Economic Inequality

This is probably the most pressing question that all of us are asking: why is there such a large wealth disparity in this country? That is the fundamental reason why governments exist: to care for and support her citizenry, and ensure their well-being. Not only that the United States of America is by and large the most powerful and wealthy singular nation in the world. How is it then that the middle class is disappearing and the wage gap is so vast? Why is it that there are more and more homes that are empty and people unable to fill them? How is it that the “minimum” wage is not enough to live off of while corporations are making record profits? Even worse why are food costs, and energy costs so high when there is a greater amount of obesity than starvation in our country, and an abundance of technologies that would vastly reduce the cost of both fuel and power? The answer to all of those questions should chill each and every single one of you to the bones. Greed.

We live in a country that can no longer accurately be defined as a representative Democracy, which utilizes a free market economy, we are in fact an Oligarchy. The definition of Oligarchy is this: a small governing group; a small group of people who together govern a nation or control an organization, often for their own purposes. Ladies and gentlemen let there be no doubt in anyone’s mind, the United States of America is very much so an Oligarchy, a lot of it has to do with the limitless amount of money that can be legally poured into political campaigns, the Citizen’s United ruling, and the sheer amount of lobbying that occurs in our country. So the question is how did this happen, and more importantly how can we stop it if at all?

Let’s first discuss the how. There needs to be a brief history lesson to accurately convey the results of 12,000 years of civilization. First and foremost money isn’t something that occurs in nature, it isn’t something any other species in the world utilizes, and it isn’t something that’s even easily quantifiable. The fact of the matter is even the “science” of economics isn’t even a set in stone principle, one that can be examined and explained and shown to work precisely the same way in every one of its occurrences. Economics is heavily influenced by the human element, greed of the individual, machinations of the economic leaders and whims of the consumer, the presumption that a currency has a “specific” value, and that as a result of its existence it will cause the value to inflate causing value to decrease. All of this stems from the earliest days of our evolution as hunters and gatherers. From the onset man has been tenacious and protective over their property, something that does in fact occur in many other species in the wild. However even throughout our primal history there have been examples of working together for the sake of community, conquest and hoarding of goods/commodities, as well as trading for goods. It is these last two that have defined our economic principles and foundations for civilization.

Baring in mind that conquest, and bartering were the two fundamental means in which early humans chose to build their societies around, it comes as no surprise that the evolution of bartering, currency, society, and civilization would revolve around a system that would show, and enforce supremacy over others. For millennia we have fought wars, slaughtered millions of our own kind for scraps of land, trinkets, and titles. We have hunted, tortured, and killed our fellow man for scraps of rotten meat during times of plenty, and worse during times of scarcity. Our economic policy has been predominantly to concentrate wealth into the hands of the wealthiest most powerful elite in a civilization, and whatever else is left goes to the citizenry….for the past 12 thousand years. In 12 thousand years ladies and gentlemen we haven’t moved one inch past that cold hard, disturbing fact.

We haven’t changed an ounce from our ancient predecessors, not a single step. We might have technological wonders that would be considered magical in their eyes, we might have landed on the Moon, and sent expeditions to Mars. We have discovered electricity, invented the computer, invented the internet, have improved our knowledge and understanding of our planet, solar system, galaxy and the universe, and yet fundamentally we haven’t significantly changed the way we exist as a society from the days of our earliest attempts at civilization. I’m here to tell you that if that doesn’t change soon, given the level of destructive technologies at our disposal, and the general unrest of the masses around the world, we might not get a better chance to right the wrongs of our past, regardless of how recent. We need to be better than the men and women of the ancient world, the Feudal Ages, and leaders of today. We need to be the change that is needed, the change that will improve the livelihood of everyone regardless of belief or wealth, the change that will ensure our continued existence!

A stunning and shocking fact about humanity, is this: if we disappear from Earth today in 50 years every species of animal and plant life will flourish and all but obliterate our footprint from the face of this Earth. Likewise if we continue on the way we have been or get even worse, we will destroy all life on this planet, and wither and die with them. We can’t sustain ourselves the way we are currently behaving, and this planet cannot take our abuses to it, so we need to act like the sentient evolved species we all claim to be and start acting a whole lot less selfishly. The technologies to live our lives and maintain our current lifestyles do not have to be detrimental to ourselves, our environment, or anything else, that is why they are called clean energies and technologies. The saddest part of that is that the people in charge, the men and women we have voted into office for decades, and the corporate leaders that we esteem with so much praise and hope, are  indeed aware that this could be a reality, and that it is feasible.

