Protesting is our number 1 way to be heard by our government and our nations leader. we should exercise that right as often, and as intently as necessary until it is no longer necessary!

Does this look like our right to protest and peaceably assemble is being safeguarded? Does this look like a country that upholds the Constitution for its citizens? When did protesting for equality, economic fairness, and an end to senseless wars become a crime? This is an occupy wall street protester.

Here, we have Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. marching peacefully for equal rights! He was gunned down for daring to believe in equality. If it's not one thing, it's another in America. The sad matter is, we could post hundreds of thousands of photos from the past years alone about all the protests, and responses those protests receives. We could post all the videos and images of the victims, the law enforcement, the government, and the protesters in various forms, but the bottom line never changes. We, as a country, still need to rise up, fight, defend, and protest injustices in our nation, on a nearly 10 year on the dot cycle. If it isn't Islamic extremism, it's gay rights, if it isn't that, it's internet neutrality... it is always something else. When is enough enough, when have the transgressions of the few become to much to bare? When is hate, intolerance, and inequality no longer acceptable, and completely wiped out from our history? We would hope that answer is never, and we want to get the ball rolling now! Vote, spread the word, become active in your communities, protest if you feel that's what you need to do but do something!

Many of us are more than just a little upset, however even this woman is representing her own displeasure!

Many of us are more than just a little upset, however even this woman is representing her own displeasure!

Protesting is met with arrests but Black Friday with open arms!

Below are just a couple images of what is acceptable in American consumerism. Notice the masses of people, police involvement to contain the stem of people, but no violence, no police aggression, no arrests? What makes packing the parking lots and city streets, and nearly rioting in a store to get a 50% off television set morally acceptable, but a group of students holding hands or sitting in the park, the street, on the doorstep of a business, or a plethora of other peaceful demonstrations is a threat to society and morally reprehensible? I won't be a hypocrite and say I don't see the appeal of shopping on Black Friday because obviously it makes great sense if you get the chance, but interestingly enough so does standing up for your basic human rights...

Join the Initiative

Your having come here is a testament to your desire to make a difference in the world, and to be a true patriot. Patriotism is not following your government blindly, it's faith in your country, its ideals, and what it stands for. It's about the man or woman next to you working hard, and doing the same things you do to keep this country afloat. Our right to protest is disappearing every year, and with every new social contrivance that emerges. We need to defend that right, which may very well be the most important one we possess. Without the right to protest, we are defenseless, helpless, and left to the mercy of those in power. Eventually, there will not be enough people to take a stand and we will all be lost. We cannot and will not allow this to continue! We can make a difference and I urge you to spread the message: through unity we can make a difference!