Immigration Reform

Who here was born and raised in America? Who here can trace their family back at least 2 or 3 generations? 4? 5? What about all the way back to the Mayflower? How many people here claim Native American heritage? According to your people’s history how many White or African people lived on the North American continent prior to the European incursions? Yeah that’s kind of the point. It’s not a pretty truth but that doesn’t diminish it in the least folks. All of us, myself included, or possibly myself especially are immigrants to this great nation, whether directly or because our forefather’s came here from Europe. That means that in all actuality all of the Hispanic, Latin American, and South American people’s and especially the Native American population are the only legitimate heirs to this land, or this nation, and we are the trespassers, who just happened to win the battle for supremacy over these lands. Does that make us immigrants, conquerors, or Americans?

The thing is American History should never have been able to be written, the Native American Nations, and yes I say nations, not tribes, outnumbered European populations 1.2:1 or more depending on which study you look at. That’s North America not including the Mayan, Incan, or Aztec empires or the civilizations after their fall, that’s just the good old USA, and Canada. When the Bubonic Plague struck Europe the Native American nations were thriving, settling the “wild west” and creating cities that dwarfed London, Paris, Moscow, or Berlin. They were building gardens, and wonders, and sights that we’ve since turned into parking lots, and memories. They were fighting off Viking incursions all along the East Coast for 500 years, and not just holding them off but slaughtering them like a scythe to wheat. Armed with weapons we in our arrogance deemed barbaric, and uncivilized or woefully outdated, they defended these lands, and their shores for over 500 years.

At around that time is when Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean Blue and “discovered” America and the “Indians”. The thing is over the next 200-300 years, 1500-1700 the Native populace was struck with their own version of the plague that massacred 80% of their populations. With those drastically reduced numbers they still numbered in the millions, which was significantly higher than the colonists, and pilgrims on the coast barely making it through the winter, and needing their aid in order to survive. Not only that there was already a Democracy, and a confederation of nations in effect for hundreds of years, complete with strife, intrigue, and community just like in Europe. The difference is they took pity on us at first and helped us to stand on our own rather than slaughter us like animals like we would within the next 100-200 years.

Thanks to the diminishing population of their once mighty civilizations the Native’s chose to allow the settlers their chance at life and prosperity, and chose to live peacefully with their new neighbors. They began to trade knowledge, supplies, and goods with us and began a partnership. Even more they accepted those who left our hovels, and our failing towns into their own communities. They welcomed the white man into their lives without question or thought because that was the way they were. They held life sacred and insured the survival of their fellow man. However an already diminished society struck to the core by death and disease would continue to suffer losses, to both as we became stronger, and more established in their lands.

This is where the American history where we were taught in school takes over. We became the 13 colonies, fought the war of Revolution, fought side by side with our German and French brother’s against the most powerful Empire to have ever existed in that time in history, and we won. Instead of enjoying our victories and solidifying our place on the coast we looked west. We looked west and we forgot that our Native brothers were the ones that kept us alive, took us in, and taught us everything we knew in order to make it to where we were at that time, and we didn’t care. WE were victorious, we were conquerors, and it was our Manifest Destiny. Sure it wasn’t just the colonists, now American’s who fought the Indians, the French, and British were there too and the declining nation of Native Americans were caught in the middle, but it happened nevertheless.

Could the Sioux, or the Blackfoot have rallied and fought back and slaughtered every single last one of us back then? Absolutely, but sadly unity had fallen apart among the Nations as well and it never came to be. So began our steady march to the West coast and the building blocks of our nation began. There were wars with Mexico that lasted even into the early 1900’s. There was conflict on American soil between brothers over the right of all mankind. We saw the rise and fall of great leaders and we called ourselves superior. We called ourselves the destined, that it was our God given righto conquer and control, and we executed that right with precision, methodology, and no remorse. We became mighty. We became the king of the mountain, and our right to lead, and to rule is and was finally put in place as it should be. WE deign to allow others to live in OUR country, OUR nation that WE built with our bare hands, and tamed with our grit, and determination to settle the wild and untamed world that no man had ever seen before.

