Separation of Church and State

So part of the big three things effecting our country today are: Economic inequality, an energy crisis being pushed by the natural gas and oil industries, and discrimination based off of religious beliefs. I saw a few nodding heads until that last one…. Am I wrong? Well let’s look at what discrimination means. Discrimination is the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people or things especially on the ground of race, age, or sex.

The church all across the nation is lobbying the government at almost every level in almost every state to pursue their doctrinal beliefs on: marriage, birth control, and abortion to name a few. I point those ones specifically out because they have the biggest impact on our nation effecting roughly half of the total population of over 300 million Americans. That ladies and gentlemen is discrimination especially when it effects half of a nation’s population. What’s more the 1st amendment clearly states that there will be no favoritism of religion by the state. This also goes further to imply that religious beliefs, organizations and influence have no basis in law, or can be enforced/preferred over another religious belief. Don’t get me wrong believe in what you want to believe, make the choices you want to make, but you as an individual, group, or body do not have the right in this country to dictate legislation, or enforce it based on your religious beliefs, if you want that in your country go to the Middle East.

I want to go a little further into this debate to make it very clear that I’m not anti-religion, or that I’m not a God fearing person. My whole point is that religion has no place in government. If I am a Muslim or if I’m Jewish then I don’t necessarily believe what a Catholic or a Christian believes in. therefore if the Muslim church wanted to press the government to enforce prayer in schools and by that encouraging the Muslim prayers, which would be wrong. It would be just as wrong if the Catholic Church wanted to instill the Our Father in schools at the beginning of the day. However if the government allowed every student and teacher 15 minutes in the beginning of the day to worship their God however they wish that wouldn’t be an issue because it’s giving everyone an equal opportunity. That’s just an example and I’m not for or against prayer in school, I think religion in of itself should not be enforced or taught as a requirement, but be available as an option for that wish to pursue it, or indulge in it.

Now this brings us to the more pertinent problems in our nation currently being addressed namely, birth control, abortion, and gay rights. First of all let me repeat that last one: gay rights. Since when did we have to define the rights of a human being based on their sexual preference? I say again since when did we have to define the rights of a human being based on their sexual preference? Why is this even a debate? Marriage as defined by the government varies based on the state you live in, and in many cases based on religious interpretation. So would that make marriage a legal religious ceremony? If that is in fact the case then by definition religious laws could not infringe upon anyone’s religious beliefs, or limit the type of marriage a person can have. Even if it isn’t considered a religious ceremony and an agreement person’s enter into to benefit from government services, cuts, etc. then it needs to be just as indiscriminate as if it were religious. The point being marriage should be defined by the persons entering into it, and if the government chooses to define it then it needs to have legal justification for doing so and ensuring it is universally applied.

What some of you are correctly assuming is that I’m in fact encouraging same sex marriage, and polygamy. For one there are many other religions out there that do advocate or allow polygamy or same sex marriage or that current religions are adopting a much more accepting policy. Some people argue this will lead to all the other crazy practices such as bestiality…reality check it’s perfectly legal to have sex with a horse in at least 27 states and legal to marry the same gender in only 19, but ban same sex marriage in 31. A sarcastic person would tend to draw some unsavory conclusions about those 31 states that could allude to the allowance of 27 of them to have sex with a horse…. But can’t marry the same gender. I’m just saying legally and morally there is no justification to limit a person marrying someone they love, or even marrying the person of their choice for their own reasons. There is no such thing as sanctity of marriage even if you choose to define it in the Biblical sense. Do we still base our marriages off of dowry’s, trading our virgin daughter’s for livestock and food, stoning committers of adultery or persons who have sex out of wedlock? If the answer to that is no then we currently aren’t obeying the tenants of the Bible and the argument against marriage because it disagrees with the Bible is invalid on that aspect alone.

Now the next part is contraception and abortion. I’m going to say one thing about it and one thing only: it’s her choice to get an abortion or to get contraceptives such as birth control. Not the Church, not the Government, not you, not me, nobody gets to tell 50% of American Citizen’s how to live their life, or how to deal with their body accept for those individuals themselves. That’s it, end of debate, end of discussion, there is nothing else that needs to be said about the matter. The only question of legality concerning those two things is about when is it ok to legally abort. To that end I’d say we already have an answer from the medical community which is the first trimester, if you can’t make up your mind in 3 months about having or not having a baby then the law will. I feel that that’s a fair compromise to lifer’s and everyone else: she still gets the choice, and life is defined by law so that it can be immoral to abort a child after a certain amount of time, thanks to medical studies.