We have been led astray and been told it’s for our own good, we have been fed misinformation and propaganda for all of our lives, and we have let it succeed. That needs to end today, in fact it needs to end yesterday, we are not peasants toiling on a farm for 16 hours a day in medieval France, we are modern day Americans with all of the world’s knowledge at our finger tips, we are much better equipped, educated, and observant than to fall for this type of blatant and willful slander. We can bring solar power, and environmentally friendly fuels into our lives, and make them permanent today. We can start the process of being better American’s today. Economics isn’t limited to the effects we impose on our environment but also in the way we treat each other. Remember when I said there were examples of early civilizations, or societies working together for the greater good? Some of those societies still exist today one shining example of which are the Native American’s. What’s more there are examples all across our nation where citizens have come together to help their most ailing, and troubled neighbors. Idaho has implemented a program that should tear at the hearts of any sensible human being, they have in place a program to put homeless people back into the work force, inside of a home that would otherwise lay vacant, and have the opportunity to better themselves and their loved ones in the process.

There are countless other examples of our changing society that are taking root, but are being pushed to their limits to succeed. The owner of Tesla, an electric car company and the foremost producer of electric cars, has made their patents to energy stations, electric car batteries, and more available to all companies to be used so long as they adhere to their standards, which is to make recharge stations free for all. This same pioneering CEO is also trying his damndest to bring Solar Power to the forefront of our energy industry, by developing better and more cost effective means to produce solar panels at both lower cost and higher quality than the current generation being developed by China. This change and revolution of our lifetime is ongoing and current, but it is far from complete and far from over. There is plenty of work to be done, but the first steps have been taken, and that’s what counts. We need to be the catalysts that push these trends over the edge and snowballing out of control, because for once in our long and tumultuous history we can do something right and good! If we run blindly forward into the future doing something let it be throwing up solar panels everywhere, using refined seawater, or the solar energy we just created to power our vehicles and equipment, let it be by improving the living conditions of every American citizen not just the wealthy, let it be by trying to cure every disease, and ailment that plagues us, let it be by building goodwill among each other and our neighbors, let it be for all the good things in our society, not greed, not the lust for power, not for new and more imaginative reasons to go to war, not to undue thousands of years of struggle, development, and hope. Let us be that catalyst for change and prosperity, and together we can right the wrongs of our past and forge a new future that we can be proud of and be remembered for!

Inequality in America

Some of the most confounding issues plaguing our nation today revolve around discrimination and intolerance. Even though the Civil Rights Movement is almost 60 years old, Women’s Suffrage almost a Century old, and the end to slavery almost 150 years old we still are plagued with the same essential divides today as we were then. Why? Why is it so hard for us as Americans to accept our fellow human being for what they are: a fellow human being? Who decides which race, religion, sexual orientation, and gender is superior? If your answer is history then let’s look at history. The cradle of civilization and the scientifically accepted origin of human existence is in Africa, and one of the first civilizations, Mesopotamia, was in in the Middle East. In fact “colored” people out number “white” people nearly 6:1 in our planet. So when did white people become the majority? Since when are we so deluded and arrogant to think that 1/6th of the worlds population has supremacy over others?

That is the question of our time, which we as American’s need to answer and resolve now, as opposed to later. Of course the bigger question is where did this mindset stem from? We’ve always been a patriarchal society so the “inferiority” of women can at least be explained, as can the “minority” designation of Black people due to the long history of slavery in this country. Admittedly those are excuses as to why it could exist, not why it does. The question then is why are we still discriminating against each other. There is absolutely nothing that sets us apart from one another. Many people claim that religious differences, or racial differences, or cultural differences divide us because they’re so very different but they’re not. Look at every religion, culture, and race and see what it is that actually sets them apart: perception.

In this country we focus on race and religion as the primary dividing factors between American’s and people in general. All religions have the same basic principles: this is the truth, this is the way you should live your life, and this is the way to attain fulfillment in life. All races have the same basic genome: human fucking being. Last time I checked black people still breath the same air as white people, Asian people still bleed the same color of red as white people, and Hispanic people still need to eat food like white people. This isn’t rocket science, it never has been, it’s always been about division and control. But who is trying to divide and control us? That is the question that needs answering, not who’s God is better, or who’s race is superior.

