, men?

I think I’ve made a point by now but I’m going to hit it further home. When was the last Doctor elected to Congress? What about as a Governor? A mayor perhaps? Probably a mayor right, or city level government that one is pretty reasonable to assume has happened in recent history. What about a teacher, or a professor, or an engineer, or a mechanic, or a bagger, a grocer, an artist, or an architect, or a shift manager, or a factory worker, or any of the other 1,000 and 1 careers out there? When was the last time a true blue, red blooded, living breathing, hardworking, aspiring American ran for public office, let alone won? Do you know who’s currently running our country? Do you know who’s currently representing all of the aforementioned careers, backgrounds, and demographics that are as a diverse as the people that fit them?

We are a nation ran by career politicians, lawyers, bankers, stock brokers, CEO’s, and maybe every now and again a retired high ranking service member. Let’s break that down a bit, who here is a lawyer? A banker? A stock broker? A CEO? A retired General or Colonel? How about a career politician? In fact what exactly is a career politician? Isn’t that someone who makes it their life profession to become reelected and represent their people, or their district? Shouldn’t it be individuals with your, mine and our interests at heart? Theoretically yes a career politician should be just that, but I guarantee you that most if not all of them are not.

Why is it then that most Congressmen spend the second half of their term campaigning instead of governing? Did we as American voters elect these people to do their job for half of their term? Did we elect them to cater to the needs and the whims of the Lobbyists and billionaire CEO’s, and elite of America? Or did we elect them, Republican and Democrat alike, to represent our needs in Capitol Hill, and to create laws, or to enforce laws and regulations that would help lessen or eliminate poverty, improve access to education and healthcare, to ensure work opportunities and wages, increase the strength of our rights and freedoms, not to diminish and undermine them? Since when does the word politician fill our hearts and minds with anger and frustration when they should be filling our hearts and minds with hope and elation that we are being heard, and respected at the highest levels of government? Furthermore why are these people getting reelected when they spend half of their term not doing their job?

Let’s look past the campaigning itself for one moment and just look at the act of taking the time out of their day, their job, to plead with you to reelect them to that particular office when they are literally spending half of that term in office asking you to reelect them? Why aren’t they letting their actions and successes reelect themselves instead? That sounds a bit confusing, so let me retry that. Why are these politicians not giving us reasons to want to reelect them? Why are we not flooding their inboxes or mailboxes with sincere interest at their continued leadership? Isn’t that what should be the driving force in a political system? The successes?

On that subject why are they telling us for half their term what they are going to do for their next term? Why the hell are they not doing it this term? Does anybody else see the logic in that claim? It’s because it’s not about us anymore it’s about their power, their influence, and having the majority with their political party so that they can enact their own personal or party agenda, and that is true whether you are a Liberal Democrat or a Conservative Republican. Bipartisan politics has been a bane to the American way since it became even more polarized in the past 2 decades. Let me assure you that this was deliberately done on their part and our collective willingness to be complacent.

Yeah not something I should probably say to the people I want to inspire and guide but the truth has to be spoken and the issue be addressed before it can be resolved. We need to pull together collectively as a nation and set aside our differences because our differences are not our weaknesses. On the contrary what sets us apart makes us stronger, and the more diverse the collective body of ideas is, the more will come out of it. As the saying goes you can’t get different results if you keep doing it the same exact way over and over again. Diversity breeds progression, and progression breeds prosperity! What we need to stop doing is dividing ourselves up by race, by religion, by gender, or sexuality, or even by generation, because at the end of the day we are all American’s. We all grew up in this country and worked hard to get to where we are today, and it is an absolute shame that we can’t look around ourselves and see Americans just a few black people, some baby boomers, generation X’ers, women, and Hispanics.

E Plurbis Unum. Out of many one. We are 316 Million people in this one great nation, yes there have been horrible moments in our history that has divided us, and I’m not saying to ignore them, I’m saying to acknowledge that they happened, accept that they happened, and respect that that is not the way of the World anymore, or at the least it doesn’t have to be. Ending racism and discrimination starts with you, each of us individually, and the way to do that is by seeing American’s instead of statistics and demographics. The only time a demographic should ever be relevant is in the doctor’s office. The past is in the past, and the current status quo has been failing us for over 3 decades, it’s time to change that reality and build a new one, together, one that will stand the test of time, because the American spirit can, will, and has stood the test of time since our founding!

Help end Bipartisanship and discrimination by being that candidate, or that person that stands up for what is right. Be the change that you demand, protest, and fight for. Join the thousands and the millions of Americans who are fed up with the way things are, and be the answer to the problem! We are on the right path, we are fighting the good fight, and now, hopefully, we all have a better understanding of exactly what it is we are fighting for, and why. We can rewrite history, and we can ensure that we are remembered for all of the right reasons, let us start our journey into the future, together, and reach higher than we ever have before as a people, as a community, and as a country!