Clean Energy

We live in an era, that for the first time in the entirety of human civilization we can have unlimited, free, renewable energy. What’s more all of this energy is environmentally safe and naturally occurring. It has been present in our world for millennia and will never dissipate no matter how much we use. Does that sound like science fiction to you? What if I told you that bright light in the sky and the wet stuff that falls occasionally from the sky and forms into vast bodies we call oceans, is all we need and ever have needed to achieve unlimited, free renewable energy and fuel for every Citizen, and human being? Whatever you have heard, whatever you have been lead to believe, let me disabuse of one notion: Oil, and natural gas is not sustainable, it is not clean, and it will never bring us a better future. Solar energy and refinement processes involving water, and carbon dioxide are naturally occurring phenomenon all around us and virtually limitless. They are also cyclical and potentially self-sustaining once initiated, but for now are at the very least within our grasp to harness, store, and implement.

The sun has shone in our solar system for around 4.5 billion years in that time its energy and light have never once wavered, and it will not waver for many billions of years from now. Water is comprised of the most abundant element in the universe: Hydrogen, and Oxygen. Every plant on our planet produces oxygen from CO2 regardless of where that CO2 came from. Our vast oceans absorb CO2 as well but unfortunately act more as a filter rather than a recycler. All that to say this: we barely begin to scrape the surface of this planet, we human beings barely can control the forces around us, and haven’t even begun to utilize the nature around us for our benefit. We have 75% of this planet covered in ocean that absorbs more CO2 than it can handle, and we have the technology to not only syphon the CO2 out from the oceans, but to refine it and use it as a fuel source. Furthermore we also have the technological capacity to make every single vehicle, and fuel powered device run purely on batteries and electricity. What that means is we can clean our oceans, lower their acidity, clean the atmosphere, and bring carbon emissions back to natural levels, while using all of that CO2 to power our vehicles and devices. Not only that the single largest power source in our Solar System, will not stop functioning for billions of years and we can harness its energy now, for the cost of maintaining the solar panels, and infrastructure.

Ladies and gentlemen that is an unprecedented and awe-inspiring fact of our time. We can have free limitless energy, and it be available to the general public at no cost, and all of the infrastructure required to harness this energy will pay for itself almost immediately. We have over 4million miles of road 2.65million of which are paved which means that if we replaced every ounce of paved road with solar road panels, and integrated that energy network into the current electricity grid across the nation, we could power the entire nation through our roads alone. Let’s just say for the sake of argument that a network of roads that span 2.65 million miles (not necessarily the square mileage) isn’t enough to power every building, and structure in America, that still leave plenty of room and opportunity to implement solar panels on roofs, and in hub areas. In short there’s no reason not switch to solar power, or an excuse as to how it isn’t feasible.

The sheer amount of jobs this undertaking would create is astounding. Conservative estimates put the job creation in the millions, with a long term employment at about 50-75% of the initial requirement. Just like with the national interstate system, which already generates $6 for every $1 spent it’s not unthinkable to imagine an additional $6 per mile of roadway in profit as a minimum. The fact that it’ll generate more power, more consistently, with less environmental damage, infinite sustainability, no chance of rising cost, or falling supply means we’re acting in our self-interests while helping our planet last a bit longer and giving it a chance to undo the harm we have caused during our Industrial revolution.

I’m not sure how much more I can talk about this before I literally start repeating myself or you start throwing rotten vegetables at me, but I hope I’ve gotten the point across. Big Oil and the automotive industry want to keep us dependent on oil and gas, to maintain their profit rather than following the natural evolution of our technologies and simply switching over to the new capabilities. But that is not the case, we can make the change now, we can make it without going further into debt, and in fact it would generate more jobs, and revenue then if we redoubled our efforts with drilling and oil refinement. But as I’ve said before this change will not happen unless we act together, and replace these incompetents in office, and do what needs to be done for our country, our families, and our future!