Control and division has been the hallmark of civilization since civilization began roughly 12,000 years ago. It was the reason why we, during the colonial period, split from the British Empire. It’s the reason why the Civil War happened, women’s suffrage occurred, and the Civil Rights Movement began. Control and division have been the bane of democracy and the free world for millennia, and every step we as a people take to end it, results in a new or different divide to emerge or be focused on. But why does this cycle continue, where does it stem from, are people inherently full of hate, and derision? Are people intrinsically bound to hate one another for one frivolous reason or the other? Or is it more likely that every generation has to justify their existence, or supremacy in the World by lording it over others? Is it more likely that every new movement for tolerance and peace is met with defiance because the generations before were raised to discriminate?

I’m not trying to paint a dark picture for humanity, or discuss a conspiracy theory alluding to NWO, or a secret society bent on ruling the world, what I’m trying to do is put into perspective the idiocy of discrimination, especially in our country. Long story short, and everything written before in this blog can be summed up very simply. There is no justifiable reason to hold anyone above or below ourselves, nor to deny others rights, freedoms or justice due to some imagined inferiority, or difference in opinion.

We live in an opinionated society, full of entitlement and expectation. This is part of the problem to be sure, people thinking that because they have an opinion, it deserves to be respected, and gives them the right to hold it above, or against someone else’s and deem theirs as accepted fact. This is simply not the case. Many people have coined the phrase “facts don’t require your opinions in order to be true” and that is the unbridled truth. Opinion does not equate fact, belief does not equate reality, the only things that should matter to a person when gauging another, is whether or not that person is a decent human being. End of story, nothing else need apply.

That isn’t to say it is that easy, or that I expect it would happen overnight, but that’s only because it is something we as a species have been struggling with since day 1. What needs to happen is an awareness among as many people as possible that we need to stop focusing on those things that divide us and either look past them or focus on that which binds us. This isn’t some philosophical, peace and love concept, our survival as a country, as a free nation and a species depend on us getting over ourselves, individually and culturally. If we cannot unite as a nation, as a people we will continue to lose our liberties and freedoms to division, and to those who strive to create division among ourselves. Division, and hate only helps those people who maintain power and control not ourselves. Be part of the solution and not the problem, rise above the disparity and show your fellow countrymen what it means to be a patriot, to be an American!

Poverty in America

Solution to poverty in America:

The theory behind this is based on the assumption that Universal Healthcare and education have been implemented. The second understanding is that the universal tax rate has been implemented, and all of the US Federal Budget  pertaining to Education, welfare, SSI and healthcare will be eliminated. It can even be argued that other spending would fall into this as well. 

The idea would be to eliminate all of those costs entirely from the US budget and instead doing the following: Every adult American citizen (18 or older) who has a HS diploma or GED, may be eligible for a monthly stipend of $1500. Every retiree, or person aged 65+ will receive $3000, instead for having paid into the various SSI or other pension programs that have not been dismantled. All persons in between will be eligible to receive the $1500 stipend so long as the following conditions are met: must be pursuing at a min their HS/GED diploma, if already attained must proceed towards attaining either a certificate, license, Associates, or BA. If the individual cannot attain a HS/GED, License, certification, or Associate decree within 2.5 years they will become ineligible for the stipend. If the individual does not attain a BA with 4.5 years they will become ineligible for the stipend. However whenever an individual becomes ineligible for the stipend they may do one of two things: pursue a different subject of an equal or higher level, or may take an aptitude test that will be federally administered and developed and will agree to pursue whichever career path they are suitable for and is required in the economy. 

Furthermore all person will become ineligible for the stipend if they do not utilize the acquired knowledge for their intended career path within 2 years of obtaining it. At which point they may pursue one of the two options to retain the stipend. If the second attempt is a failure and was a result of personal choice in study than they may reapply for a third time but this time must submit to what the economy needs. If the individual still is unable to find employment and there is sufficient effort given on the person’s part then the person may retain the stipend, so long as they have cone through 2 resubmissions. In short education is free, and people are being given free money to improve themselves, and support their country that cave them those opportunities in the first place. It also rewards those who actively pursue a means to better themselves, and become a productive member of society. 

Furthermore there are multiple avenues for personal choice and freedom in selection of a career/education path that is only limited once successive failures have been amassed. Even then the government that supports you and you have been paying into is going to go out of its way to ensure you succeed, while giving you a means to support yourself on a minimum income. This also ensures that no one adult will never live below the poverty line because the stipend will be set to be at or above the poverty line (1500 for now is above the poverty line by a fair margin for 1 adult). 

