Inequality in America

Some of the most confounding issues plaguing our nation today revolve around discrimination and intolerance. Even though the Civil Rights Movement is almost 60 years old, Women’s Suffrage almost a Century old, and the end to slavery almost 150 years old we still are plagued with the same essential divides today as we were then. Why? Why is it so hard for us as Americans to accept our fellow human being for what they are: a fellow human being? Who decides which race, religion, sexual orientation, and gender is superior? If your answer is history then let’s look at history. The cradle of civilization and the scientifically accepted origin of human existence is in Africa, and one of the first civilizations, Mesopotamia, was in in the Middle East. In fact “colored” people out number “white” people nearly 6:1 in our planet. So when did white people become the majority? Since when are we so deluded and arrogant to think that 1/6th of the worlds population has supremacy over others?

That is the question of our time, which we as American’s need to answer and resolve now, as opposed to later. Of course the bigger question is where did this mindset stem from? We’ve always been a patriarchal society so the “inferiority” of women can at least be explained, as can the “minority” designation of Black people due to the long history of slavery in this country. Admittedly those are excuses as to why it could exist, not why it does. The question then is why are we still discriminating against each other. There is absolutely nothing that sets us apart from one another. Many people claim that religious differences, or racial differences, or cultural differences divide us because they’re so very different but they’re not. Look at every religion, culture, and race and see what it is that actually sets them apart: perception.

In this country we focus on race and religion as the primary dividing factors between American’s and people in general. All religions have the same basic principles: this is the truth, this is the way you should live your life, and this is the way to attain fulfillment in life. All races have the same basic genome: human fucking being. Last time I checked black people still breath the same air as white people, Asian people still bleed the same color of red as white people, and Hispanic people still need to eat food like white people. This isn’t rocket science, it never has been, it’s always been about division and control. But who is trying to divide and control us? That is the question that needs answering, not who’s God is better, or who’s race is superior.

Control and division has been the hallmark of civilization since civilization began roughly 12,000 years ago. It was the reason why we, during the colonial period, split from the British Empire. It’s the reason why the Civil War happened, women’s suffrage occurred, and the Civil Rights Movement began. Control and division have been the bane of democracy and the free world for millennia, and every step we as a people take to end it, results in a new or different divide to emerge or be focused on. But why does this cycle continue, where does it stem from, are people inherently full of hate, and derision? Are people intrinsically bound to hate one another for one frivolous reason or the other? Or is it more likely that every generation has to justify their existence, or supremacy in the World by lording it over others? Is it more likely that every new movement for tolerance and peace is met with defiance because the generations before were raised to discriminate?

I’m not trying to paint a dark picture for humanity, or discuss a conspiracy theory alluding to NWO, or a secret society bent on ruling the world, what I’m trying to do is put into perspective the idiocy of discrimination, especially in our country. Long story short, and everything written before in this blog can be summed up very simply. There is no justifiable reason to hold anyone above or below ourselves, nor to deny others rights, freedoms or justice due to some imagined inferiority, or difference in opinion.

We live in an opinionated society, full of entitlement and expectation. This is part of the problem to be sure, people thinking that because they have an opinion, it deserves to be respected, and gives them the right to hold it above, or against someone else’s and deem theirs as accepted fact. This is simply not the case. Many people have coined the phrase “facts don’t require your opinions in order to be true” and that is the unbridled truth. Opinion does not equate fact, belief does not equate reality, the only things that should matter to a person when gauging another, is whether or not that person is a decent human being. End of story, nothing else need apply.

That isn’t to say it is that easy, or that I expect it would happen overnight, but that’s only because it is something we as a species have been struggling with since day 1. What needs to happen is an awareness among as many people as possible that we need to stop focusing on those things that divide us and either look past them or focus on that which binds us. This isn’t some philosophical, peace and love concept, our survival as a country, as a free nation and a species depend on us getting over ourselves, individually and culturally. If we cannot unite as a nation, as a people we will continue to lose our liberties and freedoms to division, and to those who strive to create division among ourselves. Division, and hate only helps those people who maintain power and control not ourselves. Be part of the solution and not the problem, rise above the disparity and show your fellow countrymen what it means to be a patriot, to be an American!