Where are we located?

That's a fantastic question, and the answer is: we are coming soon to a location near you! We are still in our growing phase of operations and we need dedicated men and women like yourselves to help open up new franchises all over the country! It's literally that easy, contact us and we will get you set up with your own branch and help you become a part of American history!

The goal is to be located in every county in the country, every major airport, every major hospital, and every major university to bring the AJI name, the world of luxury to the regular people, and to give people the opportunity to grow in this economy! We are also working tirelessly to make a positive impact in every community we go to and part of that is working closely with charity, local community events planners, hospitals, universities, and rehabilitation centers to help improve those services or make them more accessible to the general public!

That's why our mission is so lofty, because without the support of the men and women in the nation who make America what it is, the AJI is nothing, our economy is nothing, and our country is nothing. This is the foundation of our business model: to empower our employees, and the communities we impact!

So the question isn't where are we located, but when will be located there?!