What are we doing?

As was mentioned in the intro page "Where we are" we are growing, and we are improving the communities we find ourselves in! This isn't a gimmick or a ploy to get you to spend your well earned and well deserved money at our numerous locations, but a true desire and will to give back to those that gave so much to us!

How are we doing this you might ask? Very simple the Average Joe's Initiative LLC is comprised of many different entities, but this one, the Lounge Branch in particular, has the greatest malleability and reach of any of our sister branches! What that means is we can be in more locations, reach out to more communities, and effect the lives of more people! By having such a large reach and impact we can put forth our profits right back into the local communities that gave it to us! 80% of all profits go to the larger corporate holdings and from there get redistributed into the country, the state or the city according to the needs of the area.

But wait a second didn't you just say you'd be benefiting the local area, how does giving money to the country, or the state help my city? That is a great question and here is the answer to that question! 

By pooling our resources into a larger pot of money the direct contributions that can be delivered are much more impactful from the very top as opposed to the very bottom. It is the quintessential basis for trickle down economics, an economic theory that is widely touted in public media as being the way we do business in the United States, but is simply not true. We the Republic of the United States of America, all of her 50 states, and her territories, have never in the entire history of our existence  ever attempted trickle down economics...until today!

By subsidizing or out right procuring, paying for or otherwise financing some of the major programs at the state or federal level, such as health care, road construction, education, we can impact a much large population, at a more efficient cost, at the highest level of leadership to benefit you the most. This also has the positive effect of opening up tax dollars for other expenses that we haven't or aren't able to cover such as economic development, special needs programs, etc. Simply put if we can spend $1 Billion dollars at the state level to pay for everyone's education, as opposed to spending $5,000 on a bunch of scholarships in the local communities, we can grant everyone in the state an education as opposed to a couple hundred or thousand!

That is our bottom line, the big picture, solving America's problems and reviving the middle class by eliminating exorbitant costs from the equation by either offering a better service or by providing the funds at the highest level of government to make it happen anyway!

Is that even possible?

The short answer is yes! We are maintaining a very transparent business model, showing exactly how and where our monies are being spent, and exactly what kind of impact it will have in the places it is being spent! The end game proposal will be writing a check for the whopping sum of $267 Billion and slapping it down on the desk of the Assembled Members of Congress and telling them in no uncertain terms, "If you won't provide for the American people by financing Universal Health Care and Universal Education, then we can, and we will!"

With your help, with your passion, with your strength as an American citizen we can achieve this lofty goal! There are thousands of opportunities within our organization to grow, and to be a part of not just a business but a true revolution for the American people! There is a position in this organization with your name on it all that needs to happen is you submitting your application to our website! Together we can and we will make a difference!