It was all a lie that we as the victors told ourselves to justify the genocide, the control, and the continued relentless Westward march to the Pacific for our birthright. That is the truth of our heritage, and it is the history that we have never been taught, but had to learn for ourselves, or perhaps never knew. But it is hypocrisy to say that we deserve basic human rights, privileges and opportunities over others who live in neighboring countries whose ideologies leave their under privileged, or poor to rot in the dust, and crumble to bones and ash. Citizenship is a birthright, but so is the right to live, to prosper, to love, to feel joy, to be accepted, and have the chance to grow as a person. Who are we to deny our fellow man those basic unalienable rights, and still call ourselves American Patriots, the defenders of freedom, and human rights?

There are laws, and laws create order, and safety for a nation, and they are there for a reason. Some laws are meant to be broken or can be looked past, but others cannot. Others still need to evolve with the times or change, or be dismissed altogether. America is a diverse, multicultural, multi ethnic, many religion nation and thrives because of it. The vast majority of illegal immigrants fled to our country, FLED because of the extreme disparity in their own country. Who are we to throw them back to desperation, corruption and death? Why not give them a second chance at life. Why are we making it harder to be a part of the greatest nation on Earth? Why do we deny people the right to pay taxes, go to school, and create new opportunities for every American by helping to fill, or generate jobs in our country?

Furthermore what makes the most sense, deporting a family, or an individual tax would otherwise be taxpaying citizen? Incarcerating someone who wasn’t part of our country to begin with and wasting tax payer dollars to hold them? Denying those same people the chance TO become citizens just because they fled here in the first place? Are we condoning illegals in this country simply because it’s cheap and untaxable labor, since they were here illegally to begin with? IS that the nation we’ve become? We can allow underhanded employment of illegal immigrants but can’t grant them citizenship to be productive, tax paying members of society? Is that what we’ve become?

Illegals should go back to where they came from, they’re taking our good jobs, they don’t deserve to live off of the system, they don’t deserve to go to school, they are a burden on the economy, why don’t they apply for a visa like they’re supposed to, we don’t want more empty mouths to feed, there’s no room for them, these are the common arguments against solving this very real humanitarian problem at our doorstep. And every solution that anyone wants to explore ranges from brutal removal from our country, to free passes and no accountability. What I’m suggesting is we do both. Give them a chance to become citizens, give them a chance to be a part of the system, and not a drain. Give them the opportunity to become Americans, pay back into the system that helped them, and improve their own lives, and the lives of their communities from the tax dollars they’re paying.

There’s a theme in my political agenda: compassion, morality, doing what’s right and what’s needed to be done, this is no different. Even If you want to be cold and calculating about the whole situation, what makes more sense: wasting taxpayer dollars disposing of a potential asset to the economy, or using those tax dollars to ensure that asset becomes a productive member of society? Let me put it this way, do you just junk your car because the transmission went out, do you just stop driving because your tags expire, or do you go to the mechanic to fix your transmission and the DMV to get your tags renewed? Illegal immigration is a concept that needs to be addressed in a reasonable, and human fashion, not like taking out the trash, this is just common morality speaking.

The potential benefits to our nation by increasing our productive, and taxpaying population, increasing our diversity and culture, and potentially adding 1,000’s of teachers and doctors, or mechanics and engineers to our work force, to our labor pool, and our future generation of leaders far outweigh the devastating losses we could face without them. Albert Einstein was ran out of Germany during WWII for the crime of being Jewish, and because of him our understanding of the world and the universe have taken leaps and bounds. Because of him, one man, one ostracized Jewish man we were able to end a war, and catapult ourselves into the modern age of electronics, space exploration, physics, and so much more. Why would we repeat the same mistakes of a tyrant, when we embody the ideals and morals of equality, freedom, and justice for all mankind? We would be fools to do so, and the advantages of not doing so are plain to see. Let us do the American thing, let us show our patriotism, and human compassion, let us do what is right and help these people join our ranks and become part of the greatest nation the World has ever known!