The Our Voice initiative stands upon a solid foundation of platform principlEs. While our individual politics extend beyond these issues, we feel it is imperative to unite under the following guidelines as we move our path to progress forward.


Campaign Finance is complicated and corrupt. Thanks to faulty legislation and unwise supreme court rulings, specifically through the unconscienable decision of Citizens United vs FEC, the democratic election process has become a mega money scheme putting the value of corporate money over the valuable of citizens.

Our Voice is not served by corporate influence on the democratic process. We must reign in the budgets and war chests by limiting, or eliminating, the amount of money that can be transferred to candidates through direct or indirect contribution.

Our Voice can not be outbid.


Corporate Interests have unfettered access to our governing officials. The lack of accountability has allowed big business to purchase our government and fund legislation to further their profits.

We must enact legislation that prohibits the corporate reach into the pockets of politicians and puts the power back into the voices of constituents. Financial exchanges and personal favors must be made transparent, or removed outright, from the political process.

Our Voice can not be purchased.


Through both direct and indirect legislation at federal and state levels, many voices have been silenced with decreased access to the voting booth. A free and open electoral process is the cornerstone of our representative democracy. We must make it our solemn duty to protect the vote of EVERY citizen by not enacting limitations to access of the ballot for any reason.

Our Voice can not be silenced.


Inter-network connectivity would have been protected under the first amendment if the founding fathers would have received this gift. The unfettered access to a worldwide inter-connectivity is as American as free speech. The unlimited access of transferred information allows this nation to remain a global pioneer in an ever growing competitive market of innovation. By creating a government controlled gateway we not only lose the advantage of accessibility but we create a grave precedent to potentially dismantle the first amendment. We cannot allow the disruption of our net neutrality.

Our Voice can not be censored.


Gerrymandering is a practice that begs for corruption and sees its fair share. By allowing sitting politicians to redraw district lines we continue to allow political interference at the expense of the citizens. We believe each state, republic, or commonwealth should, when population shifts demand for action to be taken, create a nonpartisan citizen run commission to fairly and justly redraw the district lines. A citizen run commission is the only way to ensure a untainted democratic process.

Our Voice can not be manipulated.