This should be the face of every single candidate over the next 4 years!

This should be the face of every single candidate over the next 4 years!


This is where we fight! this is where they lose!

This is the bottom line: all of the changes and good intentions in the world mean nothing if we don't win our elections to have the opportunity to make those changes. That makes our ultimate goal that of success. Getting there is not a simple or easy process. It will take a lot of hard work and effort. It will not come the first time around, nor will it come immediately. We need to fully expect to lose elections, run failing campaigns, and make rookie mistakes. What we cannot do, however, is lose hope or continue to bull forward with the same failed concepts and actions that brought us to the brink of ruin this year! Therefore, we need to combine our efforts, apply the fundamentals outlined throughout this discussion, and act like a major political party that fights for Americans all across the country!

There is no "winning" strategy that can simply be applied at any given political race, or demographic, or geographic location. There is always the unknown, and the human element. There are always the differences in personal beliefs, backgrounds, and expertise. The only thing that is certain in politics is uncertainty! However, we can instill a set of core values, and develop a process that sets people and Parties up for success! To that end, my proposals would be as follows:

  • Create a template for new candidates to follow in regards to: pamphlets, flyers, advertisement looks, campaign focus, etc.
  • Have funding in place to cover the expenses, or to augment the costs, of running a campaign at all levels of the party.
  • Have a team ready to assist all candidates during the primary with: recruiting volunteers, fundraising, and the legal aspects of a campaign.
  • Support our candidates!
  • Make sure that there is at least 1 person running against a Republican at every level and race, regardless of possibility of winning
  • Party Chairs at the Local and State Levels will be responsible for establishing and maintaining media ties, so that our candidates can get the exposure they need to win.
  • Have accounts, at all levels, ready to accept online donation, and sub-sequentially, make sure all Local parties have at least a donation page as their website.
  • Instill, encourage, empower cross communication between voters and "executive members,"as well as Local party leaders and State Level leaders. Nobody knows your community better than you, if you need help ask for it! If the State level is already strapped, then elevate it to the DNC!
  • People, Country, Party in that order, at all time, no exceptions. If we can't take care of our local parties, our local candidates, and most importantly our voters, than what is our purpose?
  • Innovation, process improvement, and suggestions need to have a place to be heard and processed, then taken into consideration at all levels. Neither I, nor anybody else, in existence has all the right answers and we should be open to new ideas, criticisms and solutions that seem alien to us, but common to others!
  • Have fun, embrace the fast paced world of politics, and participate in your Democracy!