Not only that but a person could arguably fail for 12 years after turning 18 and receive $1500 a month. Which is to say that if someone can’t get it together after more than a decade, the government is no longer going to invest in you and you're on your own, effectively being denied a free ride due to your own failure/incompetence/inability to make something of yourself. This eliminates any abuse of the system as it is has a clearly defined outline, which doesn’t allow someone to freeload off of the system indefinitely. In all actuality the only freeloading occurs for the first 2 years everything else is on the individual to improve themselves and their country. That's the argument and logic behind the proposal here are the numbers:

Intial money saved by eliminating the aforementioned budget items:

FY14 $2,146,400,000,000

FY15 $2,297,105,500,000

FY16 $2,392,846,291,250

FY17 $2,443,622,638,434

FY18 $2,479,434,808,223

FY19 $2,608,283,069,284

Now that's how much would no longer be spent on those programs outright, the following is how much it would cost to give people the stipend: these numbers are based on the population of the US as of 9 September 2014 which is 318,707,000, with 12.8% being 65< and 27.3% being 18>.




This is what the approximate annual cost would be assuming: .75% annual population increase

FY15 $411,807,290,456

FY16 $414,895,845,135

FY17 $418,007,563,973

FY18 $421,142,620,703

FY19 $424,301,190,358

That's a savings of:

FY14 $1,737,658,272,500

FY15 $1,885,298,209,544

FY16 $1,977,950,446,115

FY17 $2,025,615,074,461

FY18 $2,058,292,187,520

FY19 $2,183,981,878,926

By paying our citizens which consists of 3 quarters of the entire population, we save well over 2 trillion dollars annually. After just 5 short years the United States would have saved: $10,131,137,796,566 by doing absolutely nothing other than ending frivolous spending in social programs and paying the person directly. The numbers speak for themselves, if we invest in the people we will create an economic explosion for our country, while simultaneously raising every adult citizen out of poverty without creating a welfare based class system, and by encouraging the growth and improvement of the individual at the same time! Imagine what we could do with an additional $10 trillion? How many schools we could build, how many roads we could improve, how much infrastructure we could rebuild, renovate, or replace. We could reshape the face of our nation with all of that money and that’s just from essentially rearranging the budget, which has absolutely nothing to do with the additional income from taxes, legalization of marijuana, to include its industrial uses, or the taxation of religious entities. All of that$9 Trillion is simply from eliminating all the waste from social programs and giving people money directly, and the tools to succeed on their own...


Terrorism in Our Lives

Ladies and gentlemen we keep hearing in the media about these terrorist attacks, and about how these organizations are a threat to our nation’s security and the wellbeing of our people. We hear about the failures of our president to mitigate or illuminate these threats, and keep them from our soil. We hear that it is fundamentally necessary to put forth all of our power to squash these people and their organizations. We see people being crucified on national television for their inability to stop these acts of terror or try and spin one side or the other over the event. The problem is ladies and gentlemen, that terrorism can’t be stopped, it can’t be defeated, and it won’t go away. I’m gone let that sink in for a moment.

Terrorism isn’t a person, it isn’t a thing, and it isn’t an event. The person who goes into a public building and blows themselves up isn’t the issue. The fact that Al-Qaida exists and is a very prominent and efficient organization with a wide reach and strong power base, isn’t the issue. Tragedies like the Boston Marathon Bombing aren’t the issue. The Issue my brother’s and sister’s is that terrorism, terrorist organizations and the terrorists themselves are all existent because of an idea. An Idea ladies and gentlemen cannot be defeated by arms, by protest, by governments. An Idea must defeated at its core, and the way to do that is to make the people with that idea no longer believe in it.

So why all the politics, why the wars? Am I suggesting that we let this go and not try and stop it? Of course not, obviously in action would simply cost more senseless lives, no my countrymen I’m not suggesting that we do nothing, because there’s nothing that can be done, I’m saying we’ve been going about it all wrong. The question that isn’t being answered is why are we being attacked? Because we’re infidels? Because we’re a cruel oppressive nation? Because we are a bountiful nation that has much and doesn’t give to others? That we stick our noses in other nations business? Why are being the target of these terrorist attacks? That is the question people.

