Our Voice is the unification and organization of a fractured political spectrum. We recognize the base principle that the power to self govern has been taken from the hands of the citizens and placed in theportfolios of CEOs who line the pockets of bought bureaucrats.

We are committed to our mission to change the political landscape. We will reform the way this country governs by uniting the many voices into one great boisterous voice -- OUR VOICE!

By synchronizing this powerful bloc, our many votes we become the most important lobby. We are the lobby of concerned American citizens and we will be replacing those who represent the interests of corporationswith responsible civil servants who work for We, The People!.

WE WILL support aspiring responsible citizens who wish to serve their fellow Americans through political and social action.

WE WILL organize and coordinate a central carrier of education and information about candidates of all governing levels who represent the message of Our Voice.

WE WILL guide everyday American citizens through the process of running for office without having to dirty their hands with corporate greed in the back channels of bureaucracy.

WE WILL unite the various activist communities so that their individual efforts can be more focused and heard across a broader spectrum

WE WILL work with our local communities to meaningfully engage with members of society through programs and networks that help those who need it most!

It is not our intention to become another political party. With our unified platform centered around the protection of the American democratic process, we intend to become a shared voice for all parties and political affiliations.


When we stand united, Our Voice WILL BE HEARD!