Come to any of our lounges and enjoy some of the highest quality services, at affordable prices! We cater to ever walk of life and bring the world of First Class Luxury to the middle class! We also have themed lounges so that if your particular fancy isn't met at one of our facilities one of the others will be exactly what you're looking for. We have for now:

Hookah Lounges - The highest quality Hookah Devices, tobacco, and some of the nicest seating you will ever experience! Like all of our lounges high end gaming computers are available as well as high quality: seating, viewing, and socialization areas. You'll also get your fill of Luxury Chess, Board Games, and a Billiards table! Don't think we'd stop there though we also have the best quality hookah's on the market available to you to use! Even our standard hookah devices are a cut above the rest!

Gamer Lounges - The end all be all gamer center for all of the Geeks and Nerds! Top of the line Gaming systems, dedicated war gaming tables, Role Playing rooms, MTG areas, PS4 exclusive game room to play test the latest games, XBOX 1 exclusive game room to play test the latest games, luxury Billiards table, Luxury custom Chess, Checkers, and one other Board game, and last but not least high end fully compatible Rhythm gaming room, with fully integrated electronic drum kit, microphone and 2 guitars for both XBOX and PlayStation.

Standard Lounge - We offer the same high quality services and activities that you will find at our other locations but we cater to a slightly different clientele. Here you will likely find students, Business owners, or in general people putting their feet up after a long day! We offer Luxury Recliner furniture, Reading Rooms, Vaping Areas, High end PC gaming, 2 Luxury Billiards tables, Luxury Chess set, Luxury Board game, Movie Night, and perhaps most importantly mentor-ship. At the standard lounge we offer tutoring services at a fraction of the price anywhere else, as well as general mentor-ship for anything you could want!

In short we have 1st class accommodations at Blue Collar prices because we believe that luxury should not be limited to the few but enjoyed by the many, why? Because you are the men and women who put in the grueling hours, sacrifice the most for your families, and through your blood, sweat, and grit, you are the ones who keep America running. This is our thanks to for a job well done! Together we can and we will make a difference!