Terrorism in Our Lives

Ladies and gentlemen we keep hearing in the media about these terrorist attacks, and about how these organizations are a threat to our nation’s security and the wellbeing of our people. We hear about the failures of our president to mitigate or illuminate these threats, and keep them from our soil. We hear that it is fundamentally necessary to put forth all of our power to squash these people and their organizations. We see people being crucified on national television for their inability to stop these acts of terror or try and spin one side or the other over the event. The problem is ladies and gentlemen, that terrorism can’t be stopped, it can’t be defeated, and it won’t go away. I’m gone let that sink in for a moment.

Terrorism isn’t a person, it isn’t a thing, and it isn’t an event. The person who goes into a public building and blows themselves up isn’t the issue. The fact that Al-Qaida exists and is a very prominent and efficient organization with a wide reach and strong power base, isn’t the issue. Tragedies like the Boston Marathon Bombing aren’t the issue. The Issue my brother’s and sister’s is that terrorism, terrorist organizations and the terrorists themselves are all existent because of an idea. An Idea ladies and gentlemen cannot be defeated by arms, by protest, by governments. An Idea must defeated at its core, and the way to do that is to make the people with that idea no longer believe in it.

So why all the politics, why the wars? Am I suggesting that we let this go and not try and stop it? Of course not, obviously in action would simply cost more senseless lives, no my countrymen I’m not suggesting that we do nothing, because there’s nothing that can be done, I’m saying we’ve been going about it all wrong. The question that isn’t being answered is why are we being attacked? Because we’re infidels? Because we’re a cruel oppressive nation? Because we are a bountiful nation that has much and doesn’t give to others? That we stick our noses in other nations business? Why are being the target of these terrorist attacks? That is the question people.

The answer though is really quite simple: all of the above. Name a reason why another nation or organization would want to do average American citizen’s harm and that is precisely why it has happened. So how do we stop it how do we fix it how do we keep terrorists from attacking us? Well the short answer is we don’t, however that doesn’t mean we can’t convince them not to. It means we need to make changes in our lives and the way we do business. It is absolutely true that we are the most powerful country militarily and economically, we have no equals, non that are even close. That is a simple fact, and that is enough to cause people, organizations or countries to dislike or even attack us. So what can we, as American’s do about it?

That answer is also quite simple: Compassion, freedom, hope. This isn’t my mantra because it’s catchy, or because I’m delusional, or naïve and think the world can be sunshine and rainbows overnight. No that’s not it at all. Compassion ladies and gentlemen is the one thing that we lack in the most laughable manner possible. We are the single most powerful economic force on this planet. Our GDP is 25% of the entire EARTH’s GDP combined. The only entity that comes close is the ENITRE EU. No one else comes close, not even remotely. And yet for all of that we have starving children on our streets, unemployment, and poverty wages. We have schools that are underfunded, we have roads that aren’t safe, we have 100’s of 1000’s of millions of Americans’ on food stamps because they cannot afford to eat from the wages they earn, working 40 hours a week. We have veterans who have laid down their lives that have foreclosed homes, we have active duty military who can’t afford insurance, bills, or food for themselves or their families. We let thousands of American’s die, each and every year from no medical care because they simply can’t afford it. We let 100’s of children lose an education they would otherwise have if their parents could afford it. And for what?

You want to know why terrorists hate us so much, that they hate us on such a fundamental level? THAT is why. We lack compassion for each other, there is very little freedom of choice or opportunity in this country anymore, and that destroys the very fabric of civilization, and community: hope. Hope for a better life, for a better tomorrow, hope that your neighbors, and countrymen will support you through good times and the bad, because that’s what a community does. Compassion isn’t a sign of weakness, quite the opposite. How much more effort does it take to help someone in need, then it would to walk right past them without so much as sparing them a glance? How much more strength does it take to walk up to someone that has less than you and give them the ability to help themselves? How weak is it to ensure that not a single child goes to sleep with an empty stomach?

Compassion ladies and gentlemen, that is what we lack, that is what angers many other’s once you dissect all the other rhetoric and propaganda, it is the simple fact that we have so much and we care so little for others, and their livelihoods that it sickens those persons that have so much less and they must suffer to watch us squander it. I don’t apologize at all for making these statements, I don’t feel bad one bit, in fact it makes me just as sick, and angry as it probably does them. In point of fact it should make you angry that you are lumped in with that assessment of OUR country, YOUR country. It should gall you that that is how other’s see us, and in turn see you. It is for that reason I say we need to bring back compassion that we need to fix our country, and help our people. We can do that very simply easily and cheaply no less, and the sad part is our leaders know it. They know it and they do nothing but play the game of power! They sit there playing their games of chance, and politics while good men and women suffer day after day and they must watch their children suffer in this world because all of those suits in positions of power would rather focus on giving speeches, raising money, and getting re-elected than doing their God Damn JOBS!

Universal health care, improving the education system, overhauling our infrastructure and power usage to that of clean energy, raising the minimum wage, eliminating all of this hate talk about LGBT’s marrying because it’s a “sin”, keeping women from being able to make choices about their own reproductive systems, eliminating money from politics in general. Legalizing pot and using hemp in all of its intended purposes, in industry, and medicine. Eliminating homelessness by HELPING the homeless get back on their feet instead of filling up our prisons needlessly. These are just a few of the things that can be accomplished in short order in this nation and could solve so many of our domestic problems literally overnight. Simply by being human beings we could show ourselves, and the rest of the world exactly what we are capable of. By being a united and powerful nation that puts its citizens ahead of itself and ensures that all of that might and power is put to good use first, and defense second we truly can be the nation that all other’s look up to.

We have it in us, in each and every one of us to be that shining example and it actually has very little to do with money or power. It has to do with you, your resolve, that unquenchable American spirit, that heart, that indomitable will to strive for more, and never back down. That is why we are the greatest nation on this earth but we’ve lost sight of that, we’ve lost sight of what makes us who we are. We are American’s we are all descended from a line of men and women who gave their lives, body, mind and soul to this country and what it stands for. Our founding fathers didn’t rebel against the British Empire for the funsies, they did it for an idea that all men are created equal and are entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We’ve definitely gotten away from that folks and that’s what we need to fix.