Wage Inequality

You know what gets to me the most about the current way things are in America? Why is it that we have the highest GDP (Gross Domestic Product) in the world 2nd only to the combined economies of the 30 Nations that comprise the European Union, and yet have some of the largest wage gaps in the world? Why is it that our wealthiest people have more wealth than the rest of us combined? Why is it that we have to fight for the scraps of the labor pool when we should be competing for the top tier of jobs? Here’s another thing…. Why is it that the top echelon of society has comprehensive health care benefits, company cars, education benefits and the whole shebang but we have to protest and strike just to get sick days, and a quarter raise? How much sense does that even make?

What about the justification for these things? If companies offered comprehensive benefits, education, and paid days off let alone higher wages, their profits would plummet, business’ would close and prices would soar….yet CEO’s get all of these things and multi-million dollar raises and bonuses and prices….. stay the same? What about that oh so popular freeloader or fry cook who doesn’t have any marketable skills who doesn’t deserve to make a living wage? Or perhaps that if they wanted a better job they should get a degree and further their education? Or maybe they’re not trying hard enough, you know working 3 jobs to support themselves their wife and two kids. Well perhaps they should’ve thought of that before settling down.

Do these things sound familiar to you? In what universe does that even make sense? In what universe should a person have to work 3 jobs to provide for themselves or their loved ones. How logical is it to give bonuses and benefits to the top tier of employee but not to your lowest rung….the part that actually does the work and gets the job done. It’s deliberate ladies and gentlemen and it’s not going to change unless we do something about it. I’m not talking about taking from the rich and giving to the poor, because at the end of the day the rich will always be richer than the poor.

It’s not even about holding the wealthy against their will, or denying them their wealth and success, because they have earned it in some form or fashion. There’s a reason why there aren’t more than one Bill Gates, or Mark Zuckerburgs. Not everyone can or should be a billionaire as is evinced by many of our tabloids, and pop culture icons. No I’m not talking about burning down and looting their mansions what I’m talking about is giving people, honest to God working Americans who are just trying to make a living, and build up some savings so they can get that new big screen tv, or brand new 2016 chevy Camaro. I’m talking about adding a bit of morality and ethics back into the corporate world something that has been slowly eroding since Ike and his New Deal.

A livable wage is the same thing as saying compensation for the work I do. Working to pay for shelter, food and transportation isn’t living, that’s indentured servitude. There’s a reason why peasants, and slaves have consistently rebelled over the past 12,000 years…because that doesn’t work. People are people, we are human beings regardless of rank or status or wealth. Why do we deserve to have less opportunity or chance to succeed then the wealthiest or most powerful in our nation? Does me being raised by a blue collar family make me an inferior race of human being than the guy who was born into wealth, or whose dad is Bill Gates? Absolutely not.

The fact is people work better when they have more time for themselves and security in their livelihoods. That’s a ridiculous thing to have to state or “prove” but that’s the sole reason and excuse the people in charge make when denying us our basic human rights. We don’t work hard enough, we love to work hard for little, it gives us something to look forward to, et alia, ad naseum. This type of idiocy is what is pervading our governments and our business’ this notion that the haves deserve their success and the have nots deserve their disparity.

Look at the derision the media, and most people hold towards the “welfare” state and people. How many of you have ever needed to apply for food stamps or had to seriously entertain that notion? I did. I didn’t end up having to apply because I had parents who had enough financial security to help me out of a bad time, and some huge personal financial mistakes and naïve choices I made. But I had the paperwork all but submitted. I have friends and family who either have or who are on some sort of welfare. And many of you looked at the ground, or the sky when I asked that question so I know you or people you know have had to go down that road before.

The fact is though that’s what welfare is there for…. To help. And all of this blustering about abuse in the welfare system, or SSI is just propaganda or fear mongering to turn people against those that need help. Hell even the claims that most welfare people are on drugs are false. Only .2% of all welfare recipients tested positive for drugs. .2% of the millions of Americans who use it. Does that mean that some don’t abuse the system, that some don’t need the help but use it anyway, or survive off of it? Absolutely not, there is always that one person who will refuse to make something of themselves but that doesn’t mean vilify everyone who legitimately needs the help.

What’s more all of this help is paid for through taxes, meaning the meager wages we already get are getting taxed so that we can go to the government, and pay a fee to get processed, so that we can maybe receive some financial aid to pay for groceries that I couldn’t otherwise afford because I wasn’t being paid enough in the first place. Can someone please explain to me the logic in that process? Are you serious? Is that truly the American way of doing things? Forcing the poor to pay for programs that help the poor eat, and afford a place to sleep? Why not just cut out the middle man and actually pay our people enough to survive off of in the first place?!

What we have is a return to indentured servitude, a lack of morality in business which although not surprising is getting unbearable and unendurable, and media that is painting everyday citizens as monsters and corporate bullies as heroes. Who do you think is in charge of these stories? Why do you think there are so many movements and protests happening all around the country and the world? It’s because we the people, the ordinary citizen have had enough of this idiocy. If the top 1% of employees can get benefits, and paid leave so can the bottom 99%. What’s more what will drive a higher profit? 1000’s of people only able to afford shopping and purchasing goods of a meager quality, or minimal cost. Or millions of people being able to afford multiple goods at competitive levels of quality across the board?

If business’ and corporations were as savvy and greedy as they appear and not just stupid and short sighted they’d realize the best way to take advantage of the people, and to improve profits would be by ensuring that the people are well informed, well educated, and have plenty of capital to put forth into the economy, so that business can compete for not only prices but quality of goods. Morality is possibly the greatest asset to wealth accumulation out there but because it takes a worker to see that, it hasn’t happened. We need to take our destiny into our own hands to ensure our prosperity. Without our voices whose are left to defend us? Raising the minimum wage, ensuring comprehensive benefits and paid leave, sick leave, and maternity leave are not only the American thing to do, but the right thing to do. Let us make our stand this election year, let us raise our voices in defiance to the men and women trying to ruin this great nation, and lets us take back the reins of leadership and steer this country back to greatness!