Economic Inequality

This is probably the most pressing question that all of us are asking: why is there such a large wealth disparity in this country? That is the fundamental reason why governments exist: to care for and support her citizenry, and ensure their well-being. Not only that the United States of America is by and large the most powerful and wealthy singular nation in the world. How is it then that the middle class is disappearing and the wage gap is so vast? Why is it that there are more and more homes that are empty and people unable to fill them? How is it that the “minimum” wage is not enough to live off of while corporations are making record profits? Even worse why are food costs, and energy costs so high when there is a greater amount of obesity than starvation in our country, and an abundance of technologies that would vastly reduce the cost of both fuel and power? The answer to all of those questions should chill each and every single one of you to the bones. Greed.

We live in a country that can no longer accurately be defined as a representative Democracy, which utilizes a free market economy, we are in fact an Oligarchy. The definition of Oligarchy is this: a small governing group; a small group of people who together govern a nation or control an organization, often for their own purposes. Ladies and gentlemen let there be no doubt in anyone’s mind, the United States of America is very much so an Oligarchy, a lot of it has to do with the limitless amount of money that can be legally poured into political campaigns, the Citizen’s United ruling, and the sheer amount of lobbying that occurs in our country. So the question is how did this happen, and more importantly how can we stop it if at all?

Let’s first discuss the how. There needs to be a brief history lesson to accurately convey the results of 12,000 years of civilization. First and foremost money isn’t something that occurs in nature, it isn’t something any other species in the world utilizes, and it isn’t something that’s even easily quantifiable. The fact of the matter is even the “science” of economics isn’t even a set in stone principle, one that can be examined and explained and shown to work precisely the same way in every one of its occurrences. Economics is heavily influenced by the human element, greed of the individual, machinations of the economic leaders and whims of the consumer, the presumption that a currency has a “specific” value, and that as a result of its existence it will cause the value to inflate causing value to decrease. All of this stems from the earliest days of our evolution as hunters and gatherers. From the onset man has been tenacious and protective over their property, something that does in fact occur in many other species in the wild. However even throughout our primal history there have been examples of working together for the sake of community, conquest and hoarding of goods/commodities, as well as trading for goods. It is these last two that have defined our economic principles and foundations for civilization.

Baring in mind that conquest, and bartering were the two fundamental means in which early humans chose to build their societies around, it comes as no surprise that the evolution of bartering, currency, society, and civilization would revolve around a system that would show, and enforce supremacy over others. For millennia we have fought wars, slaughtered millions of our own kind for scraps of land, trinkets, and titles. We have hunted, tortured, and killed our fellow man for scraps of rotten meat during times of plenty, and worse during times of scarcity. Our economic policy has been predominantly to concentrate wealth into the hands of the wealthiest most powerful elite in a civilization, and whatever else is left goes to the citizenry….for the past 12 thousand years. In 12 thousand years ladies and gentlemen we haven’t moved one inch past that cold hard, disturbing fact.

We haven’t changed an ounce from our ancient predecessors, not a single step. We might have technological wonders that would be considered magical in their eyes, we might have landed on the Moon, and sent expeditions to Mars. We have discovered electricity, invented the computer, invented the internet, have improved our knowledge and understanding of our planet, solar system, galaxy and the universe, and yet fundamentally we haven’t significantly changed the way we exist as a society from the days of our earliest attempts at civilization. I’m here to tell you that if that doesn’t change soon, given the level of destructive technologies at our disposal, and the general unrest of the masses around the world, we might not get a better chance to right the wrongs of our past, regardless of how recent. We need to be better than the men and women of the ancient world, the Feudal Ages, and leaders of today. We need to be the change that is needed, the change that will improve the livelihood of everyone regardless of belief or wealth, the change that will ensure our continued existence!

A stunning and shocking fact about humanity, is this: if we disappear from Earth today in 50 years every species of animal and plant life will flourish and all but obliterate our footprint from the face of this Earth. Likewise if we continue on the way we have been or get even worse, we will destroy all life on this planet, and wither and die with them. We can’t sustain ourselves the way we are currently behaving, and this planet cannot take our abuses to it, so we need to act like the sentient evolved species we all claim to be and start acting a whole lot less selfishly. The technologies to live our lives and maintain our current lifestyles do not have to be detrimental to ourselves, our environment, or anything else, that is why they are called clean energies and technologies. The saddest part of that is that the people in charge, the men and women we have voted into office for decades, and the corporate leaders that we esteem with so much praise and hope, are  indeed aware that this could be a reality, and that it is feasible.

We have been led astray and been told it’s for our own good, we have been fed misinformation and propaganda for all of our lives, and we have let it succeed. That needs to end today, in fact it needs to end yesterday, we are not peasants toiling on a farm for 16 hours a day in medieval France, we are modern day Americans with all of the world’s knowledge at our finger tips, we are much better equipped, educated, and observant than to fall for this type of blatant and willful slander. We can bring solar power, and environmentally friendly fuels into our lives, and make them permanent today. We can start the process of being better American’s today. Economics isn’t limited to the effects we impose on our environment but also in the way we treat each other. Remember when I said there were examples of early civilizations, or societies working together for the greater good? Some of those societies still exist today one shining example of which are the Native American’s. What’s more there are examples all across our nation where citizens have come together to help their most ailing, and troubled neighbors. Idaho has implemented a program that should tear at the hearts of any sensible human being, they have in place a program to put homeless people back into the work force, inside of a home that would otherwise lay vacant, and have the opportunity to better themselves and their loved ones in the process.

There are countless other examples of our changing society that are taking root, but are being pushed to their limits to succeed. The owner of Tesla, an electric car company and the foremost producer of electric cars, has made their patents to energy stations, electric car batteries, and more available to all companies to be used so long as they adhere to their standards, which is to make recharge stations free for all. This same pioneering CEO is also trying his damndest to bring Solar Power to the forefront of our energy industry, by developing better and more cost effective means to produce solar panels at both lower cost and higher quality than the current generation being developed by China. This change and revolution of our lifetime is ongoing and current, but it is far from complete and far from over. There is plenty of work to be done, but the first steps have been taken, and that’s what counts. We need to be the catalysts that push these trends over the edge and snowballing out of control, because for once in our long and tumultuous history we can do something right and good! If we run blindly forward into the future doing something let it be throwing up solar panels everywhere, using refined seawater, or the solar energy we just created to power our vehicles and equipment, let it be by improving the living conditions of every American citizen not just the wealthy, let it be by trying to cure every disease, and ailment that plagues us, let it be by building goodwill among each other and our neighbors, let it be for all the good things in our society, not greed, not the lust for power, not for new and more imaginative reasons to go to war, not to undue thousands of years of struggle, development, and hope. Let us be that catalyst for change and prosperity, and together we can right the wrongs of our past and forge a new future that we can be proud of and be remembered for!