The answer though is really quite simple: all of the above. Name a reason why another nation or organization would want to do average American citizen’s harm and that is precisely why it has happened. So how do we stop it how do we fix it how do we keep terrorists from attacking us? Well the short answer is we don’t, however that doesn’t mean we can’t convince them not to. It means we need to make changes in our lives and the way we do business. It is absolutely true that we are the most powerful country militarily and economically, we have no equals, non that are even close. That is a simple fact, and that is enough to cause people, organizations or countries to dislike or even attack us. So what can we, as American’s do about it?

That answer is also quite simple: Compassion, freedom, hope. This isn’t my mantra because it’s catchy, or because I’m delusional, or naïve and think the world can be sunshine and rainbows overnight. No that’s not it at all. Compassion ladies and gentlemen is the one thing that we lack in the most laughable manner possible. We are the single most powerful economic force on this planet. Our GDP is 25% of the entire EARTH’s GDP combined. The only entity that comes close is the ENITRE EU. No one else comes close, not even remotely. And yet for all of that we have starving children on our streets, unemployment, and poverty wages. We have schools that are underfunded, we have roads that aren’t safe, we have 100’s of 1000’s of millions of Americans’ on food stamps because they cannot afford to eat from the wages they earn, working 40 hours a week. We have veterans who have laid down their lives that have foreclosed homes, we have active duty military who can’t afford insurance, bills, or food for themselves or their families. We let thousands of American’s die, each and every year from no medical care because they simply can’t afford it. We let 100’s of children lose an education they would otherwise have if their parents could afford it. And for what?

You want to know why terrorists hate us so much, that they hate us on such a fundamental level? THAT is why. We lack compassion for each other, there is very little freedom of choice or opportunity in this country anymore, and that destroys the very fabric of civilization, and community: hope. Hope for a better life, for a better tomorrow, hope that your neighbors, and countrymen will support you through good times and the bad, because that’s what a community does. Compassion isn’t a sign of weakness, quite the opposite. How much more effort does it take to help someone in need, then it would to walk right past them without so much as sparing them a glance? How much more strength does it take to walk up to someone that has less than you and give them the ability to help themselves? How weak is it to ensure that not a single child goes to sleep with an empty stomach?

Compassion ladies and gentlemen, that is what we lack, that is what angers many other’s once you dissect all the other rhetoric and propaganda, it is the simple fact that we have so much and we care so little for others, and their livelihoods that it sickens those persons that have so much less and they must suffer to watch us squander it. I don’t apologize at all for making these statements, I don’t feel bad one bit, in fact it makes me just as sick, and angry as it probably does them. In point of fact it should make you angry that you are lumped in with that assessment of OUR country, YOUR country. It should gall you that that is how other’s see us, and in turn see you. It is for that reason I say we need to bring back compassion that we need to fix our country, and help our people. We can do that very simply easily and cheaply no less, and the sad part is our leaders know it. They know it and they do nothing but play the game of power! They sit there playing their games of chance, and politics while good men and women suffer day after day and they must watch their children suffer in this world because all of those suits in positions of power would rather focus on giving speeches, raising money, and getting re-elected than doing their God Damn JOBS!

Universal health care, improving the education system, overhauling our infrastructure and power usage to that of clean energy, raising the minimum wage, eliminating all of this hate talk about LGBT’s marrying because it’s a “sin”, keeping women from being able to make choices about their own reproductive systems, eliminating money from politics in general. Legalizing pot and using hemp in all of its intended purposes, in industry, and medicine. Eliminating homelessness by HELPING the homeless get back on their feet instead of filling up our prisons needlessly. These are just a few of the things that can be accomplished in short order in this nation and could solve so many of our domestic problems literally overnight. Simply by being human beings we could show ourselves, and the rest of the world exactly what we are capable of. By being a united and powerful nation that puts its citizens ahead of itself and ensures that all of that might and power is put to good use first, and defense second we truly can be the nation that all other’s look up to.

We have it in us, in each and every one of us to be that shining example and it actually has very little to do with money or power. It has to do with you, your resolve, that unquenchable American spirit, that heart, that indomitable will to strive for more, and never back down. That is why we are the greatest nation on this earth but we’ve lost sight of that, we’ve lost sight of what makes us who we are. We are American’s we are all descended from a line of men and women who gave their lives, body, mind and soul to this country and what it stands for. Our founding fathers didn’t rebel against the British Empire for the funsies, they did it for an idea that all men are created equal and are entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We’ve definitely gotten away from that folks and that’s what we need to fix.