Worker Compensation

To think nearly 100 years have passed since the roaring 20’s and the great depression, the end of child labor laws, the fall of the robber barons, and monopolies, the creation of the 40 hour work week, the weekend, and equal opportunity in the work place, we would still be fighting many of the same battles. Why is it we are still hammering out what is defined as full time, or when an employer should offer medical coverage, paid time off, or other forms of compensation? Why are women still making less than men on average? Why are unskilled positions growing at an ever increasing rate while skilled labor declines and need grows? Why are we the last modern nation to embrace 30 days annual paid leave, maternity leave, and medical coverage for the common man? Why do we still have super companies that are monopolies in all but name and dominate all forms of competition in the free market? These are the questions that are being asked by every working American just like you and me, and we haven’t been given answers to those questions

Most entities will argue that the reason why these things have happened is because the economy couldn’t sustain such lavish benefits for the middle class, but it’s perfectly feasible for the top earners in the country. CEO’s and corporate leaders, leaders in Wall Street and banks , and Congressmen throughout will argue that raising the minimum wage or ensuring adequate compensation would destroy the economy, raise prices, and lower competition among companies. These same people who tout trickle-down economics as the saving grace to the American economy.  These are the same people hoarding billions of dollars, and scraping even more out of the pockets and accounts of regular tax payers. These are the people who are giving themselves billions in tax breaks, and bonuses while simultaneously slashing worker benefits, hours and wages.

This is a spiraling problem that can only have one final outcome, the collapse of our economy. If people can’t spend money, they can’t purchase goods. If they can’t purchase good business’ lose out on demand, if they lose out on demand there’s no need to create a supply, which causes losses in jobs, which prevents people from obtaining an income. This is the reality of economics: people need money to put back into the economy in order for it to grow. A growing economy means a prospering nation, and with a prospering nation comes growth for every American, which is the underlying theory of trickle-down economics. So why isn’t it happening and why are so many economic and business leaders against enforcing their own theories? The answer is simple: control.

What is easier to control, a country of well provided, well educated, and well informed citizenry, or a nation of poor, struggling misinformed citizenry? The sad fact of the matter is we went from a bustling economy, with the highest job creation in manufacturing and infrastructure, to having Walmart being the nation’s top employer. Our news media skews information, and misdirects their audiences, sometimes flat out liking. The biggest  result these things is that we as a nation are blaming the poor, and disenfranchised members of our society for all of our economic and social ills. This is not the case, money pooling at the top tiers of our society and the strangulation of our middle class, through denial of livable wages, reasonable benefits, and a lack of free time (vacation) is causing horrific damage to our nations recovery from the economic crisis in 2008 and 2012.

There’s a reason why other countries, and other more localized economies within our country are doing so much better than the overall growth of the middle class. It is because they take care of the working class family. They take care of the laborer whether that laborer is pushing carts, or repairing cars. When people are compensated for their work they are able to perform their jobs to a higher level of efficiency. They are able to spend their earnings that drive job growth and prices to surge or fall. When people have money they have the power over the market, which precisely why they have been systematically stripped of wealth for the past 30 years. Why do you think protests, and petitions, or civil involvement in the political process has had less and less effect over the past few years? Why do you think political spending has increased to the realm of billions of dollars instead of millions, or thousands?

We need to take certain steps to ensure the survival of the working class American and they are very simple and straightforward. Establish a wage cap, ensure maternity leave for mothers, and a shorter term for fathers, guarantee paid time off for all workers, at all levels of employment of at least 30 days, and ensure all workers receive medical benefits either fully provided by the employer or partially. The reason for the wage cap is the same reason why the minimum wage was established in the first place.  The minimum wage exists to ensure that the employee has at least a minimum income to have a livable lifestyle. Currently $7.50 is not enough to support an adult with rent, insurance, and utilities. However heads of business’ all across the country are making hundreds of thousands of dollar a year or in many cases millions. These very same men and women justify their incomes as fair and necessary for corporate growth and job creation, but claim raising minimum wage, or increasing worker compensation would be traumatic to businesses.

This type of hypocrisy is directly effecting millions of American’s and ultimately the growth of American businesses and income. Setting a wage cap would force corporations to implement trickle-down economics the way it was meant to be. The whole point is to spread the wealth to the bottom most rungs of society so that they can spend more money to improve growth through all of the higher levels. What is happening however is that money is staying at the top and not moving back down like it’s supposed to, wage caps solve that problem.

The second facet of life that needs to be changed is the lack of paid time off either for regular use, or for important and specific reasons like child birth. Too many men and women go to work sick, injured, or worse because if they didn’t they’d either not get paid, or worse lose their incomes. This causes many other issues that are hard to control, or even define but are there nevertheless. Furthermore, working women who are pregnant face a lot of stress that could result in complications for the unborn child or worse, miscarriages. Women who are pregnant should not have to fear reprisal for bringing a life into this world, and shouldn’t be treated like a second class citizen because of it. We as a nation should feel responsible to ensure every opportunity is afforded to these women during their pregnancy. Without new life to fill in the gaps of the old we will ultimately disappear as a nation. Finally fathers should be able to be with their wives, or the mother of their children as well during those important times during the pregnancy. That isn’t to say they need as much time off as the mothers but they should at least be given the opportunity to be home to ensure their child makes it into the world safely and soundly.

These simple solutions to some very large issues in our working society would greatly improve the livelihoods of nearly 300million Americans, improve our slow economic recovery, generate jobs for Americans here at home, and get the full strength out of every American dollar spent here at home. Investing in American’s, in families has never, and will never cause this nation to fall it will do wuite the opposite. The fact that our elected leaders insist it will destroy the world we know is a testament to their desperate attempt to hold on to power, and what’s worse they hold on to it for no other reason than to have it. They haven’t done anything with all their wealth, or all their influence that has influenced or benefitted American’s. They haven’t improved our schools, our roads, our technologies, our spending ability, our political process, they have done nothing but amass wealth and supposed power.

We the people would put that money to use, we would build roads, schools, improve our homes, increase our knowledge, and make a better future for our children because that is our legacy. Our legacy is one of growth, one of compassion, one of unity and prosperity. It is time we make sure our needs are met by denying these career politicians their positions of power and filling those seats with our selves! Who says a cashier, a teacher, an engineer, an architect, an artist, a regular American can’t lead their own country? Why is it only the lawyers, and the bankers, and the wealthy that have the best ideas and interests of America at heart? Last I checked I didn’t receive any of the 90 billion dollars wall street rewarded themselves with, or any of the tax cuts to the super wealthy, or any of the many other luxuries that were not afforded the regular American. This is why we as a nation to take an interest, and involvement in the political process. IF we don’t our voices will continue to have less and less of an influence and when that happens, we will struggle to support ourselves.

What are some of the first things that always get slashed when talks of budget cuts are being had? Education, healthcare, and pensions. What do you think will happen when we no longer can voice our outrage and displeasure? Those things will disappear entirely and we will be right back into the late 1800’s and early 1900’s when corporations ruled cities, and towns with an iron fist and things like the Ludlow massacre were all but commonplace. We need to step up and defend our freedoms and our way of life now while there’s still something left to fight for, and strength to succeed. Now is the time to take back our nations politics and ensure that it cannot be held against us ever again. Let us ensure a future where our children don’t have to live pay check to pay check, or think twice about going to a hospital when sick or injured, or needing to take time off to be with family or to just wind down from the everyday stress of work. We need to hold the top earners in this country just as accountable as they hold us, and the only way to do it is by taking an active role in elections, and politics. We need to be the voice, and embodiment of freedom that we have so long taken for granted. We need to make our forefathers proud, we need to be patriots, and we can start….today!